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Days: 78.9
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! 2nd Season
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! 2nd Season
Sep 25, 4:53 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Sep 25, 4:36 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season
Sep 23, 7:38 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 10
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Days: 12.3
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Sep 21, 9:30 PM
Reading 284/? · Scored 9
Oshiete Kudasai, Fujishima-san!
Oshiete Kudasai, Fujishima-san!
Sep 5, 1:39 AM
Reading 17/? · Scored 8
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Aug 22, 3:26 AM
Reading 162/181 · Scored 9


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KanaAoi Yesterday, 2:43 AM
Yes, but holidays are not paid. Vacations are. A coworker of mine said vacation days are being paid more than working days. I had no idea.
I guess the whole world is changing. It's just Asia is a bit slower. You are one of them haha, a career woman.
Obviously. It's a trap made by the company, since not many people have that much time or patience to take the long way to obtain things in games. It's good that you have that self control, because many people don't have it.
KanaAoi Sep 19, 6:05 AM
Wait, what? 6 days per total? That's pure slavery lol. I know people do it because they have no choice but damn.
So even mothers have it hard. But I guess there are still a lot of women there who don't work to begin with, so not many are career women.
I wonder if this stuff was already a thing in Korea or they started trending manhwa industry only recently. One thing is certain, manhwa has become popular in the west only recently.
That's good that they offer a different way to obtain things rather than just for real money.
Samurotaku Sep 13, 11:21 PM
Just some seasonal animes. Maou gakuin is my favourite
KanaAoi Sep 12, 12:23 AM
That really sucks. How about medical leave? I am not sure what's the limit here, I guess it depends on the affection. But something like a cold or the likes, only a few days. The maternity leave has it the best I guess. Mothers get to stay at home for 2 years after birth. If the pregnancy is hard, they can go on maternity leave several months before birth. Ofc, medical leave is being paid, but less than a normal work day ofc.
Well, sure. I will still watch the anime. And that's the same for all the anime that get adapted from the manga I've read so far.
So they offer stuff along the manhwa? Well, even if they do that to get promoted, the manhwa is still pretty good.
Well, in the anime, that was her reason. But there might be something deeper than that, at least that's what I am expecting.
I was only curious. I hope you didn't spend money on it lol. I know mobile games tend to have stuff like that.
Samurotaku Sep 11, 6:00 PM
Hello again! How are you? Have you watched something good recently?
Samurotaku Sep 5, 8:05 AM
Thanks for accepting me
It´s an honour to meet you
Feel free to talk to me if you want
KanaAoi Sep 5, 3:08 AM
That is so weird. Slave work, really. I thought maybe there are not many workers compared to the country's population but it seems that's not the case. So the country has many workers, but the economy sucks. Corruption I guess? Or bad management? Or maybe both.
I was kinda disappointed for it's ending, I guess that is why I am not so excited anymore about the anime.
Oh yes, that one with the villainess. It was alright but Who made me a princess is much better. Even the MAL score is high.
I am curious why is Rachel so mean, I wonder if there is more to her past from what it was told so far. Right after the anime, there is a timeskip, Bam grew and changed in personality and he will change more. He still clings to Rachel but later he will change to the point he will say "If you ever harm Khun again, I will kill you" lol.
Are you still playing animal crossing?
KanaAoi Aug 29, 3:53 AM
Yes, of course. It's paid vacation. Don't you have that? Only if we exceed the paid vacation days, then we don't get any money.
I finished the manga so I know the ending. I am not really excited anymore for the anime, but I am for SnK, even if I read the manga.
Yes, most manhwa are not so good compared to manga. But there are some that I can hardly find as manga. For example shoujo isekai. It's quite rare in manga, but pretty popular in manhwa. It's just not all are good. But there were a few I enjoyed a lot. For example "Who made me a princess", about a girl who got reincarnated in a novel she was reading as the daughter of a cruel emperor who would kill her later. So she is trying to avoid that fate. It was so cute.
I read Tower of God, it gets better later. I wonder if they will continue the anime. Idk anything about God of Highschool, I didn't check it out yet.

Hmm, I will check it out sometimes. But the art doesn't seems as good as those isekai shoujo I read. Plus, the authors were so obsessed with mc's outfits, they would have a different dress for every chapter lol.
sakuraskies Aug 25, 12:56 PM
Yes, lol i haven't played much on mobile so i guess i'm just more used to the switch version :)
Woah they're all so cute! I really like goldie, she seems like a sweet character.
Same I'm a big fan of the cat's species!
sorry for the late reply btw :((
sakuraskies Aug 22, 8:43 AM
same there was so much hype about it so i just had to check it out!
i play on the switch, although i downloaded it on mobile as well!
who's your fave AC character?
KanaAoi Aug 22, 6:00 AM
No, it was a summer vacation that happens every year in the company. It's because we work with Germans and in Germany, August is the vacation months so we wouldn't have had work to do, it's why we had to take vacation too.
I stopped at chapter 120 something and he was still alive. Idk how's he later. So you are not hyped for AOT anymore? How about Yakusoku no Neverland?
I am reading some shoujo web novels for now (manhwa - korean manga). It's nice that they are fully colored but most of the times, they are not as good as Japanese manga.
sakuraskies Aug 21, 9:15 AM
haha hii!
i'm playing new horizon, kind of new to animal crossing
no, although i admit he is cute. i really like stiches!
sakuraskies Aug 20, 8:45 AM
thanks for accepting my friend request!
i'm an animal crossing fan as well!
KanaAoi Aug 15, 12:19 AM
All's good. I had two weeks vacation but it's all gone now. Time to go to work, ugh.
I quite liked that username. I wonder why you didn't. But Eren is nice too. I take it's Eren from Elene and not Eren from SNK, right? Lol. Did you read the manga? It's almost finished.
I guess it keeps you busy, huh. Have you done anything else besides it? Like studying or watching/reading. Gaming does take a lot of time after all.
KanaAoi Aug 8, 8:59 PM
Hey hey! How are you? It's been a while.
I see. So you wanted a change. What does "AC" stand for?
You got addicted to that animal game, huh. Are you still playing it as much? Didn't it get boring?