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Jun 19, 2014
Pokemon Origins : Everything the anime should be.

I know a lot of people might say that but I guess the main anime has another feel and charm about it and to compare the two would be a bit unfair. With that said let me come to the review part.

Story : 7

The story as a whole is quite nice. Given the length of the anime it tries its best to cover almost all the good memories of the original Pokemon games.
However, it does have a rushed feeling about (most probably because of the length of the anime). A few good moments are hastily done read more
Jun 13, 2014
I actually can't believe that anyone would give this a rating above 5.
I actually wanted to watch it after playing my Pokemon Black, however to say that I was disappointed would be a major understatement.

With that said let me get down to the review part.

Story : 5

The usual fail-safe Pokemon story, so can't really complaint about anything here.
However, I just couldn't understand one thing, HOW CAN ASH's PIKACHU LOSE TO A LEVEL 5 SNIVY ?!?

Art : 4

The art was let down. It broke the tradition and did not seem right.

Character : 2.5

I was not against getting new characters in the series but the read more
Jun 1, 2014
To be honest, I came here looking for just a plain comedy, what I found was a much more. The opening few episodes were genuinely funny. At first the characters don't look particularly fascinating however, as the series progresses they become more and more interesting. Towards the end the anime is set up brilliantly for its next season which would be hard to miss if you completed the first one. An anime to get easily hooked to and one which becomes more interesting as it progresses.
I liked it a lot and overall it is quite nice.