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Mar 24, 2020
Freesia (Manga) add (All reviews)
this is one of the most gruesome Mangas youll ever read , very disturbing on a psychological side of things to the point that youll jaw will drop at times .

youll follow a disturbed guy who works in crime .. so to speak , but the thing is .. this guy ( our hero ) is insane !

he have some mental issues and a large number of those , hell hallucinate and see things all the damn time .

this is such a heavy read if you want to follow a " good " character because the main guy here is a read more
Mar 24, 2020
this has one of the sweetest main characters ive seen in a long long time ! , he is so precious to watch and see the story through his eyes , and also drawn to be likable .. props to the writer of the series for that .. not an easy thing to do .

youll go back in " hestorie " following some fictional story that this kid is living in and through the story you'll keep on digging more and more into his past .

i highly recommend this series if you're looking for a powerful character study and emotional ride that has read more
Mar 24, 2020
for the first 20 chapters you might not even understand whats going on with this world , but props for the writer for keeping it like this because when everything starts to become more clear it amazes !

you follow a guy with a lizard head ... not joking ! he is a human being with a lizard head trying to understand whats going on , youll follow the story through some amazing characters and more amazing mystery that is hidden to a far later part of the series .

i cant guarantee youll enjoy this because it is very confusing to follow and youll read more
Mar 24, 2020

everything about this manga is great and the more you read the better it gets

i cant remember the writer name he is one talented genius for writing this and " hestorie ".

best thing about this is the character development from the beginning to the end it never stops being engaging , the main guy is very likable : much like the main guy from hestorie " .

this is nothing but a reflection on humanity itself in the form of an " outsider " , you cant say these things are evil but you cant love them either .. you dont get it read more
Mar 24, 2020
Monster (Manga) add (All reviews)
overrated and uneventful , i wish i could've got some enjoyment out of it but i couldn't

major problem is the characters , aside from the 2 main guys the rest aren't that well written which kinda killed the stakes for me because i couldn't care that much for anyone getting hurt or being in danger.

maybe i was expecting a haunting experience but i didn't get that from this , compared to many other manga's it is competently made but not really that engaging .
i didnt watch the anime so maybe there is something better there but i really doubt it will read more
Mar 24, 2020
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
you'll hear alot about this manga being one of the best and although people like to hype things up but this time they are %100 right

Berserk is probably the best looking Manga ever made with some of the most beautiful detailed panels you'll ever see in a fictional comic , youll follow the story of Guts and his crew in a fantasy like world that is similar to the " dark ages " tone , many fights and blood will be spilled in a holy amounts

you might think the art is the big positive about this series but youll be surprised about how read more