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Gakkou no Kaidan
Gakkou no Kaidan
Oct 23, 5:46 PM
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Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season
Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season
Oct 19, 9:11 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen
Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen
Oct 19, 9:10 PM
Watching 3/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 37.6
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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
8 hours ago
Reading 273/? · Scored -
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
8 hours ago
Reading 161/? · Scored 6


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Goober-fish Oct 10, 10:22 PM
I'm a bit of an outlier when it comes to openings and endings. Even if it's an opening or ending that I'll enjoy in retrospect, I skip them for the sake of shaving 3 minutes of runtime, you tend to feel it if you're watching something in bulk. Still, I have my share of favorites that I've gone out of my way to buy/download. Monogatari Series (most of the OPs/EDs, I own them on vinyl!), Ping Pong the Animation (the OP mainly), Evangelion (classics), Blood Blockade Battlefront (ED), Beastars (OP), Death Note (the OPs/EDs) Dorohedoro (the OP/EDs), Cowboy Bebop (classics, the opening song for the film (Ask DNA) is also fantastic), Samurai Champloo (classics), FLCL (classic ED), FMA and Brotherhood (most of the OPs/EDs), Hunter x Hunter (the remake and the OG, great OPs/EDs), Gintama (too many great OPs/EDs to count), Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (not a bad OP/ED in the bunch...alright the "Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town" remix wasn't great), etc. those are all of the ones that stand out to me although I'm sure I overlooked plenty of great ones.

As far as insert songs/themes, I'll just list some composers and the soundtracks I enjoy from them. The Pillows (FLCL mainly) Yoko Kanno (Bebop, Champloo, GiTS), Joe Hisaishi (most Miyazaki soundtracks), Kensuke Ushio (Ping Pong, Devilman Crybaby, Koe no Katachi), Susumu Hirasawa (Berserk, most of Satoshi Kon's works), Satoru Kousaki (Monogatari Series, Beastars), Yukari Hashimoto (3-gatsu, Penguindrum, Sarazanmai), etc.

I'd also like to mention the idol group "Maison book girl", I don't believe they've ever done a theme for an anime but they did collaborate with animator Mirai Mizue on a music video: These girls make great music, I highly recommend them.
Goober-fish Oct 9, 10:51 PM
Pegasus did feel like a bit of a plot device. His character felt like it was only there to accentuate Seki and Shimizu's friendship, but I feel like his panel-time made him believable enough as a character only really meant to build on someone else's character (Seki specifically) and how someone like Shimizu may fall trap to an idyllic "hero" like him when their life may feel aimless.

Punpun does indeed feel genuine, and that's because its concept is as simple as it is. Imagine giving an elevator-pitch for Punpun, "so it's basically about the day to day life of a single character as he ages...except he's presented as a bird", while the presentation is unique, the execution seems limited.

While NGE is a bit more high-concept and creative and complex in terms of story, I agree in terms of the works I've personally consumed. Asano, similarly to Anno, reads as if he had to cut himself open in order to write this story. It's BRUTALLY honest in a way that only someone who has had similar bouts with depression, isolation, and introspection can properly elucidate on.
Goober-fish Oct 9, 7:43 PM
I have SOOO many thoughts on Punpun but I’ll try my best to truncate it as best as I can.

On a shallow note, the artwork is so goddamn unique and purposeful coming from a mangaka who was already lauded enough for his skills with a pen. For a series that has such abstract and avant-garde artistic sensibilities, it somehow feels more organic and full of life than 90% of manga I’ve ever read. The characters don’t feel like “characters” in their presentation. They feel like analogues in this world, like living breathing humans trying to navigate human conflict. Punpun is perhaps most known for its artistic gimmick in regards to its protagonist being a caricature, it takes immense skill to make you suspend your disbelief and say “yes, this is a human.”

You hear the term “slice-of-life” thrown around to describe a lot of fluffy moeblob comedies, and yet there’s never been a truer to form “slice-of-life” in this medium than Punpun. It is unrelenting in its exploration of the human condition, and it never feels lazy despite all of the ground it covers. As a bildungsroman (coming of age story), it evolves and changes as the characters change with it. When Punpun is a child for example, you tend to consume the more surreal elements as somewhat comedic and irreverent, and as he grows older those same elements have darker implications, like his interactions with “God”. I just can’t stress enough how organic this story feels despite how it is presented. Events that happen before Punpun is old enough to properly understand aren’t fully contextualized for him until he is older. It’s like how you may sit and reminisce about something that may have happened to you as a child and never questioned it until a decade later.

There were times where I had to step back and tell myself “I shouldn’t be reading this, this is someone else’s life.” It’s like opening somebody’s diary and absorbing their deepest darkest secrets with each passing page. Asano, mind you, isn’t a complete cynic. Despite his pragmatism, he leaves you with a tempered sense of optimism by the time it’s all said and done.

I have soooooooo many more thoughts but I’ll just leave it at that, amazing manga. If there’s anything specific that you’d like to ask me about I won’t mind sharing my thoughts!
Goober-fish Oct 4, 9:47 PM
WOW, you're definitely far more interesting than I'd ever hope to be, friend! Thank you for the kind words! I hope to write more in the future but my work ethic is awful and I'm miserably busy nowadays so I have to pick and choose how I spend my time, but comments like these definitely make me want to sit down and apply myself a bit more. I appreciate it!