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Dec 30, 2019
-Shinchou Yuusha an anime that needs a cautious review(sorry i had to do that~).-

This anime is no masterpiece but it's pretty good. The story may not be the best at the beginning(for me it was ok) but only gets better (I wont give spoilers but prepare yourself for the "final episodes"~).
The animation is good, sometimes it can get a bit weird but that's for comedy purposes(Ristarte expressions are gold XD).
You cant really compare this anime to others in the genre( Isekai), this is kinda unique. But if you want, you can compare Ristarte with Aqua from KONOSUBA since they are both "Usesless Godesses"(In my read more
Dec 26, 2019
-No Guns Life (first part ) "different is good".-

This anime was different from everything i had seen before.
It has a good story, the animation is not that average type of animation but is good( it felt kinda strange for me at the beginning because i didnt watch animes like this before, but that wont stop you from enjoying the show at all).
Watching this anime kinda gives you a relaxed sensation(at least for me it did)maybe because of the animation, dark themes and it's flow.
This is one of the few animes that is "safe" to watch in public(this was my "BUS anime", every friday i read more
Dec 26, 2019
-Assassins pride an anime with its ups and downs but still enjoyable.-

This was another anime of the season full of girls and some supporting male characters with the exception of Kufa.

If you are planning to watch this anime i warn you that there will be episodes that you feel like "whats the point of watching this?" but it gets better and at some parts brain explosions.

On the art, its good. The story is ok but could be better and better explained.

Is this a must watch anime? No.
Would i recommend? Probably yes and probably no(I got kinda disappointed with the end so...).

Dec 24, 2019
Val x Love is about the ecchi and thats it.

The story is almost inexistent.

Even if you are about to watch this anime for the ecchi, you will probably get tired of it as i did. There was a lot of times that i was about to drop. This because ecchi without the story just doesnt work for me. There are hentais with better story than this anime.

The thing is that the animation is good, the voices are good. If they had put more effort in the story this anime could be ao much better. Its a waste...

Would i recommend this anime? No