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Mar 31, 2017
The following will be a review of Bloody Monday and its 2 sequels, I'll try my best not to include any spoilers.

For awhile now I've been slowly drifting away from anime/manga as a hobby, but I was bored one day and remembered that I still have a huge list of manga I was interested in reading at one point so I randomly picked Bloody Monday and gave it a go.

I ended up speeding through the entire 3 "seasons" of this series in about a week, which is pretty fast for me considering how many chapters there were.

The basic premise of Bloody Monday is that this read more
Jan 4, 2015
Arisa (Manga) add (All reviews)
Wow. What a ride.

I always found myself fascinated with the premise of this manga even before I began reading it, because it had the "psychological" and "shoujo" tags on MyAnimeList but not a tag for romance, despite the girly art. That, along with various recommendations online for this manga really got me intrigued, and I ended up speeding through Arisa in a couple of days.

The story of Arisa was never a simple shoujo school romcom. From the very beginning, a mystery is presented in the form of Arisa's attempted suicide and Tsubasa's resulting desire to find out why her twin tried to kill herself. read more
Jul 22, 2014
Okay, so I like food. A lot. I'm not even going to pretend I didn't pick this manga up because I really like sushi and I really like cake. But that's definitely not the only reason why I enjoyed this manga.

The main aspect of the story that made Mixed Vegetables stand out from your typical shoujo fare was its messages about working towards your dreams and fulfilling your goals, while also balancing family life and romance. I started reading this towards the end of my senior year when I was deciding between colleges, and even though the main characters' career paths are vastly different from read more
Jul 17, 2014
Often, as I watch anime I tend to lose sight of why I'm watching it in the first place. Is it for the intellectually stimulating story lines? The deep symbolism and metaphorical allusions? The way it probes into universal truths about humanity and society?

Or do I watch anime for the entertainment value? The aesthetic quirks that make anime, anime? The amount of fun and excitement to be had, with a group of larger-than-life characters?

There are many shows out there that are very enjoyable in a cerebral way. Revolutionary Girl Utena, Neon Genesis Evangelion, etc. The list goes on. Those series require the viewer to think, read more
Jul 10, 2014
Do you ever just have those series that you really want to love, but just can't for various reasons?

Well, No Game No Life, or NGNL for short, is that anime for me.

The premise starts out interestingly enough, with two genius gamer, hikko-NEET siblings who find themselves transported to an alternate fantasy world where everything is decided by games. There, they are caught up in humanity's struggle for survival, which is mostly based on politics and the relative strengths of the other races, since in the alternate world there is no war or killing. Since Sora and Shiro are already incredibly skilled at games due to read more
May 8, 2013
Sundome (Manga) add (All reviews)
Sundome: The first manga to ever make me cry.

When I first came across this manga, I didn't expect much. Even though the tags included "psychological", the ecchi elements of the first few chapters made me believe that it would just be a run-of-the-mill, borderline hentai manga with a few unique twists.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Story: 8
The story of a young, nerdy loser hooking up with a cute girl is pretty standard in ecchi manga. It has been recycled time and time again without fail, and for many people, reading one is like reading all of them. However, Sundome is different. Rather than using sexuality as read more
Mar 14, 2013
"Solitude is everyone's greatest fear."

When most people look at the mahou shoujo genre nowadays, there are probably two things that immediately pop into their heads. The first is a traditional, happy-go-lucky mahou shoujo series with young girls fighting evil with the power of love and friendship, a la Sailor Moon or Pretty Cure.

The second is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the dark and gritty reconstruction of the genre that became the darling of the anime fandom almost overnight.

However, Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Pretear, or simply known as Pretear, seems to straddle those two preconceptions. While the series starts out as light-hearted as a traditional magical girl read more
Jan 21, 2013
The more I think about this series, the more I'm inclined to believe that Natsuyuki Rendezvous is not a romance.

Sure, it may say romance in the tags. It may be a josei. It may even be billed by the creators themselves as a romantic story. But the way I see it, this series is simply not meant to be a traditional romance, regardless of how it's being sold.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous, simply put, is a story about life and death. Love is used as a theme in order to make the story more understandable and easy to relate to, but at its core this anime focuses on read more
Dec 27, 2012
How exactly does one go about reviewing what is likely the most hyped as well as the most hated show this season?

It's not easy, that's for sure.

Some of you may remember my previous review of Sword Art Online, when it first came out. For those of you who don't, let's just say it was anything but...positive. I wrote what was meant to be a troll review, intended to make fun of the folks who hyped up this series when the first episode aired. It was snarky and heartless, but it was directed more towards those reviewers than the show itself. To be honest, I wasn't read more
Aug 7, 2012
Before watching this special, you might want to have a Wikipedia summary of Code Geass at hand, especially if you have not watched the main series in a while. Nunnally in Wonderland references many events from the series, so it's good to be familiar with them.

Now, onto the review.

The main premise of the special is that Lelouch tries to tell an interesting story to Nunnally, like he used to when he was younger. He envisions his sister in his own version of Wonderland, with most of the other characters from the original series make brief appearances. Crazy things ensue, and many people will find this read more