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May 3, 2019
Have you ever been confessed by someone and thought it was a punishment game? Or how about the other way around?

Seikaku Kuzu De Nani Ga Warui which is translated as "What’s wrong with having a shit personality?" is about an isolated guy who has been suddenly confessed by a popular guy in their school. As the title suggests, the MC, Hanaura, is a self proclaimed trash who, throughout the chapters, tried his best to figure out the sincerity of Tsuzuki's confession and also to sort his own feelings.

A guy who wants or chooses to be alone x popular and likable guy seems to be read more
Apr 17, 2019
As what the title, translated in English says, “Stay with You in Total Darkness” this manga is not your generic manga, I can say. Although this manga is definitely a fluffball, there is also a very prominent undertones of drama, psychological and even comedy.

I don’t mind much the touch of “incest” (If anyone pointed that out already) here because I don’t think that it is the main plot of this manga. Since it’s tagged as yaoi here in MAL, I’m really glad that it is not focused on R scenes. I like how the two main characters struggled to understand and accept read more
Apr 12, 2019
Gunjou no Subete is my favorite manga made by Nagisa Furuya sensei. I really like it to the point of re-reading it multiple times.

When it comes to the story, a story about two friends and the development of their relationship may be cliché to others. But like the other works of this mangaka, I admire the pacing or the speed of the story. It allowed the characters to develop and unveil their feelings and it also permitted me to be connected to the characters and events that surrounded them.

I  also like how the story shows the personalities, actions and emotions of the two main characters. read more
Apr 12, 2019
I can't believe that no one wrote a review on this manga yet.

Nagisa Furuya sensei is my favorite mangaka and I actually learned about sensei because of Number Call.

I really like this manga although some people might say that the storyline is too cliché. But I think that this manga has a unique plot by making two people met because of their names.

What I really like about the story is the pacing. It's not rushed and I like how the relationship of the two main characters develop in each chapter. Although the manga consists of one volume, I think it is enough to cover every read more
Apr 12, 2019
This is actually my first time making a review and I'm glad it will be for this manga.

I could say that this is one of my favorite BL manga and I like how it's not actually focused on R scenes and I love the development of the story.

The art is really good and very detailed and I like how the two main characters, Mao and Haruno are portrayed, especially their own personalities and differences. The other characters (e.g Asuza) has a nice character design as well.

The story is really good and definitely cute, in my opinion, and it gave a chance for the two characters read more