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Jul 13, 2024
Preliminary (150/? chp)
What else can I say about this series besides how amazing it is. Amazing comedy, excellent character dynamics, a well-substantiated power system that works in tandem with the basis of the story. I could have not asked for a much better and well-crafted series like The Greatest Estate Developer (TGED).

Having been released only three years ago as of this review, TGED has done a significant job in cementing itself as one of the best manhwa series to have come out of South Korea in recent years. If I had to summarize the series in one sentence, imagine a series that takes the worldbuilding and city ...
Dec 13, 2023
"I'm over here stroking my dick I got lotion on my dick I'm over here straight stroking my shit, I'm horny as fuck man I'm a freak for real" - me reading this.

Do you ever read an ecchi manga and get blown away by how surprisingly good it is? Do you ever feel like something that was originally meant to be clichéd and NTR in nature just averts your expectations by presenting a story that you instantly click and vibe with the characters and the sex scenes? Well, in this oversaturated landscape that is isekai and fantasy, Isekai Furin is just such a manga ...
Oct 13, 2023
There is nothing more sacred in life than oppai. They are the warm and fuzzy pillows you rest your head on for comfort and peace of mind. They are the silky smooth cushions that you wrap your fingers around to fill the empty void within your soul. They are they key to world peace and unadulterated ecchi.

What better way to mix oppai with is with yuri. The two titans of the anime and manga hemisphere being combined as one in this concoction of sweaty and heavy-breathing action that is girl-on-girl love.

A group of artists have come together to show their appreciation for their love of ...
Jul 24, 2023
Kimi ni Aeta! (Anime) add
This is a commercial for the upcoming Pokemon World Championships 2023 in Yokohama, Japan that takes place in August, and it's some of the best animation that the franchise has produced so far.

The fights are fluid and quick, the artwork is bright and colorful, the music is fitting to the theme of the video from the opening shot into the building and into the arenas. It makes you want to be there to experience the action.

And of course, the video is packed full of references. So anyone with a keen eye and knowledge of the series could spot out some of the finer details ...
Feb 5, 2023
If there was an anime that you would describe as a "quality shitpost", then this anime would fit that definition perfectly.

Musabi Daibakuhatsu is a short film which entails fighting between a bunch of characters. The animation is quite good, despite it being roughly drawn, but that's not where the charm of this anime lies.

What makes this a quality shitpost is the sound design. I don't want to ruin the surprise as to why I gave this an 8/10, but all I can say is that there is a lot of laughing, screaming, and yelling involved.

I implore you to watch this. You will get a kick ...
Feb 4, 2023
Hot Minute: Aggretsuko is a short one-minute-long episode released onto the hottopic YouTube channel back in 2017.

In this video, Aggretsuko is given 60 seconds to answer a bunch of quickfire questions, which in typical Aggretsuko fashion mostly consists of the stuff she enjoys doing, and all the complaints she has about her work and her irritating coworkers.

I recommend this short as you can easily knock this out in one minute. This is just extra content for the series that anyone who enjoyed the main TV/Netflix series will like as well. Perhaps you could call this episode 100.5?

Jan 11, 2023
Kotoura-san (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Kotoura-san was one of the first shows that I watched when I joined MAL. It was wholesome, cute, and Haruka is clearly best girl. Years later, I finally decided to read the manga, hoping to experience the same joy I had back in 2018, but alas is the struggle of finding translated volumes online, for there is only one volume available for us to read.

The manga is simple, as it's 4-koma, and the artwork is basic at best. For what was compiled in a volume, each chapter is a collection of these 4 panel pages, where each page has 8 panels, or two 4-koma chapters ...
Dec 16, 2022
What can I say except how amazing the remake has been. This season may have not been as action-heavy and climactic as the previous season, but this season has primarily been building up to what's probably the best part of the OVA: Operation Ragnarok.

Because this season is primarily dialogue, we have very few action scenes. The couple that we do get is the conclusion to Fortress vs Fortress fight in episode one, and the opening battle of Operation Ragnarok between Iserlohn Fortress and Reuenthal's fleet. Both fight scenes are amazing, which shows to go how far CG has come when it comes to space ...
Oct 19, 2022
Gift nor Art (Anime) add
Gift nor Art is a techno synth song by Hatsune Miku and Tripshots, and it's by far one of my all time Hatsune Miku songs that she has released so far. It's definitely the best techno MV I've seen that's an entry on MAL (so far, as of writing this I've seen every MV before this was released).

The song has a really good beat, the lyrics from the vocaloid isn't jarring like many of her other songs. It's definitely a song I would blast out loud in my car.

The visuals aren't too bad either. Whilst HM's body model hardly moves and looks slightly weird with ...
Oct 4, 2022
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the anime's premier, Pierrot has released a compilation AMV of the highlight moments from Naruto and Shippuuden, with all of the scenes redrawn to modern day quality (regardless of the lack of quality from Boruto). And boy is it nice to see the series again after finishing the series a long time ago.

Having touched up all the scenes, along with the much faster pacing and with my recollection of everything that happened in Naruto, it's safe to say that many of the fights in this video are better than what they were in the actual show.

The animation is ...

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