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Aug 11, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Kamen Senshi Lavithunder was originally a commercial for a planned anime TV/OVA series... which never left the ground. And what's worse is that the 30 second clip hasn't been found by anyone since it aired back in December 1986, meaning that this is a piece of lost media, only snapshots and bits of artwork that featured in a Japanese magazine at the time is the only remains of this commercial.

But luckily for us, the two songs that were produced for the anime, one that was used in the CM and one that would've been used in the TV/OVA series, are available online. And that is ...
Jun 2, 2022
LotGH is slowly becoming the forefront series that is defining the space opera genre of the 2020's, and I'm so fucking happy that I.G. are investing heavily into the franchise.

As a fan of the OVA, I had high hopes coming into this season. This season adapts all but the last chapter of book 3 of the novels (will conclude first episode of next season), so that means we're just getting into the juicy parts of the story.

As a movie trilogy, the production values are excellent. The CGI has improved massively, the artwork is more crisp and refined, the animation is fluent, the space ...
Apr 16, 2022
"Every time I close my eyes~~~, Boichi makes me so hoooorny." - Everyone reading this one-shot.

Another One Piece chapter remake, another chance for Boichi to flex his art skills and his ability to make most female characters super horny looking.

When I saw the poster for this chapter, I think we all knew what Boichi was about to unleash onto all of us. And boy did he deliver. The artwork looks great, though maybe it's just me, but the action scenes looked a little bit blurry due to the number of movement lines that Boichi put in the panels. It's definitely not his most standout work ...
Sep 24, 2021
Do you like trashy ecchi series? Do you want mind-numbing writing and fan service that only takes two and a half brain cells to enjoy whilst you contemplate your life as to why you're reading this with an erection? Then I believe Kiss x Sis is the perfect trash series for you.

The anime may be the perfect way to come out to your friend as an anime fan and as a perverted degenerate, but the manga is next level stuff for any of you ecchi connoisseurs, you harem and romance consumers of the trash variety.

Kiss x Sis is a staple within the ecchi fandom of ...
Aug 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Do you know what kind of secrets are hidden under a girl's skirt? Well, according to this series, it includes a Minecraft diamond sword, a lightsaber, and the Spear of Longinus from Evangelion.

Fire X Fire is a short ONA series from China that follows the protagonist, Xiao Yong, as he enters high school in despair after his girlfriend dumps him. He joins a club called FFF, which turns out to be a group of magicians that control fire. After Xiao awakens his abilities thanks to watching romance anime, all hell breaks loose, and thus begins his hectic life in high school.

FXF is a weird series. ...
Jun 19, 2021
Welcome back to Terminator. In this year’s rendition, we have a blue-haired cyborg idol and a Minecraft cube that travel back in time 100 years to stop an impending A.I. apocalypse. Fasten your seat belts, as we explore why this anime is one of the best original series that has been released in the past decade.

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is an anime-original series created by Wit Studios, the same studio that has done the likes of Attack on Titan, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Great Pretender. Vivy, the first ever autonomous AI, is sent back 100 years into the past to try and prevent certain ...
Jun 8, 2021
In what seems to be a power move by the creators of Hololive, we've gone full circle by being blessed with a visually-stunning anime opening-esk PV for the Hololive Alternative multimedia project, full of references, memes and epic fight scenes to bask us in all its glory.

This whole video is to promote an upcoming project by the V-Tuber group, and by showcasing beautiful art work of the world and the character designs, and the awesome sakuga scenes featuring all of the girls, Hololive has done an excellent job in attracting a massive audience that has hyped up the event beyond belief. The song sung by ...
A.A (Anime) add (All reviews)
May 31, 2021
What if your sleep paralysis demon, Prisoner's Cinema, nails on a chalk board, and a strobe light came together to form a music video? Then A.A would be that monstrosity.

A.A is probably one of the worst pieces of "anime" music videos I have ever seen. It's 9 minutes of seizure-inducing visuals and tinnitus-inducing music that can crack even the toughest of nuts in any torturing scenario. Replace waterboarding with this and you'll have the perfect torturing device known to man.

There are no beats or any rhythm that I can catch, making this one of the most pointless MVs I have ever watched.

If you can endure ...
May 21, 2021
Imagine this:

You're in Sunday School. The parents are busy doing their prayer service and preparing a buffet for lunch, and you and the other retarded kids are sent to the back room where you won't disturb them. One of the parents who run the Sunday School service turns on the TV and puts in a VHS tape they bought, thinking this is cartoon that focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It's so blatantly obvious that it's religious propaganda, and produced as such a low quality (like a 90's cartoon). That's what it feels like. Except that this isn't about Jesus, but rather this is ...
Yasuke (Anime) add (All reviews)
Apr 29, 2021
Mixed Feelings
They say that as long as you get the facts right, you are able to twist reality in the way that you want it to. But does that work well for Yasuke?

Yasuke is Netflix's newest anime release. Hyped up as the next big samurai series with MAPPA taking care of the animation and the likes of LeSean Thomas and Flying Lotus in charge of the story and decision-making, even going as far as being 'representative of black people and culture' in the Japanese medium. I'm sure that there'll be a lot of discussions about this series, especially in the African-American community. But does it really ...