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Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara
Yesterday, 8:58 PM
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Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Yesterday, 3:38 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Nov 9, 10:10 PM
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-Pastelle- Nov 9, 7:49 PM
Wow, I dun really went snail mode here. Sorry! I didn't forget ~

I hope you had a great Halloween! My work team dressed up as '80s workout people for a costume contest. We didn't win, but it was fun wearing a ton of neon stuff. We also got totally wasted on sweets. XD

Ah, you're that way too huh? Yeah, it hurts me when I internalize things, but my pride and a fear to ask for help can get in the way. I'm working on being more open though. Oh gosh yeah, it's like your immediate reaction is "I'm fine!" before you have time to think. Also that question can get annoying sometimes too. Humans are weird lol. Yeah it's always nice to be able to relate! ^^

WELL...OK MAYBE NOT. *shifty eyes*

Ayyy that's right! Gotta eat food that's as spicy as the memes in your stash. :P
No I haven't!! Must add to the list of things. I'll tell you if I try!
Oh gosh sushi..we speak the same language there! I haven't had much Vietnamese or Middle Eastern food, but the others you mentioned are quite delicious. Dangittt now you made me hungry. :U
Ngl it is! Haha on that note, our teams play in just a couple days! :O
Aaaaa we can't let that happen! NE needs to gooooooo ;-;

Hmmm perhaps I'll check out the abridged version. Always down for funny stuff. XD

Omg driving in rain...hey, is it true it rains a lot in Seattle? If so, I bet you'd be much better at rain driving than folks in other parts of the country.

Ahaha Stark's humor trickling into all of his creations. Fair enough! You sure got far pretty fast - which movie are you on now or did you complete them all? OH YEAH, I don't ship Bruce and came way out of left field. Ugh yeah, it sucks the MCU Quicksilver died buuuut I guess we still have that other one from X-Men. Oh gosh yeah, the character development was great. I loved Scarlet Witch's rage mode fighting - she's so epic.

Ahaha right?! Shuri is lit. Oh gosh that part was hilarious yessss!! Ugh can't wait to see more of her.

Oh of course, hop in and let's go tokyo driftin' ayyyyyyy :P
MAYOII Oct 4, 2:51 PM
the memers and retards in this game make it so fun xd

are you still playing it right now? :o

i suck at organizing/leading a team sadly
but i am pretty good at helping out others and providing support to them (which is untrue in league lul)

what other team games are you playing right now? (you don't play fortnite rite :monkaGUN: )

yea indiana
there aren't many asians here and most of em are from the east (china, japan, korea)
some viet/thai here too
on occasions you would see filipinos too

what are you up to lately brotha
-Pastelle- Sep 23, 4:51 PM
Sounds like your freshman year went smoother than many others'! Ha that is pretty wild to go up to random people's doors. I would not have had the courage to do that. :P

Erg yeah, that's the nail on the head. You don't want to bother people with your problems so it's easier to fake a smile. I'm also like that, too, and have ended up pushing people away because they think I'm "too perfect" to be around them. In reality, I'm like "lolol nope I'm struggling too!" I just don't express it often. Hmm I can relate to what you're saying about also having it hard for folks to understand your thoughts.

Oof yeah, tampering with the timeline is risky business! And who knows, you might not have turned out as dank as you are now so. lol

YES I WOULD. *evil cackle*

YASS spicy food is where it's at!! Omg yeah, spicy noodles are delicious. Haha inb4 Xav with an arsenal of spices in his jacket! I like to put korean bbq sauce on things - there's nothing like biting into food that bites back. :')
Well, I love pasta and chocolate cake. Hbu?
Sherman really has come into his own these past couple years! It's cool to watch him mentoring the younger guys on. ^^
Okay now THAT I can agree with you on. My family is not the Patriots' biggest fans either oof. -_-

And nupe, I gotta watch the full anime! But I can see the benefit if you're looking to miss the boring bits and get through em more quickly.

Ahaha it's human popsicle weather still and we're officially in Fall. Like what is happening here. e.e
Oh good! The sound of rain is so soothing but oof yeah, loud storms can be a nuisance at times. :/

Yess please get a! But take all the time you need. ^^
Ohey, you're breezing right through! What did you think of Age of Ultron?
Ahahaha! I knew you'd take a liking to Quill! :P
Okayyy, dancing shoes on. Lift the ceiling and feel groovy with it ayy *awkward dancing ensues* kek
Shuri from Black Panther is my fave by far. She's so sassy and smart <3

Oooo now I can honestly say I haven't heard any of those!!! Nice nice, I'm ready to go hop into my car now and cruise down the highway with shades on. huehue
-Pastelle- Sep 9, 4:46 PM
Ha yep, for the time being!

Oooh most would rather not relive freshman year, that's pree rare! What about it did you like? I'd say...If I were to relive freshman year it'd be to correct a lot of things. I had very bad anxiety/depressive issues so was constantly dealing with that. I'd love to go back as a more confident person and fix my younger self. Buuut this is why I wanted to study psychology to understand the mind and help others - so in the grand scheme of things, I guess I wouldn't want to mess with the timeline. ^^
Ha and yeah, we don't know how simple our lives were until we get older. I'm trying to take advantage of being a young adult as much as possible.

Ok seriously, what ails all these shooters. And so many of the same patterns. The frustrating thing is, you can't even prevent it from happening 'cause you don't know when/where it'll happen next. e.e

Aw thank you! In all honesty, I would not smack people with newspapers for the most part :x lol. And yes, I would tase you so pay attention, whippersnapper! Huehuehuehue >:)
Oh that's some good volunteer time! Good on ya for doing that.

It sure seems that way! Now I'm curious to see what else we have in common. Only a matter of time I'd wager. Ohh yes, I was quite the speedster. I legit only wanted to race the guys too. But then puberty happened and they caught up wahhh.
Gosh, I MISS THE COLLIN DAYS. That dude could throw and run! And his dabs omg lol. Sucks it seems he's done with the NFL. :/
OH PLEASE. Swallow those words, mister! Also, yay for the official season starting!

Ok I'mma check them out as soon as I send this off!
Huwhatt....They legit cover so much stuff, esp. MHA. You should def check it out, some theories are pretty rad.

Ohh but I bet you'd make a good meme ambassador to kekistan tho! *snrk*
And yeah, my mom and I sound the same. We do favor each other's physical features, though she's short and I'm tall lol.

Oh gosh, you would not like Texas then hahaha. We've had like 40+ days of triple digit weather, though I think today it actually broke finally.
SOMEWHERE WITH GOOD FOOD. Heck, let's go all those places like bawsses ~

Yes, you should!! It automatically syncs with your Spotify listen history too.
Ayy well full speed ahehad! You're making great progress. ^^ Ooh the first Iron Man was honestly great. Ha honestly you remind me of Peter Quill as far as personality. :P
Oooh Endgame hit me right in the feels, it was epic. But Age of Ultron was also very nice!

Hookay, did I share these ones with you yet???
MAYOII Sep 7, 5:29 PM
ya boi is back for another round of comment walling

i've heard of squad before and it sounds like a cool game
are/were you enjoying it so far?

based off the name it reminds of ghost recon and xcom, two team based games that i've been vigorously playing when i was in my emo phase hue hue

danganronpa POG Clap

which game!? and do you have a favorite character? well, i do
and she really does appeal to me ya know
she's essential to the plot
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

POG x 2
you're the typical asian kid who excels at everything then ...
guess Im honored here to befriend a future leader here

i definitely should visit chinatown someday
so far the closest place to an asian building i've been inside to is an asian market
the smell...
can't describe it but it is nostalgic for some reasons

dang its been weeks you're still on dandy
guess you must have developed an affection for this series

-Nyami- Sep 4, 8:28 PM
wtf are you talking about stahp
-Nyami- Sep 4, 8:22 PM
What do you even mean >.>
-Nyami- Sep 4, 8:19 PM
excuse me wtf
-Nyami- Sep 4, 8:15 PM
-Nyami- Sep 4, 8:11 PM
_XaViAN said:
call me the baby mama blammer
Polycythemia Aug 28, 8:32 PM
Polycythemia Aug 28, 7:49 PM
Polycythemia Aug 28, 7:29 PM
Polycythemia Aug 28, 6:13 PM
Polycythemia Aug 28, 4:03 PM