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Jul 20, 2014
Emma (Manga) add
It is not every day that one comes across a manga that pulls them into the narrative and keeps them gripped from the get go, not necessarily because the manga in question is an on-the-edge-of-seat thriller or is groundbreaking in its premise, but because its exploration and execution of what it brings to the table, no matter how unremarkable it is at face value, are thoroughly refreshing and therefore appealing, especially taking into consideration the host of titles with dull plots and bland, hackneyed characters that populate the anime and manga verse, particularly when it comes to the genre of romance.

Mori Kaoru’s ‘Emma’ is ...
Dec 31, 2012
Once in a while, there comes along a title (be it movie, book or anime) that takes the audience by storm, sweeping numerous off their feat, leaving several with a bad aftertaste in their mouth and making a few pass the work off as ‘average’ or ‘mediocre’. Online communities, forums, chat rooms and every other nook and corner of the internet known to man turn into arenas of debates, discussions, fanboyism/fangirlism and flaming. It’s apparent that when something is popular, it doesn’t always get to bath in praises. With the acclaim, comes a sheer amount of criticisms. Also, it goes without saying that popularity ...
Nov 23, 2012
Kaikisen (Manga) add
If I have to sum up Kaikisen in a few words, they would be: Mesmerizing, Serene, Euphoric, Profound, Phenomenal. A modest coastal town, the tranquil sea and an intriguing legend about a mermaid that engulfs the town. It might not be the most original setting or premise but it is done so well, the first few pages were all it took to draw me into the story.

While the manga’s charm without a doubt lies in the mystery surrounding the mermaid’s existence and her ‘egg’, the characters and their portrayal are yet another of its redeeming points. We have our protagonist Yosuke who is ...
Nov 2, 2012
“When I wear this cape and do a spell, it suddenly starts to snow. Snow that falls in the summer. But you know what's surprising? It's not snowing outside. It only snows inside this magic tent. And when the snowflakes touch the ground, they disappear without a trace. It's a little sad...”

We are all bounded by endless responsibilities, expectations, insecurities and uncertainties. Being practical and working our socks off is the way to accomplish something in life that can bring money into our pockets, we are told; building castles in the air is not. Somewhere along the way of growing up, trying to live ...
Oct 29, 2012
Preliminary (13/100 chp)
Reading shoujo manga, at one point of time, was almost a hobby of mine, something that I enjoyed tremendously. I could read almost anything and everything that the genre had to offer, irrespective of how good, bad (or downright horrible) that piece of work was. The obsession was relatively short lived though, thanks to the gradual loss of interest in the genre. Through the course of pursuing this guilty pleasure activity, I came across works that could be passed off as decent and those which made me feel like I might punch my computer screen in disgust if I read any further.

Kyou, Koi wo ...
Sep 26, 2012
Juuni Kokuki (Anime) add
The Twelve Kingdoms is a series of light novels by Fuyumi Ono (Ghost Hunt, Shiki). It began publishing in 1992 with the final volume releasing in 2001, totalling to 11 volumes. Later in 2002, it received an anime adaptation that spanned 45 episodes.

The anime begins with a timid high school girl named Yoko Nakajima who along with her friends is dragged into an alternate world that is poles apart from the one she is familiar with. Although the idea of a naïve, clueless protagonist being transported into another world is nothing innovative and rather typical, The Twelve Kingdoms takes this very idea and turns ...
Sep 25, 2012
Tari Tari (Anime) add
Tari Tari is a glaring example of an anime with commonly done themes, as is evident from one glance at its genres— School, Slice of Life, Music, Drama. It is centered on five members of a choir club, each with their own tribulations of 'growing up' as they strive to make the best out of their last year of high school, rectify some mistakes made in the past and accomplish their goals. There are quite a handful number of titles out there that make use of this subject with the hope of bringing something decent to the screen. Some pull it off somehow while ...
Jul 9, 2012
Mixed Feelings
I've always had this habit of picking up stuff to watch and read on a whim, and lately I have been doing that quite frequently. Without giving it a second thought, I put Dantalian no Shoka on download. Not that I was expecting anything much from it to begin with but to be honest, Dantalian no Shoka is a letdown.

Adapted from the light novel of the same, Dantalian no Shoka (also known as Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian or the Mystic Archives of Dantalian) is set in the backdrop of England after World War I. Hugh Anthony "Huey" Disward, a young man ...
Jul 5, 2012
Hideout (Manga) add
“How long was I locked up in that room? A day? A week? I could no longer tell. On top of driving you crazy, the darkness and isolation also robbed you of all your sense of time.”

Kirishima Seiichi’s life has so far been full of ups and downs— recurring letdowns in his career as a writer, the tragic death of his son and to top it all, the cold and distant attitude of his wife. With the alleged intention of overcoming the loss of their son and starting over a new life, Kirishima takes his wife on a peaceful island vacation. However, behind ...
Jun 25, 2012
Based on the manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell is an account of a not-so-distant future when it’s not uncommon for you to walk on a busy street and bump into cyborgs— humans who have been ‘cyberized’ to such an extent that every aspect of their functioning is taken care of by high-tech equipment within their ‘shell’, the prosthetic body, and ‘ghost’ which is the slang term for consciousness. So what was it that you really bumped into? What is it that differentiates a human from a cyborg? What makes us human— the biological matter, the consciousness or the ...

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