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Days: 120.7
Mean Score: 7.88
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  • Episodes7,310
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Vanitas no Carte
Vanitas no Carte
Apr 28, 10:16 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Toaru Majutsu no Index II
Toaru Majutsu no Index II
Apr 28, 9:17 AM
Watching 5/24 · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
Apr 28, 6:58 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 9
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Days: 24.8
Mean Score: 8.31
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  • Chapters3,620
  • Volumes478
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Vanitas no Carte
Vanitas no Carte
Apr 27, 1:15 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Shiro Ali
Shiro Ali
Feb 15, 3:38 AM
Reading 60/65 · Scored -
Koisuru Harinezumi
Koisuru Harinezumi
Jan 13, 10:59 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 9


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nyaaaaaaaaaa15 May 8, 10:52 PM
No problem, actually this week was also a little busy for me too.

Oh, yeah. That helped the series, you are right. I hope the score here on MAL increase at the end of the season.

Great, by reading that I think... maybe should give another try to Toradora.

Have you notice changes referring to characters favorites since MAL is removing duplicate favorites? I checked and Break lost over 400 favorites and Elliot 92, Alice and Oz lost some too... it's a little sad.
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 30, 9:11 AM

Do you think that if it wasn't Nisio Isin it would have been received the same?
I like Sotouin , he is cute (or may I say beautiful?) and Doujima too, I like her as the protagonist.
About characters in general, I like cute ones with a nice design and personality. Other type of characters I will probably like no matter what are cute boys, nekomimi, animal features, girls with boy features and boys with girl features, sometimes characters with big circular lenses (they remember me of Leo) and kind characters. I used to like loli but it bored me.
And you?
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 29, 2:14 PM
Yes, Ill try to complete them ^^ maybe that's the nice side of being new.

Ooh, that sounds difficult. Nice that your friends accepted you.

Really? I actually was planning to ask you where did you find me.
I also like that, it is special. I don't understand why people dislike it, maybe for the type of audience?
Which character's do your prefer the most until now?

Also, sorry for the late reply. I was doing homework (but my teacher complemented me so I'm glad I did it).

nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 28, 7:57 PM
Yes, I actually doubt if I will complete them all.

How does it feel to move? I have never done it.

I see.. you are watching Bishounen Tanteidan too, How is it so far?
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 28, 12:45 PM
I hope you enjoy it!

I'll have that present >w<.

My story with MAL was something like this:
I used to google any character or anime I wanted to before starting to watch anime and the first results were always, and wikipedia. Then when I started watching anime I thought: A site called myanimelist... is it a site to make an anime list?. I was right and made an account, over 6 months after that I discovered a lot of features the site had and I became more active.

And what about yours?
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 28, 11:48 AM
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed talking to me, I did too!

Recommendations... from stuff I liked...

Well, I think you could maybe like Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.
It's plot is simple but well executed, I would describe it like this:

Iruma, a boy who works to get money for his parents, gets sold by them to Demon Lord Sullivan who is the principal of the Demon School. It looks scary until he tells Iruma to be his grandson, Iruma can't reject. Things happen and he ends going to Demon School , finds friends and has adventures with them.

It centres on comedy but there is a little of romance on it (mostly in the manga and the current arc of the second season), I liked it because it's exciting and funny. It also can remember you of My Hero Academia (not only for “blue deku“) there are many alike characters and they are both school shounen with students with magic/power.
It is really entretaining.

Yes, maybe before next year. I think I have time on my summer vacations.
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 28, 9:27 AM
Yes, I hope they do a nice job and maybe... there is just a little , very little possibility for a Pandora Hearts remake.

About genres... I haven't found a favorite but I like historical, mystery, fantasy and sometimes slice of life stuff. My favorite demographic is , as everyone's , shounen.

No problem! I like curious people ^^. Well... I liked Attack on Titan (actually I was watching it with my sister) but I don't know, I just didn't accept I was liking it to continue watching it with her and also I think she told me to watch it myself but when I do that with long anime I end dropping or leaving them on hold for a long time so I just didn't finish it. Maybe one day I give it another try.
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 28, 6:25 AM
Yes, I think the same. I can't get out Lacie's melody and Everytime you kissed me from my head, the soundtrack fits perfectly the whole series.

I will look foward it!

Thank you for accepting it, I'm also happy that you found me!
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 4:35 PM
Yes! Yes! It needs a reboot! The first arcs were different to the rest of the story.

Well, Vanitas is very good but I don't know if I can compare it to Pandora Hearts. However, it is on the stage where things start to get more serious. Being by the same author, there are several similarities on the characters and else. A good example for this are the two main characters : Vanitas and Noé, their personality resembles to Break (+ Alice) and Gilbert respectively. There are many references to historical events or persons too (like how Pandora Hearts did with Alice in Wonderland).

I think you could like it if you liked Pandora Hearts.
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 11:48 AM
The ending was... It was too sad. I think it was a perfect ending, even through things had went serious the author managed to give us a happy ending. Everything was solved and we could see what happened to everyone and even though Gil had a little time left, he could be with Alice and Oz. Just perfect imo.

Also, do you plan to watch Vanitas anime?
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 9:01 AM
She is one year older than me. [muahahahahah edited] (difference is for birth dates), also she started watching anime over 2016. And maybe she did that but I don't know, she got mad at me when she found out that I watched anything. Once she used this image:

Naruto, I never watched it... well, I once watched the first episode but I thought I was late and also I don't use to watch long anime.
Question: How did it felt to read the end of Pandora Hearts?

nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 7:37 AM
Well, my sister “allowed me“ to watch Hanako-kun. She didn't like me to watch anime because it was hers, i guess. There were only a few shows approved by her for me to watch (later she gave me permission to watch whatever I want).
About Pandora Hearts, I don't completely remember how I met it but I think I saw Alice or Oz by searching images on Google, I found it and watched the anime.

Also, what was your first manga?
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 6:47 AM
Yes, I'm new. I could say my first anime was Pokémon or Pretty Cure, I can't remember which of them but the first anime I watched thinking of it as anime was Show by Rock!! and the anime that got me into anime was Hanako-kun. Also my first manga was Dragon maid but I didn't know how to read correctly (right to left) so I didn't finish it. Later I read Hanako-kun and the manga that got me into manga was... Pandora Hearts.
nyaaaaaaaaaa15 Apr 27, 6:14 AM
Awwww... It's nice to see someone noticing it, thank you for the comment!
Riot Apr 7, 6:00 PM
I've been fine, I log in less frequent now but most of it I'm using mobile phone

Ugh It's discouraging no longer having time to say hello... but better late than never I guess