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Oct 30, 2019
I think people are missing the fact that this is more of a parody than a proper isekai. They’ll just take this as the “ugh op isekai character blah” Fortunately, its quite different. Commonly compared to KonoSuba, just not as creative and lacks in the observation region. The show throws punches at your typical isekai and jokes about the “snobby 0iq MC” or the “starting in low level region” and completely trashes the cliches/troupes.

I’d give the story a solid 7/10, only because the story goes against every single isekai and introduces (slightly) new content. Nothing really special though so I’ll keep it short.

The art read more
Jun 21, 2019
Theres two major sides when watching this, you absolutely love it or you don't and move on. Whether you love it or not, it gets to the point where its hard to avoid some of the factoids.

The story starts off lightly and comically with the foundation of a paranormal activity group seeking to find the origins of its President, some hot ghost girl with amnesia. The story progresses on to introduce events and ghost stories that are some what related to her. These stories begin to get much more serious and so does the whole anime by the 2nd half of the anime. Emotions and read more
May 9, 2019
I’ll keep it short, it’s a nice fun little show. You wont get any story or any shocking developments but you’ll get some chuckles here and there.
There’s not really anything wrong or bad about it, but it doesn’t really have any “wow” or “AHAHAAAHAHA” moments.
I honestly watch it for the cuteness and the slight comedy on the side. Sadly that’s all there is to it, some amusing momets and really adorable girls with social problems living their school life, but it really doesn’t need anything more than that.
It could be better but it doesn’t need to be for its intended purpose, enjoyment.

But the cute girls read more