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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
May 6, 8:52 AM
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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
May 4, 6:45 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
May 4, 6:45 AM
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
Yesterday, 9:52 AM
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Yesterday, 9:52 AM
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Dec 29, 2019 2:12 AM
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SilentVinyl May 24, 7:24 PM
epraveen Dec 29, 2019 5:38 PM
F/SN just spoils the overall outcome of F/Z as a twist while leaving out all the major and important details. F/Z makes a lot of shocking revelations & twist in itself. So will get your good share of twist nonetheless.

From what you are saying, I think you stopped by chapter 94/95. The manga goes absolutely berserk right after it. Everything from chapter 100 and till now on has been mindblowing. The manga is ending next October or December for sure. So, wait for the anime if the WIT studios are doing the adaptation but if someone else is doing it then deffo read the manga. I’m really scared by the prospect of anyone other WIT doing the adapt.
nanimeanswhat Nov 30, 2019 12:40 PM
I just hope he doesn't die lol. And yeah, one of the reasons why I like Luffy is that he isn't overpowered by any means. In fact, his devil fruit is pretty shitty so he has to master haki and be creative when using his devil fruit in order to be as powerful as other people. So, I, too, wouldn't want him to become overpowered. I don't think he will anyways. You know Mihawk once said Luffy's true power comes from the ability to recruit allies and unite people from all backgrounds.

5 year after Wano ends seems reasonable to me too. I don't want Oda to drag things too long, but I don't want him to rush the story and make a half-assed ending. I hope he at least finishes it until One Piece turns 30 lol. Plus, One Piece is about a massive world and its history. It's not only about a boy and his friends like many other shounen shows. It's about the structure of the entire planet and this includes politics too. So, in order to properly end the series, Oda has to make a big epilogue arc dedicated to all the changes made to the world.

I'm really sad that it doesn't seem like Oda's doing anything about the Usopp-Yasopp storyline. So far, Yasopp only talked about Usopp once, and Usopp only talked about Yasopp once (twice in anime-there was a filler episode). Oda hasn't given us anything else about them! Yasopp wasn't even shown looking at the Sogeking and God Usopp bounty posters. Nothing. He's just a background character hanging around Shanks at this moment, I really want some proud father moment, ya know. Or a sad father moment, because he left Usopp and he became a pirate as well.

I don't want Shanks to die, it would be super cliche, in my opinion. Plus he's too young to die. If Oda's planning to kill him, he might as well do it after a sweet reunion between him and Luffy. People have been waiting for over 20 years for that reunion. It would literally be the biggest moment in One Piece and in whichever volume that happens, it would be the best selling volume ever. If a reunion doesn't happen, people will be pissed lol. If Shanks doesn't die, he can tell him to keep the hat and give it to his successor one day like he and Roger did before him. That would be beautiful. There's also a speculation that Shanks is a traitor lol but I don't believe that. What was he doing woth the gorosei in Reverie tho, that's a mystery.

Also, I've started to enjoy Oden's flashback because it started to get very interesting. The fact that his wife is connected to the void century... Oda blew my mind again. What do you think about all that?
epraveen Nov 28, 2019 3:15 PM
HxH 2011 actually finishes off with a satisfying ending while providing a glimpse of information about the upcoming arc in the manga. So I don't think you will be compelled to read the manga unless you are a masochist like me, who purposefully choose to suffer from Hiatus x Hiatus

The "Where to start? " fate thing is kinda exaggerated because the Deen's adapt of Fate/Stay Night is mediocre and it also spoils the events of Fate/Zero. F/SN might be bad but it's still an interesting watch and knowing the events of F/Z beforehand kinda enhances the viewing experience.
So if you planning to watch the fate series, I would recommend F/SN (2006) -> Fate/Zero -> Unlimited Blade Works (prologue, S1 & S2) -> Heavens Feel movies.
After that, you can check out stuff like Fate/ Grand Order if you are craving more Fate. You can choose not to watch F/SN and just start with F/Z too but watching F/SN gives you a different perspective on F/Z which may be lacking otherwise. F/Z & Heaven's Feel are mind-blowingly brilliant and it's a must-watch Imao.

How much of SnK manga have you read?. Cause even tho you have kinda lost interested, I'm convinced that the current arc will deffo make you invested in the series again.

Lol my bad, it is wrong of me to assume that everyone from Europe is invested in Football.
epraveen Nov 22, 2019 6:19 PM
From what you are saying, I would recommend Hunter x Hunter and Fate/Zero. HxH is the best show I have ever seen in any medium, while F/Z is the epitome of Tragedy with mindblowing character writing. These two, along with the SnK are what I consider to be a masterpiece. So looking at your favs, I guess you would feel the same way too.

How are you liking SnK S3 P2 so far?. Also, I see you are from Finland. I'm glad that Lord Teemu Pukki got you guys to the first-ever major tournament.
nanimeanswhat Nov 19, 2019 5:00 AM
Yeah, many people believe Law is going to die at some point and give eternal youth to Luffy in exchange for his life. Some say it may happen in Wano. Deep down inside I have hope that Oda won't choose that path for Law because it's just too predictable. I hope he doesn't.

Oda keeps saying the story will end soon but it never ends lol. I don't think it can end in 5 years, at least not as long as Oda keeps having breaks once (and sometimes twice) every month lol. But I'm sure there will be important revelations. At least one Yonkou will probably fall, after all. I hope Luffy meets Shanks and Usopp meets his father soon, though. Maybe in Wano??? (I know it's almost impossible but oda can be unpredictable lol)

My favourite Straw Hats are Luffy and Franky.
I can't really choose between them. Zoro comes in close second, though. My favourite non-Straw Hat is, of course, Law and I also love Sabo just like you hehe.
My favourite marine, as I said, is Smoker. I also love Garp and Sengoku. I also liked Aokiji as well but yeah, he's not a marine now (or is he???)
My favourite villain is definitely Crocodile. He's very smart, very brave, quite strong and most importantly, very cool. He would've killed Luffy all 3 times in Arabasta if Luffy didn't have his plot armor and Robin. I don't really consider Katakuri as a villain, because he's more like an antagonist rather than a villain. If I consider him a villain then he and Brulee are my second favourites (i love their relationship). The villain is Big Mom who is actually my favourite Yonko besides Shanks. (which is a very unpopular opinion of mine). I can't get myself to like Doflamingo because of what he did to Law and Corazon lol.
My favourite arcs are Sabaody, Impel Down and post-Enies Lobby in the anime and Whole Cake Island only in the manga. But I also like Little Garden, Arabasta, Enies Lobby, Amazon Lily, Marineford and currently Wano. Act I and II were amazing and if the rest of the acts are also this good, then it may become one of my top favourites. The only downsides to Impel Down and Marineford is that the crew isn't there :(
epraveen Nov 18, 2019 11:35 AM
Yes, we do have a lot in common. I see you haven't rated some anime and avoided giving 10 to any of them. I'm just curious to know whether there is anything specific that you expect from an anime for it to be a 10/10?
epraveen Nov 17, 2019 11:37 AM
Thanks for accepting the request. It's nice to meet a fellow devote of our Lord and Savior Jet Black Wings. Also, love seeing the best boy Bakugou in your favs.
nanimeanswhat Nov 14, 2019 8:37 AM
Oh also, who are your favourite characters in OP? (and least favourites) Like:
Favourite Straw Hat?
Favourite non-Straw Hat?
Favourite marine?
Favourite villain?
And your favourite arc?
nanimeanswhat Nov 13, 2019 3:39 PM
Yep, in terms of art, Wano arc has been amazing so far.

I don't hate every flashback though lol. I like flashbacks of people I'm emotionally involved with like Nami, Law, Brook, Sanji or even Big Mom and Pedro. But I, unfortunately, tend to find dead people's flashbacks boring (because they're already dead, so I don't feel any kind of emotional attachment), like Oden now and Noland-Calgara flashback from the Skypiea arc. But I agree that Oda places the flashbacks well. From the mangaka's point, leaving the current arc with a cliffhanger and jumping right into flashbacks are a nice way to build up hype, so I understand why Oda did that. But I can't stop my curiosity from eating me lol.

I don't know about Apoo, he betrayed his alliance on his own will, but Hawkins has shown the signs of not wanting to be in Kaido's crew when talking to Law earlier, so there's more hope for him. For Kidd, it's almost certain that he will play a big role in the final battle. I really don't know what XDrake is up to. CP0 was also in Wano if I'm remembering right. They definitely have a plan in their minds, but they are marines, so I don't think they'll ally with Luffy. Maybe temporarily?

I kinda missed my favorite marine, Smoker, and I want him to show his true power (I believe he's much more than a mere punchbag) once but I don't think he'll be in Wano. I'm kinda expecting to see some kind of a grand entrance from the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, I hope it happens. But still, with everything together, I still don't think they can match a friggin alliance of 2 yonkos with highest bounties. They definitely need a very big shot like Aokiji or something to hold at least Big Mom so that our alliance can deal with Kaido. Man, this is seriously by far the toughest situation the Straw Hats have ever faced. I hope there won't be any casualties from the alliance, or at least from the Straw Hats (unlikely) and Heart Pirates(please Law don't die).
nanimeanswhat Nov 12, 2019 4:18 AM
I don't read AoT's manga to keep my interest in the series fresh hehehe.

I honestly love every single character in Saiki K., from Saiki himself to his parents, Kaidou, Nendou, Nedou's father, Hairo, Teruhashi and even the cat!

I can also kinda say that OP is my all-time favourite, but only for the manga. I've been reading the manga since Reverie and the anime has become painful to watch since then because of the pacing. (there's one thing called One Pace, though, that's good) In the manga, I've been loving the Wano arc so far. But for the past few chapters (and probably in the next few chapters) we've been seeing the flashbacks of Oden and to be honest. I'm not really into dead people's flashbacks. I'm not really into the Kozuki family either. So it has been kinda boring for me. I hope it ends quickly. The flashback started right after a huge cliffhanger, and I've been waiting to see what happened to the straw hats and everyone.
Please don't judge me because I find flashbacks boring. Many people do say I suck because of that. They say that flashbacks are necessary and I know that. After all, we'll soon learn how Orochi betrayed him. But I still don't really enjoy flashbacks of dead people because it interrupts the main story. But aside from that, the Wano arc has been fire and I can't wait for the upcoming action. I expect Jinbe and Marco to arrive soon. But they alone won't be enough to beat Kaido + Big Mom. I wonder what other surprised Oda has prepared for us!
What do you think about Wano so far?

Yes, it looks like we mainly have a similar taste. Bakugo used to be my favourite amongst the UA students before I had stopped sleeping on the best boi Koda.
nanimeanswhat Nov 10, 2019 3:55 PM
Hehehe I'll add you as a friend, then! You have great taste as well. A fellow One Piece fan (with Law as a crush), AoT fan, AND a Saiki K. fan?? That's amazing! Also, I see Jet Black Wings as your avatar and that doubles your awesomeness. I've recently gotten into Saiki K. and I'm very angry at myself for not noticing such a gem sooner. I've been having a blast for the past week though, thanks to it.

Pleased to meet you.
Shymander Oct 28, 2018 5:22 PM
I have given my deliberation =w=