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Aug 22, 2011
A year and a half after originally watching this anime, and two things still seperate it from many anime's I have watched.
1) It's still my favorite anime of all time
2) It still sends shivers down my spine when thinking about it.

How far would you go for the one you loved? What lengths would you go to, to be a free person? Two exceptional questions to ask yourself when watching this. These are decisions the protagonist must make throughout the whole series.

In this series, what attracts me is the heartbreak the leading male recieves, and how he can still push through. Despite being heartless and read more
Jul 15, 2010
How nefarious can a main character get?

When one thinks of a sports anime, their mind doesn't even consider the fact that sports can be psychological. I finished this anime in 2 days, and I just have to say....Baseball meets Death Note. Tokuchi, Toua is in my mind the ultimate main character. He's just the definition of a bad ass and that's really what makes this anime so great. The supporting characters in my opinion were not that well developed but the performance of Tokuchi more then made up for that minor loss.

The score was simply beautiful when it was shown, the art was magnificient however read more
Mar 2, 2010
Would you just back down after being told no? To be honest, very few anime make me want to actually write a review about them. This is one of the rare exceptions. I have never seen such a beautiful, but also realistic story. However, there was a myriad of things beautiful about the anime outside of the story.

The score for this anime was beautiful, not as much as one would had liked, but they did a very good job with this. The art style also stuck true to the manga written back in 1991, which I also appreciate. However, enough of that, let's get on read more