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vegeta8639 May 3, 5:11 PM
"I didn't know Rem has more screentime as Emilia"

I'm not entirely sure whether she actually gets more screen time but it's definitely comparable because the first season is not very Emilia focused after the first few episodes. After that you get a Rem arc and then Emilia kinda goes away leaving Subaru and Rem alone for a good while because Subaru keeps dying when he tries to go back to save Emilia meaning time resets and he's back with Rem again.
I don't know whether anybody's actually counted their screen time and compared it though. But with the second season (or LN) included, Emilia is gonna get way WAY more screen time because Rem goes into a coma after the events of the first season and still hasn't woken up in the LN. Rem is past 30,000 favorites btw. Yay!

" they are keep arguing who is the best girl, Emilia or Rem, and it often makes some "civil wars". "

From my experience, it's basically unanimous that Rem is best girl except for 2 Emilia retards and for some reason a bunch of female Rem haters. I assume they're just mad that men won't look at them in real life while Rem gets all this attention online and they know they could never come close to coming close to matching even 1% of her greatness.

" Sadly the haters already attacked the season and has alot of 1s"

Yup looks like they already brought it way down from the number 2 spot where it was a few days ago. When this few people have seen it, it's easy for just 200 haters to bring the score down. It's probably Steins;Gate or Gintama fans triggered that their show lost it's spot. This is why I tend to ignore scores when deciding which show to watch but it is annoying when you do look at them and see this type of shit.
There were even people who made fake accounts just to rate S;G 10/10 and AoT 1/10. Hopefully the mods have banned them by now.

"The art-style changed in Season 3 and as it seems they sticked and will stick to the current one until Snk ends, not a big fan of the new art-style but can't call it bad."

I know you want to drop the Historia talk but she's the only character who looks better than before in this new art style. Not that the other characters are ugly or anything but I think season 2 was the prime in terms of art and animation.

" they even used images from season 2's ending, like why? "

To save money on animating new scenes obviously. They seem to be cutting a lot of corners and I don't like it. I hope the reason for this is because they spent their budget on amazing actions scenes. Otherwise I'm gonna be disappointed.

"I'm not sure if they gonna make another ending, since this part will barely be 10 episodes, but not impossbile to happen. "

It's certainly possible. Madoka has 12 episodes and they switched the ending from episode 3 onwards. And The Monogatari Series always has a bunch of different OPs and EDs in the same season for the different arcs. There's no reason why it couldn't happen here.
vegeta8639 Apr 30, 5:52 PM
I've always had the same opinion regarding Steins;Gate. Good but nothing too revolutionary and most people used to agree with me back when the show was fairly new. Then out of nowhere it was ranked 2nd and had a score over 9. No idea what changed people's opinions so drastically.

"Actually her old herself was much more of a unique character"

You were the one who said she was being kind to everyone like every other female character..... How is that more unique than her current personality? Anyway I like her newfound resolve not to let other people moralize her and instead act for herself. She has her own values and she doesn't care about whether other people consider her actions right or wrong. It's a huge improvement over her old personality where she was just trying to please everything without taking her own feelings into account. I just like her overall attitude and as I've said before I always liked her design so now I like her in general.

"She wouldn't have been that calm, I mean obviously she wouldn't have screamed her name at the titans, but would have started acting differently as I said before. "

Yea probably. That was before she had undergone her development though so again I don't see the problem. The current Historia would have probably tried to think of something instead being mostly passive and letting everyone else do the thinking.

"I just found her stupid in a whole, why did she even had to pretend herself, freakin pointless. "

Seriously? From what I understood in the show, her choice was to forsake her old name or get killed by her father, the church and all these government people. As for why she changed her personality, it was probably paranoia that making enemies might blow her cover and she thought she'd be safer if she just acted in the way everybody wanted her to. I'll have to rewatch the 3rd season but I think somebody even explicitly told her to act that way.

"Only my thoughts obviously... Hope it doesn't upsets you or anything like that."

I mean I disagree with you but it's not like I'm offended that you don't like her or anything.

"Also yes, Mikasa was a "main" character in season 3, but she was more of a supporting character in that season, she barely had any screentime."

I advise not taking the MAL classifications seriously because they're so inconsistent. The fact that Rem is listed as a supporting character even though I think she might literally have more screen time than Emilia should tell you everything you need to know. Also their genre tags are often wrong.
And yes I have seen the new episode. It was pretty fucking amazing. I was expecting it to be way more fast paced but I still think it was handled well. Armin once again proving that he's definitely worth having around. As for the animation, some of the backgrounds looked worse and less detailed than season 2 but most notably, did you see that shitty ass CGI Colossal Titan in the OP? God damn. I really hope they don't fuck up too many of the actions scenes with that shit. I didn't like the OP song too much but I did enjoy the scenes they used although I hope they didn't just reuse ones from the anime because that's just lazy as fuck. I'm also kinda predicting they will change this ED at some point during the season like what Madoka did.
vegeta8639 Apr 28, 11:33 AM
I think the first season of Steins;Gate is good (8/10) but 0 is just complete ass. And I actually liked the 0 VN BETTER than the first one because they just did a shitty job adapting it and skipped all the best parts. Also Nae is best girl.
I just noticed now that you mentioned it that Mikasa is way higher than the last time I checked. I think she was 5th or 6th but now she's almost right behind Rem in 3rd place. That's good news. Mirai Nikki is also long over so Yuno won't be getting new favorites any time soon.

Regarding Eren, I mean he was kinda a berserk titan when he attacked Mikasa and from what I remember he was pretty upset after finding out. Weren't they all keeping it from him until it was brought up at the trial? I didn't get this vibe that he didn't care about it.
Agreed on the rest but I don't think it's some big deal breaker. Maybe my standards are just really low for male characters at this point because I've seen too many garbage harems. If they pick the correct girl I can pretty much look past anything unless they do something REALLY shitty.

As for Historia, I wanted to like her because of her cute design back in season 1 but she ended up being pretty meh. I also hated that part in the second season which focused on her and Ymir. That was all back while she was using the Krista persona. I was mostly neutral regarding her at that point. But ever since season 3 started and she dropped her facade, I think she's really awesome now. I'm sure it's party because Ymir isn't constantly orbiting around her but now Historia acts more like a real person with her own emotions and opinions instead of trying to be perfect all the time. That's the whole point of her character. She was trying to be this person who she thought everyone wanted her to be but now she's like: "This is the real me. You can accept me as I am or get fucked." and I think she's a way better character because of it. Eren basically said the same thing to her in the first episode of season 3. What sealed the deal was when she stood up to her father and saved Eren in that cave. Only reason I still gave the 3rd season a 10/10 even though Mikasa got low screen time.

Those are my thoughts on her but to respond to some of your points, if you're wondering why she went badass mode on her father and not on like 30 titans that were about to kill them, I assume it's because there wasn't much she could have done against those titans but against her father, she was the one with the power to decide. I mean what would revealing her identity to Reiner and a bunch of mindless titans have done? "Hey guys! My real name's actually Historia and I'm the true air to the throne!" Well good for you but the titans don't give a shit and we're all about to die anyway. Unless you expect her to jump down and beat up the titans using her hand to hand combat training.
Also she'd become more open by the cave part because she had already decided to drop her fake persona and live as herself. Now it is true that I didn't care much about her during the first 2 seasons but the focus and development she got in the 3rd season is what MADE me care about her. Meanwhile Sasha did get 1 whole episode in season 2 and I think that's time wasted because I don't care about her or any of those characters.
So yea I feel like you maybe don't understand Historia's character too well but from what I'm getting, you just don't like her in general and feel like she got too much undeserved focus taking screen time away from other characters. Some of your criticism of her in the first 2 seasons is valid but I think that's kinda the whole point of her character. She was just pretending and living a lie back then. But if you still dislike her in season 3 then I'll just have to disagree.
vegeta8639 Apr 25, 2:11 PM
lol I haven't actually encountered anyone who hates Nadeko but I don't engage much in Monogatari discussion so that's probably why. Most of the people I talk to either haven't seen it or had just seen it and end up agreeing with me.
As for Kurisu, she's an okay character but I don't get at all why she's THAT popular or why the show is either. It is true that Steins;Gate is pretty much done while Re:Zero is getting another season so yea it's possible that Rem will catch up eventually. Kurisu also had a 5 year head start.

"Mikasa is there to do anything for Eren, giving up her life and such, yet he just ignores her and did a fucking dick move in chapter 112, not sure if you read it yet."

I don't read the manga but that sounds like shit. So far (anime) Eren's been at least semi decent towards Mikasa and I feel like he'd probably risk his life to save her too but I guess I'll have to wait and see. As for Rem, it's not just risking her life. Since the show deals with time resets, she ACTUALLY died for Subaru a bunch of times, never with any regrets and one time all her bones were broken but she still dragged her body over to save him. And from Subaru's perspective he KNOWS all this but still rejected her even though Emilia did not even 1% of that for him and is actually creeped out by him at this point. Literally the only thing Emilia did for him was easily save him from some bandits and then she took him to her house to heal after he got hurt saving her ass during the first arc. You could say she's overall nice to him but his obsession with Emilia is so fucking unfounded.

"The only reason I would ship them is for Mikasa's sake, becouse she obviously wants him"

This. Same with Rem. Subaru is shit but she's never gonna be happy without him now. It's too late. That's just the kind of person she is. Although I don't particularly dislike Eren yet.

" but the ship will never happen anyway"

Nooooeees! I've heard differently from other manga readers so again I guess I'll have to wait and see. Don't spoil anything though.

"Historia is my most hated anime character ever, so I just hope she dies or something like that. "

WHHHYYYYYY?????????!!!!!!!! Actually don't answer that if it's a manga spoiler. I can't think of anything horrible she's done so far so I can only assume she does something later. Probably something Mikasa related if you hate her that much.
But I do like romance in anime since again, it makes the stakes higher and gives the characters more to lose. It's way more interesting and impactful if they're fighting to protect someone they love rather than just their own lives or generic friends/civilians.
Anyway, only a few days to go. I still need to rewatch season 3 (watch the BDs for the first time) before part 2 comes out. HYPE!
vegeta8639 Apr 23, 3:17 PM
The reason I hate Senjou is not because she's a standard tsundere. She's also constantly verbally abusive for no reason, has some hard yandere elements but I mostly hate her attitude towards Araragi and the other girls. You'll really have to watch more than the first season to see what I'm referring to. As for Nadeko, I know the scene they're talking about and honestly Shinobu was being a bitch towards her so it was well deserved even though I like Shinobu too.

To clarify my statement about Rem being underrated, why isn't she the number 1 on MAL? There Kurisu above her and then 15 male characters.
Her popularity is definitely up there but I still think it should be higher considering how great Rem actually is. She's just so pure and devoted and she does so much for Subaru without asking anything in return even after he rejects her heartfelt confession. It's really the biggest outrage in anime in my opinion which is another thing I think should be talked about non stop. Never forget.

As for HxH not having a female lead, the reason I bring it up is because it perfectly demonstrated that show's attitude towards women in general. It's not like there's no female mains but then there's a bunch of great female side characters. There's literally zero early on except background characters, there's basically no romance ever (except gay undertones) and the few females that do show up later on get shafted or killed off stupidly. You can toss Sakura out of Naruto and you're still left with tons of great girls like Hinata (best), Ino, Tenten, Temari etc. whereas with HxH there's no female to toss out and then you're left with like 3 prominent females, 2 of which are antagonists.
Oh and since you haven't seen Shippuuden, Hinata wins at the end in case you didn't know.

Regarding the ships, the 2 small boys are like 10 years old. That's why it's just super gay and creepy but also it's completely plausible story wise since neither of them ever show any interest in girls. It's honestly surprising to hear that you're against shipping Eren and Mikasa.
Yea Eren's not my favorite either but what other candidate even is there? Horse boy? I mainly ship them because Eren is who Mikasa wants and I don't see her going for anyone else. I could definitely go for Eren and Historia though after that last season.
Romance definitely isn't my main reason for watching AoT but I do hope we at least get something like a confession before the final battle because that makes the whole thing have more impact. It gives the characters more to lose.
vegeta8639 Apr 20, 2:25 PM
I know Senjougahara has an absurd amount of favorites on MAL but I just absolutely hate her and you'll see why if you keep watching at least up to Monogatari Series 2nd season. There's actually an entire arc in that one where it's from Nadeko's point of view so I definitely recommend it if you like her at all. It's 4 episodes long too.
Kanbaru doesn't really do anything else important in the main story from what I remember but she does get another arc in Hanamonogatari.

Ditto on liking emotionless girls as you can see from my favorites list where 7/10 of the girls are EG or Kuudere and one of the remaining ones literally doesn't speak. Rem is just too perfect not to love but you'd have to see the show to know what I'm talking about unless you just want massive spoilers. I actually happen to think she's underrated despite how much love she gets but that's another rant.

Regarding HxH, I'm probably the only person who will tell you the truth that it's the most overrated show in existence and is actually mediocre at best. You'll notice right away that there's ZERO females in the main cast and unsurprisingly most of the shipping in the fandom is between the two little boys who are the main protagonists and also between one of them and this gay clown antagonist who people like for some reason. It does have a few really good things like 80 episodes in this one good villain shows up but even that arc kinda went to shit so you may be really disappointed with the show especially if you go in with such high expectations. At least that's my take on it. Honestly I'd say Naruto is probably better if we view both as a whole.

And no I haven't even seen OPM season 1. No particular reason, I just don't care about it at all and I don't blindly follow the hype around. The most interesting thing about it is green haired girl. I'll probably watch it eventually but it's not high on my priorities list right now.
vegeta8639 Apr 19, 5:22 PM
The Senjougahara part was kinda a trick question. She's my most hated character ever but I didn't want to bias you before hearing your opinion. Thankfully you didn't say she was your favorite....
As for Kanbaru, I am mostly neutral on her but you're probably the first person I've come across to pick her out as their favorite. We'll see if your opinion changes over time since there's a few more girls to be introduced and some (including Nadeko and Shinobu) will get pretty massive development later on.

Unfortunately Rem is most likely going to hold my number 1 spot until I drop dead but Mikasa would be my second favorite :D (don't kill me).
Looks like you're also one of the 2 people on this site who haven't seen Re:Zero so maybe you'd end up liking Rem too. Who knows.
In other news, Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 HYPE!
vegeta8639 Apr 19, 2:01 PM
I see you're watching the Monogatari series and have just passed Nadeko's first arc. Do you think she's best girl yet and also what do you think about Senjougahara?
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