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Dec 31, 2013
It is interesting to see that these three episodes score so much less than the actual series, although most of it is of the same quality. So that leads me to think that people are voting it based on the story that unfolds during these three episodes.

While ending the series with three specials may feel like a bit of a rushed deal, they do manage to convey most of the characters and how they feel about the events that happen, while still being able to put some humor into it.

I would say that for me, what took the score down a bit was the enjoyment. read more
Aug 31, 2007
The third "season" of Maria-sama ga Miteru, although it being titled an OVA, the episodes are like two ordinary 22 minute episode making the season somewhat close to 10 episodes. This creates more enjoyment out of the episodes and a better flow in the storyline.
Since I came in on that track the stories told are of a various mixture, some connected to the catholic school the girls attend to and some where they aren't at school at all but enjoy other activities. This is an interesting twist because we get to see them in "casual day" appearance and what they do when they are not read more
Aug 7, 2007
If anime was ever introduced into an arts class this would be the best anime to show to the students! This is actually the best way to descibe this anime.
The anime is divided into different acts, accompanied by a music piece selected to set the mood of each act. While you are exploring the world of Iblard Jikan strange things might happen. Big floating rocks might hover above you or flowers spring into bloom in front of you. The feeling is like you are inside this gigantic painting that comes to life.
This is not an anime for the action lovers. In this world everything has read more
Aug 3, 2007
Bottle Fairy is all about going through each day and experiencing things. Four faeries want to become human but in order to do so they first need to understand what it means to be human. And so they take help from their human friend and Sensei to start their training.
This series goes through the Japanese calender and bring up traditions and folklore. It is very funny most of the time as the different personalities of the faeries and the way they interpret situations vary a great deal. This, combined with the fact that the episodes are in a short format, about 11 minutes when neglecting read more
Aug 3, 2007
I started watching this anime movie together with a friend of mine. He is a real movie junkie so I thought that this would be something new for him to try out. Although I knew he already had seen "Spirited Away" and "My Neighbor Totoro".
The movie started out pretty good, and early on you got a really earie feeling about the main character and the events that happen around her. After a while you start to doubt what is reality and what is not.
This "am I awake or not"- feeling can be related to many hollywood movies but it was the first time that I read more
Jul 22, 2007
This anime can only be described as an animated poetry text that transforms the words into art. And it is just as hard to get a grasp of. I think you either need to have a grasp of the work in mention or be on a drug to fully enjoy what it is about. Nothing bad as such to say about it but it gets so deep it isn\'t of this world any longer.
The story is nonexisting. About the only thing we get to know is some background info on one of the characters, but he still remains a mystery afterwards. The art is a read more
Jul 17, 2007
Compared to the OVA prequel this OVA has more to give the viewer. Absolutely stunning environments and great character movements almost brings it alive in front of me, and somehow I wish that I was able to jump into the screen and just be lying there on the grassfield and watch up on the blue sky, counting the white clouds that move by.
Just like the prequel, this is just the right anime to watch when you want to relax and get the pulse down. Accompanied with a hot cup of coffée you are definitely on the right track!
Jul 17, 2007
Though this is a relatively short OVA in two episodes it still captivates me somehow. This is the kind of anime that I would like to watch after watching an full action anime just to get my pace down to 0 again and be able to breath normally. This anime is really hard to describe in other ways but must be experienced to understand. Due to the lack of story, cause there really isn\'t a clear thread that goes through the two episodes I can\'t give it a higher overall rating.
Jul 16, 2007
Oh my,, just finished this anime, and my pillow has never been so wet with tears =).
In the beginning I had a hard time with the characters. They sort of felt strange and not believeable at all. As the episodes went by they sort of grew up and you start to understand what is happening and suddenly everything from the start to the end is like a beautiful dream that comes true. If you have a lot of tears to spare and can cope with the first episodes you will have a great time with this anime series!
Jul 16, 2007
Mermaid Forest tells the story about a fisher man named Yuta that, because he has eaten Mermaid flesh, now is immortal and is in search of a Mermaid to make him normal again. During his travels he encounters other people experiences with Mermaids and find a female companion named Mana to share his adventures with. The story is linear but with flashbacks from Yuta\'s life.
The overall feel in the anime is that it is drawn in very traditional ways and the techniques feel like that of older animes, but the series is actually produced in 2002. I think that this anime is one that devides read more