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Mar 29, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Sorry if I used wrong words or some grammar errors, that's because English isn't my primary language.

Ok, here is the review :

When I see this for the first time, I was thinking about Asterisk and Failed Knight because they have a similar intro, but I don't really mind it. But after completed this anime, I was very disappointed. Many things came up and make this anime more worse, fot example the last battle was good actually, but some things came and almost make me stopped watching fot a while, but I finally managed to watch it until end.

For the story, it's bad. It's really ...
Dec 15, 2015

Ah, I hope Danmachi got 2nd season. If you like SAO, then you should be like Danmachi. It got stucked in my head for thinking because the story is left unhandled, well I hope they make a better adaptation next time. Let's start then.

Story 7/10

The story is great, I like it. I admit I like this kind of story. At the first, MC is alone and finally met with his new friends, and then he try to be stronger and reach someone stronger than him. It will happened here. Well, the story wasn't bad, and wasn't good either. But it make ...
Dec 13, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Rosario + Vampire anime is an adaptation of the manga. Both the anime and manga are have so many fanservices. I don't hate the fanservices but some of it appeared at the wrong time. I also hate the main character because he almost can't do anything before he have vampire's blood flowing in him.

STORY 5/10

The story is just like the manga. If you have read the manga, then you already know what will happen.

Art and sound 8/10

The art and the animation is nice. The OP and ED is good, nothing bad about it.

Dec 11, 2015

If I could choose, I'll choose the first season, and also, I regret watched this show, I like the first season instead the second one. Why? Well, many things make me say that. And I also expect more nice story than the first season but my hope just too high.

Story 7/10
The first season and the second one story is almost same, I hope this season is more focused to Togashi and Rikka relationship, but I only find it a little. The story is only focused on their daily life. Some episodes make me bored and paused it for some days, but ...
Dec 8, 2015

I'm a beginner here so don't expect much from me. I just find this anime by messing with the search function and interested to watch it. Since all of the aspect is awesome, I don't hold it back now.

Story 9/10
I like the story but some part are make me disappointed, really disappointed. But I like the fight part, it like written very good. And I also didn't really bothered by fanservices, I just enjoy all of it. Not many complains from me for the story but I hope they write the story more better if they want to make second season.

Art ...
Nov 14, 2015
This is my first review, and also any feedback will be appreciated, but don't expect much from my review. Angel Densetsu is a funniest anime I ever watch. I always laughing because people reacted to Kitano's demon face. He have a scary face that make other people think he is very scary but inside his heart he is a kind-hearted angel who have devil face. It only have 2 episodes but it is worth your time. If you already watched this anime and want to know next, read the MANGA.

Story : 6/10
Art : 5/10
Sound : 7/10
Character : 9/10
Enjoyment : 10/10
Overall : 9/10

I really recommend this ...