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Isekai Quartet
Isekai Quartet
May 16, 2:07 AM
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Fairy Tail: Final Series
Fairy Tail: Final Series
May 13, 5:13 AM
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Huckleberry no Bouken
Huckleberry no Bouken
May 13, 5:13 AM
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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
3 hours ago
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
May 17, 3:14 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
May 17, 3:14 PM
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TheBigGuy Apr 13, 3:22 PM
Happy Birthday!

Ayumu_yuu Apr 8, 3:30 PM
hard for me to understand, i'm a yandere after all, i devour the one i love (:(:(:

p.s. nothing wrong with wanting a loving wife ig, men are simple minded huh maybe you're right, the majority might indeed have the taste you described, but can't bring everybody under the same label right? i like how you talk about that (with such a passion) and still being single aghhhhh how cute :p
Ayumu_yuu Apr 8, 2:25 PM
honestly that's so mainstream, why do people keep liking stuff like that "cute, hardworking, strong, fragile..." blah blah the typical waifu

but there were some hints about him coming to her room one morning, and asking how many times they've met and she said 5 or something, so i thought she knows about it but chooses to keep silence idk :v
Ayumu_yuu Apr 8, 1:54 PM
i think i read your message the exact same day you sent it but just didn't answer, sorry ><

everytime you mention Barusu's death scenes i have to think of that creepy ost........................ ......................... ...............................; ._. you get it (and yes its barusu, who's subaru huh?huh? idk :p)
btw i have this suspicion, but doesn't Betty remember everything too?? cause whenever barusu comes to her for help, she acts so natural, honestly she is my fav girl there <3 you think she's a tsundere? i'd probably love a cat more than humans just like her lol and Pack ofccccc doesn't he transform in a human along the episodes?? i really wish he would ><

Elsa? really? idk, she was too much for me to handle, like she's too much while Emilia is too little lol i need sth in between those two, and that my purrrrrfect Beatrice <3333 Beako <333

Roswaal needs another anime only for himself LOL Re:Zero feels too narrow for him xD
As for Rem and Ram, why is everyone such a huge fan of Rem? cuz of her horn? huh or cuz she does everything better? they are twins after all why so much hate towards Ram >< idc much about those two actually xD pack and bea can steal this whole show and i'd be more than happy hehe

Barusu is being Barusu, nothing else to say :):):):):)
Ayumu_yuu Mar 19, 5:07 PM
out of 2 messages i feel like i should at least answer the first one ... since morimori chan feels like happened over a year ago already :<< mehh time flies

Morioka's life and whole existence is priceless as a whole, please cough cough
Kanbe san is the detective of net-juu lol btw, i could take a guess and say that kanbe san knew that Lily was a guy, (i think it was mentioned there), but did he actually knew that Sakurai is Lily?? since they all were living in the same district

HAHAHAHA you didn't like the muscular/build up woman? waaaa why you hating ;-; just perfect to prank people, like everyone's going for the cute chars and here you have THE MAN loooool no for real Koiwai is friend material (for dudes) :p but he's also good with women so i wouldn't know hehe remember that picture he took of morimori when they went on a date? that was cute ><

HONESTLY sakurai was such a perv there >xxx< trying to see her boobs through his marge clothes mehhhhhh :vvv don't sexualize my Morioka plssss she's a professional shut in net coughhh >>>>>>

her stomach <333 must protecc

HAHAHAAHA the special was hilarious. 1 part - just the normie romcom meh, besides her cleaning the house i didn't laugh much >> more of a fustration cause indeed WHERE IS THE KISS SCENE :ccc they tricked us hard sob sob BUT i'm glad you appreciated the bl scene from the 2nd part hehe Koiwai was so into his role while Sakura Hime ruined my perfect bl setting sooooooooooobbbb

you're just a perv that wants to see every cute girl in a bikini (morioka ruuuuuun!!!!!!!!!) LOL who am i even befriended with..................... trembles...............i think it's time for me to leave ................;;;; xDDD

as for voice actors, i rarely check those lol only time i was hyped about a voice was Joe from Megalo Box, that dude's voice could make me orgasm in no time, lol jk :p don't dream too much there haha
Ayumu_yuu Mar 13, 11:50 AM
better love story than twilight HONESTLY
(i won't spoiler anything but i finished it all hehe... so take your time and finish it, although i think you can tell how it is gonna end)

the main duo is cute indeed, you'll see how small this world actually is, if only things were like that irl sigh sigh

Morimori chaaaaaaaaaan, my new soul flame! How can she be so clueless and naive and clumsy and and anddddd awh her stomach every single time when she's with Sakurai haha LET'S APPRECIATE THAT
oh and Koiwai san ... you need to see him playing games in the next episode LMAO THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honestly nothing kills my love for green haired charachters hahaha Kanbe san, yeah you there >< i like how he just inspired himself from his real life hair color hahaha why making things hard right

it's short cuz cuz cuz it's perfect that way, it doesn't need more episodes, some anime get way too long and you can see how the story gets stretched out so nono
I've been listening to the OP all day long hehe and i think Yuu-chan is going to start a mmo rpg game soon *blushes* ...

p.s. how could you tell Sakurai and Lily are the same?? are the super talkative people online (and cheering up) usually still and shy irl? huh?!
SaadXBZ Mar 11, 5:28 PM
Thank you :)
Ayumu_yuu Mar 10, 2:42 PM
what are those marks on kaneki's face? i thought they'd vanish after the battle but he still has them on his face at the end
Ayumu_yuu Mar 9, 11:54 AM
giant O www O reminds me of myself hahahahah
Ayumu_yuu Mar 9, 10:46 AM
her body was the Strelizia True Apus, right?
Ayumu_yuu Mar 9, 10:37 AM
oh so i was right, but then remember her body on earth vanished too... does that mean she died?
Ayumu_yuu Mar 9, 10:09 AM
Yaaaaaay that’s what i was waiting for! I wonder (even checked to make sure my memory isn’t joking on me) where do all the 1’s and 3’s come from (MAL review scores) when this anime has such a beautiful story.. it’s been awhile since i realised that the better a show is, the more hate it is gonna get (makes me think of Boruto, it didn’t properly start last year that 90% of the community was hating on it already, gosh people...)
Now moving to what actually matters ...

It made me recall Evangelion a lot at first, that’s maybe the only mecha i’ve seen so far besides darling, as a non-mecha fan i really didn’t expect much plot. But as you say, time went by and even if it took me more than several months to finish it.. a heartwarming story welcomed me there hehe
I can tell you’re a guy :D i personally didn’t pay much attention to the Franxxes, my most favorite was Kokoro and Mitsuru’s Genista. Maybe because it was the only dark one among the Franxxes or maybe because i liked Kokoro *giggles* B-but.... ofc nobody beats Strelizia awww esepcially her True Apus form in the ep 23, if i’m not mistaken Zero Two was actually Strelizia True Apus, while Hiro was pilloting it as its stamen. Basically there was no other 02 inside, right?!

Hahah and i know exactly who you mean by “annoying” :p Well, in my beliefs, authors like to make certain chars annoying at first to piss off short tempered watchers/otakus but then... to reveal their true nature, and that being a kind and sensible one like... Ichigo’s :p such a crybaby right right

You really cried there, didn’t you? When they got separated from each other and ended up with their memories erased.. this thing, we saw the same in Kokoro&Mitsuru’s love story, made me realise just how precious one’s memories could be.. not that i ever took them for granted but i remember myself many times getting rid of what i thought is ‘useless to be remembered’ to see now, what a big change one’s past could mean.

About Hiro and 02, sure it was clear from the very start they are made for each other. A pure love story. Honestly i was so pissed at the times when Hiro and Ichigo were kissing, like doesn’t that count as cheating?? Huh huh? sigh.. Hiro’s heart was 02’s only, from the very start, i could tell they have an unusual connection. Ichigo pretty much showed us how one can’t control their feelings, how one can be selfish, how one... can’t let go and be happy for their friend. Her character is great tbh (not my favorite) but i think, lots of humans could relate to her decisions and thoughts. It’s hard to let go of those that meant the world to you, it’s hard to see them happy with anyone else but you, especially 02 that had some dark past. Surprisingly, at the end, both Ichigo and 02 kind of developed their warmhearted sides more and didn’t you enjoy their friendship? Heh i pretty much adored it!!

Usually i’d expect some dirty stuff happening in trio’s or foursomes, you know like doubting your own feelings, giving up and stuff like that but i trully liked Hiro’s loyalty, it just stole my heart, how no matter Ichigo’s tears, he knew his life and future was by 02’s side. I guess i LOVE confident and reliable characters. As a girl, you just can’t help but feel safe with them.

Now, our threesome... aesthetically speaking, Mitsuru looks better with Kokoro by his side. Why that decision? Maybe because she started having feelings for Mitsuru too? Her idea of giving birth to next generations, her wish of becoming a mother, i think intuitively she was searching for a life partner and there must have been some traits she saw in Mitsuru for choosing him. And here i’m not talking about pilloting the Franxx only, but a partner, husband in general. Maybe she is more drawn to mysterious and distant guys like Mitsuru, but let’s admit, he was so hurt that Hiro’s forgotten his promise that at some point i thught (fujo never stops being a fujo) that this anime has slightly yaoi vibes. Remember when he said that he wants to pilot with Hiro... ? 2 guys can’t do it, yet he still wanted. After keeping all this inside, maybe Kokoro was his salvation and that was right on time. As about Futoshi, chubby guys MUST be kind in this sort of shows. I’m glad he didn’t start freaking out there and turn this show into a drama, he accepted it in a mature way, that’s what made him likable, even a lot.

Honestly, that was the worst they could have done to those kids. Remembering how all their fighting was for Papa to survive, and he just took their memories off for the only reason that it might interfere with their fighting spirit or whatever... really :vvv
Zorome and Miku, at the end i just thought, maybe those two were too childish to ender a relationship (in the eyes of the author)... although they mached perfectly, even their vibes were the same. Well, you can’t turn a mecha show into a romance/drama story. The main focus stays Hiro and 02 after all.

Oh well, about Ikuno, i must agree fully here. Honestly, when they showed that confession there that she liked Ichigo for all those years, i was like ”holy cow... what is happening here?!” have you ever noticed a glimpse of that?? Because i didn’t, that was so unexpected for me, totally out of the blue... no inner conflicts, no outer ones when Ichigo was crying or anything. Only thing i could tell is that Ikuno was troubled by smth, but until the end it stayed a mystery. That part should have been done slightly better in my eyes... maybe a bit more investment in a homosexual character, i mean Mitsuru liked Hiro a lot too... but at least i could read his fustration in his eyes and desire to distance himself from the rest because all he wanted was Hiro to remember his promise. Well, there are always ups and down heh

Character’s development is indeed something i’m always looking forward in an anime, i mean why else would they exist and build relationships if not to grow?
I clearly remember this episode about Zorome and that woman adult (white hair and her husband was basically dead living in another world, connected to some tubes and feeling the happiness). Zorome didn’t really showed it, but he was showed what they refered to as “adults”. And his devotion to Papa... and dissapointment, i believe he was the one most drawn to become adult and listen to Papa’s words and at the end, he really grew out of that box and I was glad to see that he started looking through his own perceptions, not those of the adults.

Y-you mean... Eo To >x< ... She was indeed the greatest of all the times, no wonder waifu 2018 award went to her (imo hahaha). In my eyes, she’s the perfection herself, all her sides made her so unique and desired. Apart from her looks which are 10/10 for me, he personality was what i was looking for in so many characters. She was mad when needed, crazy too, lovely too, caring too, reckless too, intense TOO.. idk she has so many traits within her, such a complex woman – WAIFU material. You know, because her traits were well balanced and never went in a certain extreme, that made her likable from the very seconds of appearence. I like how Hiro never gave up on her, he’s the man hehe would have been a waste if he did :vv

Oh i mentioned about kissing too... well you can’t blame her, right? She was madly inlove... i thought just like you at first, but try feeling her side too, try immersing yourself in her shoes and you’ll know, it’s hard to let go of those that matter to you... especially into the hand of a monster (before getting to know 02 better), after all Ichigo is a lil girl, still a kid herself, it’s only normal to be childish like that and wanting all for yourself, that’s why i accepted her after awhile hehe

”Darling” !! Remember the scene?? As you mentioned Mitsuru and that lil hand grabbing his finger i had to think of the moment they all connected through prayers to Zero Two and Hiro in the space, and funny fact, they heard all the prayers awww heartmelting moments, isn’t it?

A loving wife would look like that at her husband for sure, so don’t lose hope, awwiiiiiiiiiii >< anw, who would have thought, that’s my lil girl smiling??? I bursted into laugher when seeing that, she sooo c-cuteeee (her smile is more precious than anything in this world, yay yay)

Ayumu_yuu Jul 9, 2018 9:13 AM
Heyyy :3

Getting ready for my summer trip. Hbu?
Ayumu_yuu Jun 26, 2018 3:41 PM
We can Watch anime or read manga together once I'm done ° 3°

I'm still on earth tho
Ayumu_yuu Jun 26, 2018 2:48 PM
bcs of this exam, I'm starting to freak out and I can't take it anymore, it's too much to the point that I don't know what I'm doing D: