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Mar 21, 2018
This is a sequel to the ReLife first season.
If you plan to watch this, it is almost absolutely necessary to watch the entire first season (unless you've read the manga and only want to watch the finale).

"There's something a little sad about fireworks. As they fade, you feel sort of lonely"

How you endure the working life of adults depends on your experiences growing up into adulthood, especially the final stages of your journey towards graduation before being thrown into the hectic working life of an adult.

Our protagonists are given the chance to go through this stage of life once again through the ReLife program. To read more
Dec 5, 2017
I came back to watch Black Bullet since I have exams tomorrow and needed something dark, depressing and cute gals (its ironic but.. yea)

You want a clingy teary-eyed loli call out the protagonist's name every episode?

You want some kick ass action with lolis?

You wanna fall into despair and watch lovable loli girls die?
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Jan 16, 2017
Separate girls with separate stories, with relatable circumstances to real life. Its short, simple, and honestly aimed towards male viewers.

The story revolves around separate girls and their lives with their counterpart male characters who are (literally) matched under different situations. A workmate, a salary man who provides security for the highschool girl on the subway, a simple customer, etc. It's straightforward and I personally like the fact that the male characters are realistic; they do have their male instincts(or urges) but they remain nice guys, and being a nice guy rewards you with getting closer to a "bountiful" reward >:)
It doesn't go into the details read more
Oct 13, 2016

- Samurai styled protagonist from the past in present time?
- Mech fights?
- Some slice of life highschool time
- Alien robos crashing from the sky? (I SAYY CRRRIIIERR I SAAYY..nvm)
- Mysteries of the past and the future of humanity at stake?
- Cute gals like Chisaki from Nagi no Asukara (since its P.A. Works)?

Then you got it down right here!
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Jul 6, 2015

Since this show has a ton of complications and complex (ooh so deep) stories. I'll sum it up to something rather simple.

This action packed space sci-fi comedy romance harem (lel) is wrapped in conspiracies, 3d mech action, space-stuffs, and the constant war between humanity and Iguanas! (I mean "Guanas" *cough*).

So the Second Season is a continuation of Nagate (our ace pilot) and his struggles with:

1- His trans-gendered best friend who loves him (//spoiler: who now lives with him)

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Jun 13, 2015
It's a recap of the entire series in chronological order
The entire series covered in 2 beautiful episodes wrapped in it's gorgeous soundtrack. Definitely appreciate the OST more after watching this.

Too lazy to watch the entire series just so you could watch Dead Aggressor - Exodus? This is definitely the cheat sheet.
Although you'd have a better understanding and appreciation if you actually watched the entire series.

I see myself watching this in the years to come to have a little "Feels Trip" down memory lane.

If you were a fan of this series (which was aired more than a decade ago) and your heart longs for a read more
Nov 6, 2012

(Now all bread-lovers and bakers can jump up for joy cos this anime makes pastry Light up your life!)

Now the story's about BREAD! That's all its about! I was... awkwardly forcing myself to watch this.. for the girls of course. Story was.. Neegghh-blegh

Frankly I thought there would be more romance, but unfortunately the love seems to revolve around the bread that the protagonists (and his lovely girls) make!

Now the first episode pretty much sums up the whole story; allow me to explain myself why it does
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