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Jul 22, 2015
B-Shock (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
B-shock is a romantic comedy manga about 2 college students, who meet a nutty Professor, and are suddenly forced to be extremely close to one another or else the watches on their wrist, courtesy of the Professor, will blow up, if they exceed the maximum amount of distance from each other.

As a comedy manga, it's good. Every day, due to their situation, they have to go through unique and funny situations. They have to go to the bathroom with one another, make the most ridiculous excuses as to why they can't be separated, and try to avoid scenarios that will keep them apart.

Sometimes, ...
Mar 20, 2015
Horimiya (Manga) add
Preliminary (48/125 chp)
If I may have a few minutes of your time to tell you about my favorite romance manga, I would be greatly honored.

Horimiya is a simple love story. A popular girl named Kyouko Hori and a lonely guy named Izumi Miyamura, who is an outsider and seen as creepy/shady, find out the other may not be as they seem. They learn these sides to each other that no one else knows about and begin to spend more time together. Eventually, Miyamura meets Hori’s best friends and becomes a part of their social circle. Feelings begin to bud between Miyamura and Hori, while Miyamura also bonds ...
Feb 1, 2015
Dr. Frost (Manga) add
Preliminary (82/? chp)
Dr. Frost isn't like most psychological manga nowadays. It has nothing to do with using psychological manipulation to win some sort of game or competition. Instead, it revolves around investigating, explaining, and curing psychological problems like obsessive compulsive disorder and multiple personality disorder. Reading this manga makes you feel as if you’re in a psychology class. All the information is well-detailed and feels like it came straight out of an actual textbook or lecture; from, how they know that the person has a certain disorder to how it affects their lives to how they developed it to how to deal with it. Not a single ...
Jan 8, 2015
Before deciding whether or not you want to watch Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, you need to realize that this episode is a parody. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. I mean the title of the episode is Fan Service of Youth and Love, there's no point in complaining about the excessive amount of fan service. You shouldn't believe that the series is going to be like this, the writers were very well aware of their actions. They wanted to make a parody and that's what they did. Do not factor in the fan service in your consideration of whether or not you want to ...
Jan 6, 2015
Preliminary (7/20 chp)
I am not a big fan of gender benders, but Kanojo ni Naru Hi is already becoming one of my favorite manga.

Kanojo ni Naru Hi is about 2 childhood friends, Miyoshi & Mamiya. One day, Mamiya is hospitalized and goes through what is known as an emergence: the changing of genders. What will now become of the friendship between Miyoshi & Mamiya?

Unlike most gender benders, Kanojo ni Haru Hi isn't trying to go for comedy using the gender bender concept. There certainly are hilarious moments as a result of the change, but Kanojo is mainly aiming for drama. The manga explores a plethora of ...
Jan 4, 2015
To expect an elaborate storyline, unexpected plot twists, and incredible character development from an ecchi harem show would be one of the greatest you mistakes you can ever make. I came into Campione with no expectations at all. I merely came to watch an ecchi harem and you know what I got? An awesome show that understands how to make a story despite having fan service and a harem.

Campione is a story about a guy named Godou Kusanagi who ends up killing the Persian God of Victory, Verethragna. As a result, he receives Verethragna’s power and the title of God Slayer. After that, he ...
Jan 4, 2015
It pains me to see how unpopular this show is. It’s really sad to see it overshadowed by cliche, nonsensical, and fan service reliant harem shows. You want a good harem show? It’s right in front of you.

Rokujoma (how I’ll refer to show) follows Koutarou Satomi and his life with 7 girls, 5 of them want his apartment. You’re probably thinking, “Okay, what’s so special about the show?”

Well, unlike most harems, it doesn’t use fan-service for cheap laughs. It literally had almost no fan-service. A harem that doesn’t have an ecchi tag is as rare as a protagonist who isn’t oblivious. There was a beach ...
Jan 3, 2015
Preliminary (55/80 chp)
Morality isn't black and white. Akame ga Kill is an action tragedy manga that does this concept justice.

Plot: 9

Akame ga kills follows a boy named Tatsumi who is suddenly recruited into a group of assassins known as Night Raid. Night Raid is a rebel group that will take down the corrupt Empire at any cost.

One of the most prevalent things in action shounens today is the power of friendship and willpower. Akame ga Kill is a manga that just completely brushes that aside. The main characters are always doing whatever they can to help the other during a battle, but friendship is not enough. ...
Jan 3, 2015
Preliminary (150/360 chp)
Minamoto-kun Monogatari is the manga version of The Tale of Genji: a classic of work of Japanese literature about a playboy who hooked up with 14 (?) women in his lifetime. Each woman being different in personality.

Story: 8

The story basically follows a guy who decides to follow his aunt's desire for him to hook up with 14 different women and see how it all plays out in the end. In it for him, is the chance to become more of a man. He has a face so pretty, even guys fall for him, and out jealousy, he's been bullied by girls his whole life. ...
Jan 3, 2015
Preliminary (27/27 chp)
My brothers and sisters,

I am here to preach about our divine brother, Sakamoto. A human amongst insects, a king amongst men, & a god amongst kings. He is the most interesting man in the world.

When life gives you lemons, give them to Sakamoto and he will make you an artistic masterpiece. A piece of work so great even the mighty Van Gogh & Leonardo Da Vinci will cower in shame.

Sakamoto desu-ga is a holy book depicting the life of Sakamoto. Watch him as he performs the tasks of gods. From cleaning the ceiling with brooms to writing with both hands simultaneously to playing ...