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May 16, 2019
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Carole & Tuesday is an anime where a pair of misunderstood girls try to spread their music and excel in the music industry.
While the audiovisual section is very good, the series (so far) does not reach much by 2 major problems, that is predictable and its tone so "Light".

The first chapter does a good job leaving you clear the personalities and background of the protagonists, as well as this futuristic environment where they live, these aspects are presented to the viewer without resorting to boring spoken exhibition. But what follows in the series is quite predictable, read more
May 1, 2019
(Esta reseña tiene una versión en español más abajo)
This is one of the most uninspired jobs I've seen in my life.
Any cliche of a light novel that you can think, occurs here.

There are hundreds of Isekais with an Op MC, how is this anime different from those others? For absolutely nothing, it is the same stupid fantasy of empowerment with an escapist message. At least Overlord and Shield Hero try to be their own thing, but this anime does not even try.
Creativity is more important than originality. But this anime does not have any.

The protagonist is your typical Gary sty self-insert without personality. He don't read more
Mar 2, 2019
(Here is the link of the picture drama:

This is ... only extra material.
There really is not much to say, it's just the characters telling their experiences after the events that occurred in the anime to Menma, Menma saying that she loves them all and end.
Yes, it adds a bit more to the characters because it tells us what happened to them after the anime, it is very nostalgic and satisfying but the story lacks any conflict, it does not answer any questions about the supernatural things of the anime, the characters only tell their changes but do not show how these changes occur in read more
Feb 13, 2019
(Esta reseña también tiene una versión en español más abajo)
This is the typical Isekai of each season that the community says is different but it is the same generic Isekai garbage as always, with an MC that is surrounded by beautiful girls so that people with low self-esteem can self-insert and feel that they are special.
The problems of this Isekai are:

1) The protagonist is the owner of the truth.
Anyone who is against him is the bad guy and everyone who is with him is the good, black and white that simple.
Like any empowerment fantasy, the story makes the protagonist is right in everything he does read more
Dec 28, 2018
(I'm not speak english)
It's just a generic isekai.
Story: 2/10
Art: 7/10
Characters: 2/10
Enjoyment: 5/10
Overall: 3/10
The protagonist has no personality and is a gary stu. The co-protagonist is a comic relief, his interactions with the protagonist are fun but that's it. On the other characters nothing remarkable.
Like all Isekai; the objective does not matter much and the world is one that has already been seen too much.
But still the story was fine. It was entertaining and those mistakes really did not matter because it was a simple unpretentious comedy like Konosuba. Until in Chapter 2 he makes the mistake of taking himself very seriously and becomes EDGY.
This added read more