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Jan 12, 2014
Allow me to explain my love of "the pay off" in entertainment:

I hate when I watch something, and it doesn't really matter if I'm following it or not because nothing pays off. So many times I the credits of a movie roll and I'm left stupified thinking to myself "That's it? What about the ___ and the ___? What was the point of me paying attention to the first hour and 20 minutes of this film?"

Some shows or movies set little subconscious mental snares, so that when something happens later on-it pays off. Your friend walks in the room and sees a read more
Feb 7, 2013
Ugh. Have you even SEEN this thing? It's f'ing terrible. Ryu looks like The Hulk wearing a headband. It's embarrassing!

They hype up a battle that never happens (Akuma) and there aren't even some of the most well-liked characters from the game in the movie at all. It's like a shitty version of Dragon Ball Z.

The main focus is Chun Li's crotch. This should have been an OVA in the series, not a feature length film. Those 90 minutes totally overstayed their welcome (refer again to the Chun Li comment).

It's poor. The only thing that read more
Jan 18, 2013
The first few episodes are amazing, then it falls into a painful routine of one of the biggest wastes of amazing art and music in anime history.

Meet Dorito-kun. A nerd-slash-MMORPG-pimp who ignores his only friend Klein because he's the kind of guy who only wants to game with one girl at a time, one who's younger and weaker than he is to impress her.

Dorkito-kun leads on a bunch of different girls, including his sister at one point. And even though he spends all of his time going on e-dates and romantic walks through majestically illustrated forests, he is the greatest player read more