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firebound12 Aug 5, 2014 7:26 PM
Continuing on the conversation, I think it's best to keep it as it. The club's comments section is active and that's enough imo.
hikky Jul 15, 2014 1:36 AM
hikky Jul 8, 2014 12:55 PM
firebound12 Jan 10, 2012 6:46 PM
Dx!! you haven't visited the club for a long while :x things might need some minor updating :O
hikky Jun 11, 2011 3:01 PM

Wow, I am surprised they offer that long of a course. Sounds like you would learn a lot. I will probably be at my typical snail's pace. But I am in no rush I guess, lol

Susan Jun 10, 2011 10:49 PM
Finally, I come with drama recs!

So you seem like the kind of guy who enjoys strong woman-type dramas, mysteries, some action, a bit of comedy, and lots and lots of drama.

-I've already said Anata no tonari no dareka iru. The central character is about a woman and her who family who are "haunted" by her past and the man next door, but as it always goes, things are not what they seem. It's extremely spooky and gets even more so as the show goes on.
-Since you're a JIN fan like me you must like Nakatani Miki (Nokaze in JIN). She's a fantastic actress and I really recommend Keizoku, one of her older dramas (1999). She played a genius detective with poor hygeine and a level of absent-mindedness that could only be described as braindead. The unfortunate thing is that the plot of the series gets sort of incomprehensible by the end. =/ But an added bonus is that they did a remake/sequel called SPEC starring your love, Toda Erika.
-Ando Natsu is a personal fave as I'm a total foodie. Kanjiya Shihori stars as a former patissiere who finds herself working at a traditional wagashiya in historical Asakusa, Tokyo. It's full of culture and Japanese aesthetics, as well as beautiful wagashi.
-If you liked Namae wo nakushita megami, then I think you'd enjoy Saito-san starring Mizuki Alisa and Mimura. The former plays Saito-san, a tough-but-fair mother who has become a social pariah in the neighbourhood. The latter plays a young mother who has just moved with her family to the neighbourhood and finds herself inspired by Saito-san's attitude.
-Once again my inner foodie reigns. Definitely be sure to check out Osen. Aoi Yuu stars as the very young okami of a

Honorable mention: Unfair, Shijuukunichi no Recipe, Atami no Sousakan, and Shinya Shokudou. All worth checking out as well.

I was also going to suggest Mother and Shinzanmono, but I see you're watching them. Awesome dramas!

Let me know if you need help finding anything.
hikky Jun 8, 2011 11:40 PM
Yep it always seems to work like that, I get embarrassed too, though my progress has probably been underwhelming for a while (because I am too lazy to do much more than watch anime)

Susan Jun 7, 2011 5:33 PM
I already found you and friended you. ;)
Susan Jun 7, 2011 5:06 PM
Yup, mdl also has movies! Not dubbed American ones, obviously.

I will definitely take a closer look at your list and prepare a list of new recs! But I'm such a slow reader that it'll take me a little bit to figure out what's on here. XD

Oh, and I've already dled episode 1 of Namae wo nakushite megami so I'll probably watch it tonight. I skimmed a bit and it does look interesting!
Susan Jun 7, 2011 3:50 PM
I thought it was awkward how the mother reacted when the daughter asked for her help, yeah. But I chalked that up to the apparent opinion of surrogacy in Japan. I'm not clear if it's actually illegal or not, but it seems like it's REALLY frowned upon and the law about who the mother is doesn't exactly support surrogacy either. With the culture and especially with the mother being an older woman, I guess I just allowed for a high level of shock. I kind of like the show. It gets kind of interesting in episode 2 when the pregnancy begins. Though I don't at all like this older man who's stalking the mother. Now there's some bad acting.

If you'e interested in the story, though, there's actually a movie version called Gene Waltz. Just came out in theatres a few months ago, so the DVD is a ways off, but it might be better. Higher production values and a different cast.

Shiawase ni narou yo is kind of irritating because it's so predictable. But I do like it! It just doesn't really pick up until episode 5.

I'll check out Namae wo nakushita megami! I like creepy stuff. You should check out Anata no tonari ni dareka iru if you do too. Sooo creepy, probably in a different way, but so awesome!

And yes. Where is your list? =P
Susan Jun 7, 2011 3:22 PM
I actually didn't have time to start JIN until a few weeks ago and ended up marathoning the first 5 episodes. In retrospect, I should've just waited until it finished airing so I could marathon the whole thing! This week-to-week business usually doesn't bother me, but JIN is way too good not to want to marathon. XD

I'd certainly like a third season, but they're calling this one JIN: final. =/ I also think he will end up in the future by the end. If the first episode of season 1 is any indication.
Susan Jun 6, 2011 11:40 PM
LOL! You are late! Episode 8 aired this week and it's gotten pretty good! So close to the end (3 episodes left), which makes me sad, but I can't wait to see what happens next. Half the time I hope he does make it back to the future, just to see how he changed it, if at all. The other half wants me to stay in the past.

Season 1 was definitely better though. At this point I'm just not as enchanted, especially seeing how Jin and Saki dance around one another. That's so frustrating!
Susan Jun 13, 2010 1:38 AM
I think it's because I tend to like the the idea of a multiverse, that I think it would be impossible for Minakata to return to his original timeline, as he is no longer within that dimension. If he were to simply timeslip to the future he would end up in a world different than the one he left because the decisions and innovations he made would have created a new universe. The series seems to prescribe to this as well, as his actions seemed to have an effect on Miki's existence. Though that was only evidenced by the photograph. The future he came from still exists, of course, but it's no longer connected to the past he resides in, see? Which also makes it possible for there to be 2 of Minakata Jin in the same universe. Which also creates a kind of domino effect I guess, so every time an instance of Minakata Jin travels back through time and then forward again, a different Jin, or someone else entirely, has to travel back? This is getting kind of crazy...

So if he instead slips through not only time but also dimensions and makes it back to where he left or just before, he would not have saved Miki and history from the world's point of view would remain unchanged.

But I guess the writers will do whatever they want, if they ever get to the point of Minakata returning "home." XD
Susan Jun 13, 2010 12:52 AM
There are softsubs for Shinya Shokudou! =D I'll have to PM you the ddl links to the raws.

I have a really good ear and without a doubt that was Osawa Takao's voice coming out of the mysterious, bandaged man's body. Also the medical supplies he gathered were a huge clue. Though I think it should be impossible for him to return to the same dimension he left... But I guess it depends on whether or not the writer's even care about time and space theories. XD
Susan Jun 13, 2010 12:05 AM
Let me know if you have any problems finding Shinya Shokudou and I'll help you out. I dled from a Korean subbing group (they do a Japanese show once and awhile) and I don't know if it's available anywhere else.

I don't want to see Minakata Jin make it back. Or rather, I do... if only to resolve the issue of the identity of the man at the start of the series (which was obviously Jin himself!), but only so long as he goes right back to Edo again and marries Saki. XD Though I know it's more likely she'll marry someone of higher rank or something and he'll end up back in his own time...

I think what drew me into the series was Osawa Takao's portrayal of Minakata Jin. Jin felt like my best friend from episode 1 onwards and I really rooted for him no matter what he was trying to do. Also, the medical scenes were very interesting and really contrasted with any other medical-type drama (Japanese, American, or otherwise) that I have seen.

Oh, and Sakamoto Ryoma's antics were always fun, of course. Though everyone I know loved Ryoma more than I did.