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Vene Dec 23, 2014 6:58 AM


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Federación Latino - Americana.[/b]
pennyiscute Jun 16, 2013 8:40 PM
Hello! i saw you're planning to read Girls of the Wild's - which is seriously awesome btw! There is now a fan club dedicated towards the Webtoon/manhwa! Please feel free to join :3

Also, if you're a fan of Webtoons (aka Webcomics) then you can join this club:

Gespenst_One Jan 16, 2013 6:21 AM
Yeah we did get to see some of em in that flash back where Black King beheaded the Red King, only that we didn't get to see White King in the anime. From what I know in power tier wise, Green King is the strongest of all and Blue King comes right under him. Green King possesses one of the legendary item called The Strife which is an impenetrable shield. He is known for never-ever having his HP Bar hit the orange zone(sounds familiar??)
, so pretty much it's always above 90% in the green zone. He's fighting style is Guard-and-Counter which he'll hit back double the damage his opponent tried to inflict.

Blue King possesses the legendary item called The Impulse which is a huge broadsword he wields. Though despite his intimidating appearance, he's actually a relaxed nice guy. It was shown in the anime sort-of when he let Cyan Pile leave his legion to join Black Lotus, just cuz hes a nice guy. He is also Red King's best friend. His legend status was known to be able to solo one of the legendary tier beast (the one where one of the hackers tamed) which shows how powerful he is.

Black Lotus claimed she could match up against Blue King's strength soo she'll fit somewhere 3rd. The rest of the King's power level is vague, though Purple King may be forth cause she possesses The Temper, legendary staff. Niko, current Red King is probally the weakest out of all cuz shes the newest King - though doesn't mean she can't put up a fight.

Okay about Utai(Shrine maiden girl), from what I read she can still initiate burst link and 1 on 1 duels but if she was to ever re-enter the Unlimited field - she'll

Rescuing her Avatar is one of the main arcs where Black Lotus

Yeah about Ash Roller;

I haven't watched Zettai karen children - Unlimited yet but yeahh from what I read people say that you don't need to watch the parent story. Though if I had to compare it to a popular series, think of Toaru Majutsu no Index as the parent and Railgun as the side story. You can watch em stand-alone but you won't get the reference to the parent story.
Gespenst_One Jan 13, 2013 4:28 AM
It was a nice concept with boobs powering up qwasers and alchemy powers. I haven't watched second season but someday I'll pick it up just to finish the series.

Ohh where do I start without spoiling much bout Accel World.. The Incarnate System is pretty hax but comes with a downside from abusing it (see Noumi). Sky Raker rejoins the Nega Nebulus as implied in the ending when KYH needed Fuuko again. The characters you see at the end does appear.

The girl you see holding a flower in the bus, she's:

Blood Leopard apparently is Sky Raker's rival. Probally has something to do with both of em being Lieutenant of their respective legion. Badass maid that rides motorcycles and speaks l33t. She'll have some screentime in the next arc if season 2 airs.

Next Arc would be about Haruyuki and co gather up and visits this newly created building in their city. They then go into Burst Field and some racing event was being held. During the race something goes wrong when the event was meant to be some safe-zone environment. Thats all I'll be filling in without spoiling.

Hmm there are quite a lot of inner monologue in the Monogatari series. And yeah the series follows the main character's point of view similar to Kyon. "Time" somewhat stops or just slows down with all his thoughts going on. And it isn't just that, it's also a crap load of character talking which can span to an entire episode of just straight out talking between 2 characters. And Neko Hanekawa does appear in the first season - not spoiling much at all.

It isn't as confusing as say... Horizon. That show has my brain muddled for trying to understand what is going on. My history knowledge isn't great but still.. I just don't get whats going on half the time and would have to read threads just to have an understand. Still nice fanservice anime and good fights. Just a clusterload of confusion in the plot.

P.S: End of the week! Day off from Work!
Gespenst_One Jan 7, 2013 3:17 AM
Yo, my apologies just got off from work for the week. Working on an empty stomach really drains a lot from you. I didn't eat before heading off so it really sucks, felt completely sloppy through out the evening. Oh and I bent my fingernail trying to rip open this one thick cardboard box, ohh man it stings like hell and didn't stop bleeding till 10mins passed. It still stings if I put pressure on it otherwise it's fine.

Lol ninja's don't go running around in orange jump suits and rush into their enemy. I'm sure we all know ninjas are suppose to be stealthy and strikes in the shadow, not some demon spirit power that you can unleash or some other crap. It was still enjoyable to watch Naruto while it lasted.

Bout School Days, I really didn't expect the whole axe-crazy thing to happen. I only watched it cause someone told me that the meme-joke of 'Nice Boat' originated from School Days. I didn't know the meaning behind it and gave into my curiosity, the outcome was really unexpected for me. Though it was hard to watch the show when that horndog Matoko banging every girl left and right just for his own pleasure. Can't really say he deserved his fate but he got whats coming, NICE BOAT gahaha.

And that somewhat confuses me, if shows are inappropriate and needs censoring to the point they can't be 'watched', why bother airing it? Someone I know was watching Seikon no Qwaser while it was still airing, censored, and like 60% of the show was just censorship with white mists and black 'borders'. Though I don't see why bother censor it if breasts plays a major part of the story, just don't air it at all and not make it unwatchable.

Well SAO was really hyped, I will admit its not a bad show just that it didn't really meet the expectation of all the hype for me. And it did jump a lot in the story along with short fights which didn't satisfy me at all. The only girl that I liked in the show was Lisbeth.

I prefer Accel World more, even though the second half was somewhat hard to watch with the whole NTR going on and Noumi = Sugou. Guess a small fat main character puts off a lot of people, can't blame em - I just find Accel World better than SAO in general. Things got very interesting in the Light Novel (I only read summaries and stuff) and really makes me wish a Second Season airs already... which we won't be seeing until SAO S2 finishes.

Annd bout Guilty Crown.. its a hell of a rollercoster. The MC of Guilty Crown really puts you off with all his cowardness and undecisive decisions. And the plot of the story just makes you go 'WTF am I watching?'. Sure the main eyecander, Inori, is nice to look at but my GAWD her personality is FLAT as hell. And ughhh just thinking about the plot in general irks my brain, maybe I'm overthinking too much.

And lastly the Monogatari Series, you will enjoy it if you:
* Like over 15minutes of characters talking
* Enjoy listening to their dialogue and conversaion
* Somewut occasional 'fanservices'
* The girls in general

And other stuffs that I probally didn't mention. It sounds somewut boring but people have taste that they enjoy. Oh and watch it in broadcast order, that being Bakemonogatari > Nisemonogatari > Nekomonogatari(Black) > Kizumonogatari(Movie which hasn't came out - its been 2 years).
Gespenst_One Jan 1, 2013 2:32 AM
My work is at a Supermarket Store where my job is to stock up groceries in the store. Ever since December I get called into work a lot, having to stay till store closes which is 12AM. Christmas keeps the store quite busy and thankfully its cooling down now. But I do get pretty tired from working a lot and would take long long naps, waking up between 10AM to 12PM.

I do recall seeing Berserk (TV series) when I was a young kid but never got a chance to watch it all. One Piece I honestly only watched the 4kidz one that used to air years ago back, "cursed fruit" lolz. I didn't like it, didn't bother watching it all. Naruto I watched the entire 1st season. I would always go to my cousins house and watch together with him. Then came Shipuuden that I dropped about 4 episode in cause I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore.

Bleach... well I never bothered picking it up. Too late to anyway with over like 300 episodes aired.

Anime's like Clannad taught me a lot about life. It's probally the realism they portray. Still, shed mainly tears - used up quite fair bit of tissues. School Days taught me cheating on girls is a death wish. They'd be having kitchen knife and saw cleavers ready for ya if you betray their love. Gehh crazy chicks. Atleast Rumbling Hearts(Kimi Nozo) didn't have the whole yandere theme.

Ah.. beam of light lolz. Atleast Shaft covers up nudity in an appropriate way by using the background to cover up. Seriously those censoring beam really irks me when I see em. The mist somewhat bothers me but it's those goddammn beams. It just feels so unrealistic. Motto-ToLove Ru had those beam when it was still airing and irks me bad.

The Attack of Titans thing seem promising, probally another Anime to look forward to in 2013. Though don't have too much hopes on it, don't want it to turn out to be a Guilty Crown. Well honestly speaking SAO has attracted quite the hate-base when it came out. The haters would complain about it's asspull ending, the lack of actual fight scenes and so-and-so. I'll just wait and observe then see how the fans react.


Last but not least; HAPPY NEW YEARS.
Gespenst_One Dec 30, 2012 1:51 AM
It's Sunday and I finally got a day off from work. I'm getting decent pay so I can't really complain, just that I've been getting called in a lot to work.

I remember watching Akira on a VHS Tape that my Mum rented from some blockbuster-like place with my whole siblings. It was probally my first Anime I've seen. Then Sailor Moon would be the first anime I saw aired on TV. Thinking back, Shounen and Mecha robots were the awesome stuff to watch when I was younger.

I think it was when I was 15 or 16 that I started to venture into the Seinen genre, along with Romance and Drama. But yeah Shounen + Gore is overrated on today's mainstream, especially Shounen. Few of my younger cousin siblings who are about 3-4 years younger than me all think that One Piece and Naruto are the bestest anime in existence and all. I wouldn't try to argue with em because they think Romance, Drama and Seinen's are boring with no action and consider it shit.

Kanon and Clannad were one of my first few about Drama and Romance. It's kinda hard to find anime's like those these days.

Now that I think about it, Hetalia would be considered Yaoi right..(?). I watched Hetalia like 3 years ago out of boredom and it somewhat helped me learned some history of the world... through bunch of bishounen interaction.

Well 2013 is coming in 2 days for me. Tomorrow from this day will be New Years Eve. The only anime I'm looking forward to is Haganai(Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai) S2 and TWGOK S3. Guess I'll have to wait and see what airs or find suggestions.
Gespenst_One Dec 24, 2012 4:09 AM
Merry Christmas you too. Will be spending time with family. Oh and sorry if I have not replied previously, work has been really busy with Christmas and I don't have much time to go on. Well the store is closed on Christmas so I can relax for a while. Btw right-click saved that Hideyoshi image, thanks for sharing.

Wow the main theme's a huge difference in the English version of FFXIII. I actually liked the JP one more after listening to it. X-2 takes place 2 years after X if I'm right(?), wonder how Yuna went from a complete "Yamato Nadeshiko" (TVTrope it) into some adventurous energetic *coughhoecough*. Puberty hit her hard indeed.

The FFF's are pure badass awesome with their kamikaze attack. Hell I think their strength could overpower Class 2-A if they were driven mad. Speaking of Class 2-A, Yuuko's the only one that hasn't officially joined the Idiot F's group of friends. In one of the OVA of Baka and Test, it shows Yuuko at the end peaking in the classroom looking a little sad/depressed cuz she wasn't part of the fun.

I guess Himeji isn't sane with her lethal food and creepy yandere habbits. Yuuji's situation.. well Shouko would try to poke his eyes out and is a little too obsessed over him... which I'd be creeped out.

Well speaking of Shoujo, my very first few anime's were Shoujo (I watched Fruit Basket with my sister when I was like 10). Ouran Highschool Host Club was another Shoujo that I enjoyed watching. There are probally a few more that I watched on my list that I don't even notice it's Shoujo but that's about it. I don't have anything against the genre, just that some of the Shoujo Anime's doesn't interest me or bores me.

I am fine with watching any genre except Horror, INCEST and Yaoi. Nothing against Yaoi, it's just I really am not interested in watching an anime focusing about BL. Horror is explainable, I get scared too easily and INCEST is the MOTHER OF ALL CURSE!

The genre's I favor would probally be Seinen, Comedy, Adventure/Fantasy, Drama. I didn't add Shounen cuz I know few people who look down on that genre and I'd try to avoid it since it's constantly gets harassed (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece).
Gespenst_One Dec 21, 2012 7:29 PM
When I tried symphonia on that GC/Wii Emulator, it does have moments when FPS drops and game starts slowing, SPECIALLY the opening. The sound also slows down on top of that, listening to anyone trying to talk really irks my head. That's why I'm resorting to playing Symphonia on my Wii. I have no choice now but to buy a GC Controller off Ebay.

I wasted my money on FFXIII aswell, it was really hyped for being first PS3 Final Fantasy and (second) Female Heroine. You are right about little to no emotional effect during the scenes.. they come out either awkward, corny or just bland. None of the music were memorable to me, except that one forest song which was kinda catchy. Well I haven't played X-2 before but I was tempted to play it years ago.. all I know its Charlies Angel - Final Fantasy version. Maybe I should try playing it on the Emulator's latest version like you mentioned. Though I heard the game ruined all the buildup stuff that happened during FFX.

Whenever I think of Hideyoshi in female clothings, I would question my sexuality. It's pretty hard to believe someone like him is actually a guy. Still like him nonetheless hes just awesome. He's one of the few sane people in Class F while everyone is a crazed hyena, Yuuji and Himeji being the other sane ones. But for a feminine looking guy he's pretty strong, being able to hold back Akihisa from jumping off the building and stopping him from taking away that recorded tape.

I would like to try watch Kiss X Sis but incest being its main theme puts me off hard. Even though they're steps(I think??) its just somewhat hard to bear with. Well its not like I haven't watched any anime with incest before - its just ughhh..
P.S I dropped Yosuga no Sora after 1st episode.. dem being twins makes it very much more unsettling for me...
Gespenst_One Dec 18, 2012 7:19 AM
Ah, PS2 jRPG are more enjoyable than today's jRPG generations. I have a huge backlog of em to clear out before I can move onto my PS3 ones. Speaking of Emulator what irks me about my PS2 Emulator is that it would sometimes start dropping FPS when theres a lot of character models on screen and doing so would also slow down the Sounds which really really irks me hearing character's talking in slow motion. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the Emulator to run perfectly.

Y'know I really.. really don't feel motivated at all on trying to finish FFXIII, I'm at that Cradle's place and it's been almost a year since I touched my file. I have bought XIII-2 like 6 months ago and its still in unopened condition lol. The story is really... bland. I couldn't get what was going on till the last 2 chapter, even then it still makes no sense. Like how Lightning charging and shouting out Raine Cid's name as if he was her nemesis when she just like... "met him there".
Listening to Vanille is very cringe worthy.. my brother thought I was playing some hentai game hearing her battle grunts and noise from my room. I didn't take it too well! Summons did look stupid, they weren't the mystical ancient beast that I've known and instead they were some Transformer. The biggest offense to the game was the Iconic Fanfare was completely taken out. Seriously!

Yeah Hideyoshi is awesome, I like him as a character not as a trap. He's just different to all the traps I've seen, like he openly admits hes a guy and does not like being treated a girl. He wore male uniform ontop of that. Though it doesn't save him from being used as fanservice though... shame. He's still awesome.

Ughh incest..... I don't even know where to begin... Only way I could describe it as "Wrong". Siblings grow up with each other, love each other but not in "that" way. Guess you can say I really dislike bro-con sister type characters. Like GOSH hes your brother, you shouldn't be after his d***! Siblings are NOT suppose to have those kind of relationship and.. really can't say it any other way. Though there are some "conditions" I let it slide.
* Brother and Sisters are steps and only knew each other for a short period of time (1 -5 years).
* Cousins and Cousins I "may" let it slide...

Guess that's about it. Ranted a bit but don't take it the wrong way.

Btw I could not find any GameCube Controller at the stores...
Gespenst_One Dec 16, 2012 9:51 PM
Nippon Ichi are the ones that makes Disgaea series right? I've yet to play any of their game and its been on my plan-to-play list for a long time. I've played some of the Gust's game such as Atelier Iris and Ar Tonelico though I never managed to finish them lol. Graphics aren't everything, I mean FFXIII has amazing graphics but a very very let down story and gameplay. Hell I prefer playing 16bit jRPG back in the Super Nintendo era than today's glorified graphics lol.

Well about applying for jobs.. just don't give up and when writing your Resume, be sure to include details of the job requirement. Like say they're looking for people with good communication, you'd add that onto your Resume. Then pray that the job you applied for would call you back or send you an email for an interview. Then pray that you'll meet their standards and wallah, you're in! Easier said than done but good luck.
Gespenst_One Dec 14, 2012 7:03 AM
I'm not kidding when I'm saying this but Himeji's eyes creeped me out and made me leaped a bit! Very unsettling too what looks like shes trying to feed me that chocolate bar(?).

Haha, speaking of Shiki's art:

They're very amusing. I guess the plot isn't the main focus of the anime (well the second half plot starts driving), it was kinda hard to bear with characters who are being idiots (well except those 2 siblings and the Doctor). That Window Scene, THAT MOTHER F WINDOW SCENE scares the living pants out of me, even today. Best character of the show is DAT OLD MAN JENKINS who almost killed the lil vampire girl. I find the priest guy becoming a werewolf an asspull, came out of nowhere(same with that main guy).

Hah.. guess you really did miss out some of the good PSP era, even though its a dieing platform (atleast not in Japan). Kingdom Hearts BBS, Dissida/Duodecim, Type-0, I guess Radiant Mythology(I havne't played this) and one of the best jRPG to ever come out on the PSP is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, it may be dated in graphics and only voices play in battle.
The battle system isn't the greatest but it improves tremendously on each sequels to the series. The main factor of the Trails series is the AWESOME yet cliche STORY. Only the first game of the Trails series is localized in English by XSEED. Ima skip the history bout the series since it's gonna take up lotsa space.

Looking for a job is a huge pain here. Employers always seeks people with past job experience so it was VERY hard for me to look for a job. I would give up and not bother, being lazy and all but recently few months ago I finally was able to find a job. Though it sucks I'm not able to stay home on my spare time, gotta earn the money to be able to buy what I want.
Gespenst_One Dec 13, 2012 4:58 PM
Hahaha well for scary anime stuff, I haven't watched Elfen Lied but that anime is filled with gorn... lots gorn. The only horror anime that I watched is Shiki while it was airing a year ago (?), though the 2nd half the horror kinda disappears for plot reasons. Since I don't like being scared, I tend to avoid all anime that contains horror.

Hahaha.. speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I kinda stopped following the series after finishing Birth By Sleep (PSP) since SE kept releasing KH games on different handheld platforms geh. At this rate we'd expect KH3 to be released like on 2016 on PS3, SE would be too busy milking FFXIII for all it's worth (and the development of Versus 13 since 2006). Well, KH was a fun series to follow which I'll do again when KH3 comes out.

So I'd have to play Vesperia in Japanese.. well its not like I never played a game in japanese before (Super Robot Wars comes in mind) but jRPGs usually played for teh plot and teh awesome dialogue. Unable to understand them would suck... but guess I don't have much choice and just enjoy the game lol.
Gespenst_One Dec 12, 2012 5:24 PM
Heh well the human conflicts just happens during the story and they pretty much have to deal with them (and waste insufficient resources which could be better off used to combat the BETA aliens). I have heard stories that the upcoming VN for Total Eclipse would pick up the ending of the anime and continue it from there.

Well about VN's, the Muv Luv Trilogy is actually my 2nd VN read, first being Tsukihime(actually I just watched the walkthrough on YT and read along lol). It's true that the lack of voice really makes it boring. Since I recently gotten into VN I really don't have much recommendation tbh..

Hah, I'm not too much into dark themed due to the fact I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to dealing with "Horror". Muv Luv Alternative had a certain arc which completely traumatized me and made it hard for me to sleep for a week atleast, hell I had to avoid the VN for few days before I had the guts to continue on. It's also the feeling the VN really kicks you in the nuts during that arc... man and it gets worse.

Muv Luv is split into 3 trilogy first being Muv Luv Extra, a VERY generic harem-rom-com deal. Probally is the weakest out of the 3 title but still enjoyable. Many people who are just after Mecha-Alien and despair would usually just completely skim through the first game.

The first and second game were a single game and to unlock the second game (Unlimited) you have to complete 2 main heroine route in Extra. Unlimited still has some comedy and romance in it but the genre shift starts here, without spoiling much, the MC of the game enters into the world where humanity has only 1billion survivor left and they are fighting an alien race named BETA's.

Third and the most well favored game, Alternative. Welp, the third game builds up on the first two game with a huge mood change. Everything is a lot more dark and depressing.

Oh shit just realized I rambled on too much about Muv Luv VN, anyway speaking of Emulators. I did try to run a few GC games on the Dolphin emulator and gehhh it just wouldn't run perfect which really really irks me. I like being able to play in perfect condition and trying to use a PS2 controller on the Dolphin emulator didn't do much for me, just made all the button comparison more confusion.

And I looked up the other day, Vesperia is only localized on Xbox... which I no longer own since I traded it for a PS3 years ago. Arghhh... speaking of emulators... does an Xbox360 Emulator exist? I really don't want to spend money on a console just for 1 game to play... which feels like a waste.

Gespenst_One Dec 12, 2012 5:47 AM
Profile wouldn't allow me to add more than 5... geh.

Bout Muv Luv.. the anime is a side story of the VN and it's not on the greatness level of the Visual Novel which I recently finished last month. I'm basically watching it cuz I've become a fan of Muv Luv and their TSF Mecha's. Though the first 2 episode were good by VN standard, introducing the viewers to the world invaded by BETA's and humanity struggle to fight for survival.

The rest... it's about Test Pilots being transferred to Alaska's base to test out and gather data on TSF (The mechas) to improve it's performance against BETA's. Though viewers hoping to see a lot of Alien fights, it won't be much since it's not the main plot of the story.

There is a lot of nationalism happening and human conflicting with each other... and some pointless fanservices beach episode spans for about 3 episode. Well all in all, the anime Total Eclipse isn't great, not too bad, just about mediocre in my view. I'd rate it a solid 7 once it finishes airing.

Oh and seems like my Wii isn't able to play GameCube games without a GC Controller, I'll have to go to a nearby store when I'm not lazy to purchase one. Welp, after I'm done buying one I can start on Symphonia.