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Nov 8, 2019
As for the story , the story is awesome, a comedy show representing the perfect relationship between a teacher & his student while indicating the problems of current education system as for avoiding the spoilers um not getting into the main story line up .......

the art or the animation quality is out to date , i would say but i would also say it's okay as it's actually an old animation run time ( 1999 - 2000 ) at that time there were not so developed animation software.......

the sound quality & the character development was avg actually it's good with the funny dialogues read more
Nov 2, 2019
Well as for the story it's the 2nd season of kengan ashura so the story continued from the 1st season .... it's started from the 5th match of the 1st round of the tournament

art quality , sound & character development was really cool to me , i would say it has developed from the 1st season a bit

as the anime has focused each n every match of the tournament , where the different kind of fighter clash with one another , and their individual techniques and little bit past story makes every fight worth watching & unpredictable ... and the enjoyment was read more
Nov 1, 2019
Well this is my 2nd review ever sorry for the future mistakes of the reviews

In this story the main character is trying to become the best fighter in the world and trying to take revenge on a certain person with the help of an old man who actually sponsor him .... in a underground society of business class society where businessman hire fighter to fight for their reputed company in a kengan match .... various types of fighter clash with one another like ninja ,psycho killer , sumo , pro wrestler etc

the art quality is quite good enough & the actions are read more
Oct 31, 2019
It's a great anime a science-fiction plus funny , i think everyone should give it a try ... most what i loved about this this show it shows us even we can time-travel , go to past and fix the pasts mistakes but it will change the present so dramatically that there is no guaranty we will like the change ... so it's better to live a happy life with what we have in the present time ... Because no meter what life goes on and in life there is sacrifice and pain but to be happy we must endure those .... it's fun read more