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Jan 29, 2018
Finally, an anime show that is funny and not the sci-fi over the top action ones. the story is simple. 3 kids having their fun in the city. with interesting characters such as Saito, grandpa, and nonoka.
Aand thankfully they didn't lewd any of the characters. if they did I would've dropped it from the get-go. each episode is heartwarming and filled with childish jokes. these kinds of shows are rare.
this show nails the childish side of kids. always energetic and not worried about the adults. they have their own world and they explore it in each episode.
the voice actors deserve their own praise. read more
Jan 29, 2018
this is like black bullet but with shogi instead of an apocalyptic earth. atleast black bullet had some interesting characters. I would have enjoyed this show a lot more but they showed the loli naked in the first episode itself, which threw me off. so i could tell that this is an anime that most lolicons would enjoy.
I'm guessing more characters are on the way. i did enjoy the show in a way. the art and the animation style is pretty cool, so that is a plus.
4 episodes in and they showed us more cliche stuff that happens in the show. shogi is just read more
Jan 26, 2018
this show is pure relaxation. I watch it just to ease my pressure. the ending song is also a highlight. great characters. you will fall in love with them from the get-go. The farm high school is kinda new and there is no similar kinda anime like this. The protagonist has a very good character development in the show. loved it so much
The next thing I should talk about would be the farming involved in this. the writers didn't do a half-assed work when it comes to that. coming from a kid growing up in a farming family. this really did bring back some memories. read more