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Jun 24, 2017
So to be honest Ero manga is cancerous for some people and for some it's not
Why is it since it's another incest and more it's not just incest freak
It's incest and pedopile combined lmao Japan these days hahahaha

So what is eromanga really about
It's about a novel writer and his sister I mean step sister
So how is it step sister so The mother of the boy died and the Father of the girl divorced with her mother
The both saw each other and got married
Sadly they were united for a while but their parents got into an accident
Now that happned read more
Jun 22, 2017
To those who think that season 1 is very bad and season 2 will be as well
I tell u this this is tenfolds better than season 1
To those who did not watch season 1 yet please do since you will miss this great anime of season 2
(Side note watch episode 0 first in season 2)

This will be spoilers for those who haven't watched season 1 so please watch it before reading this review

What to expect
So number 1 this is better than season 1 I promise you so if you plan to drop season 2 since u did not like season 1 please rethink read more
Jun 21, 2017
So First of All I would tell you that this anime is not a very good one some like average anime but it has its unique points

So why do you want to watch it
Well there are great waifu since people likes waifu ofc

Rin a one eye patched cute short haired girl Tsundere
Mary a blonde haired cute girl which is also a tsundere
Warabi a great kuudere very amazing character with her bear Kyobo
Satori Hime a mysterious girl but pretty and op she can see everything
Tsukuyu strongest of the 5 swords considering she is youngest she can hear everything
Empress Amou read more
Jun 20, 2017
Why watch Rokudenashi or Bastard Instructor

The very famous Magical Punch

Magical shiz school
Lazy teacher not really teacher but a substitute
Is there cute girls yes:
Kawaii White Bunny Girl
Cute Blonde Girl
Beautiful Friend of a Lazy teacher
And more to come
It's funny yes it's very funny

So I recommend this anime to be watched by people who likes fan service , tsunderes, kuuderes, nice yandere, Kewl teacher and there are good fighting scenes some are serious and some are just trolls
One thing is absolute it will make you laugh

So what to expect
You will laugh I promise you , great fan service super many , would make you think read more
Jun 18, 2017
So Tsugumomo
Warning if you don't love pudding you will love it if you don't ur ganna die

From the word
Meaning an object that turned into a real person by certain exposure of love and feelings

So why do you want to watch it
To be honest it's not that great but it's cool if you want to have joking anime
Plus it has ecchi scenes for those who want fan service anime
So it's actually cool so I recommend it to people who wants soft pace romance and action

Lets start with a brief summary
So one day a student named Kazuya lost his mother read more
May 2, 2017
Warning pls do not base Anime Pictures displayed as what the story will look like

First I'm ganna tell you how this anime is like

They show you good lovable scenes
Then they make it bad
But that bad scene is just a troll but sometimes it is real

You get a great car and you make fond memories with it
You let your cousin borrow it he says the car got destroyed in an accident
You cry but you see your car not destroyed it's a troll
But sometimes it turns out to be real

I see a blue haired girl
With little lolis and flowers

Real Life:
Omg They are warriors
And they are read more