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Jul 23, 2018
After a wait of 13 years we finally have the new season of Full metal panic ... was it worth it ? yes ! it was.
Many people can be bothered by the fact that this season is starting to devellop the dark part of the LN, so don't wait for jokes, and laughs like in the previous seasons, this time it's serious, it can be boring for some people but the nostalgia is here, i love it, it was a FMP with a lot of action in a dark atmosphere.


The opening form the first season 16 years later coming out of nowhere at the end read more
Apr 13, 2017
After following over 500 series (manga and anime) I've finally found the rare pearl I was looking for !

I began reading this by pure chance, I just saw the title in a list and the synopsys made me want to have a look at this manga even if I dislike harem.
But after I began to read, I couldn't stop, the story is really amazing, the folklore of the island is well developed, even if some character can be pretty annoying at some time you'll realise that there story is developed as much as the main character and that they are not just girl, but a read more