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Feb 21, 2019
My waifu jolyne? Wearing all gucci? yeah you sold me thats all I need solid 10, The artwork and clothes are all beautiful and I loved it so much. It had me laughing a lot, and just in awe of the artwork of Jolyne with the unicorn, distracting you from the main focus, the Gucci clothes. In thier own beauty they stole the show by being even more beautiful than the unicorn. Together, Jolyne, Gucci, and the unicorn made quite a beautiful manga to read. I also like how Abbachio and Bruno were in a non-cannon universe written by Araki. I dont know if hes read more
Feb 19, 2019
I hate to see anything Kemono Friends related get a 5.3, because even if this isnt great, it dosent deserve it. Its just a cute short series to watch whenever. The fact that everyone rated it low, and this is the second review coming out since this has been airing (a couple months) it just goes to show that people will hate things for no disconsernable reason. granted, its nowhere near as good as the best short series, inferno cop, but its kemono friends, you see serval saying sugoi, and if thats not enough for you then go watch something else XD
Nov 19, 2018
This Anime gets a lot of hate, because it was made a little too fast, by a staff that seemed like they dont care. But, this is one of my favorite anime I've seen in a while. It redeems its sloppy makeup with a few distinct factors.
1. The characters in this anime are all very unique, I've read reviews saying its a "Reverse Isekai" and I really agree with this. The concept involves fantasy characters being transported into the real world, and I really like the idea of this. It allows these unique mix of characters to interact.
2. Aside from the characters being read more
Nov 15, 2018
This is easily my favorite anime ever produced. I own a multitude of figures, and the entire manga collection from this anime, and I would be more than happy to explain why I feel this way.

Story: The story to Puella Magi Madoka Magica is beautiful. It starts off slow and confusing, but as you get farther into the show it starts to make more and more sense as to why it started off this way. The story revolves around the concepts of witches, and how those impact different values to our lives. I think the story does a great job entertaining us, while also puts read more
Nov 15, 2018
A good part of this anime was forgettable, the story was okay, but well executed. I mainly just watched it because Alstolfo. Bumps this up from a 4 to an 8. The art was okay, but for a studio and series size it'd be appalling if it was bad art. I completely forget the sound to this anime, so that definitely speaks its own volume. It wasnt hard to sit through it at all, it could defintly use some work, but i dont feel that it was that bad of an anime. I would say a lot of the other reviews are just really harsh read more
Nov 15, 2018
This is one of my favorite anime's of all time. The cg took a little to get around, but once you accept it, it is actually a beautiful animation to the show. I love this anime because of how cute it is, I personally watch Moe so that I can catch some second hand happy, and Kimono Friends is cg anti-depressants. This show makes me happy, just watching all the friends go about their lives and interact is so entertaining. Also the story creeps up, you don't realize how deep the story is until the last few episodes, but then it all starts to make read more