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Dec 24, 2020
Akudama Drive (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Before the show started, I saw a show with potential to be a great dystopian future anime we don't see to often. Instead I got the most confusing story with one-dimensional characters and lots of flashy action and inhuman amounts of blood to cover it up. Going to be a simple review.

Story: 3
The story gave us a simple rundown of the characters and the seemingly "good" and "bad" and gave us an interesting setting that honestly makes no sense at times. The main goal we somewhat see is get the kids to safety. Simple enough. The Akudama have necklace bombs I guess from Kanto to ...
Oct 15, 2017
The Fable (Manga) add
Preliminary (8/240 chp)
A professional hitman having to live as a normal person for 1 year, already original. My first impression was quite good, interesting story and introduction of the main character Fable, who is quite the badass. This is going to be a simple review as not much is currently out for The Fable in English.

Story: 9
The story struck me before I had even read because of its originality and it's a seinen which makes it semi-serious and appealing to the older demographic but still has its satire going with the story.

Art: 7
The art varies to me as at some points it is very well drawn and ...