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Feb 14, 2013
Preliminary (32/? chp)
A Slice of Life Manga, well more of a Slice of Life of a cat view.. x3

if u really into cats or animal story, this manga has it all.. :3 Koume The cat interaction with her owner and her interaction to all of the cats that she had made friend along the way on her adventure.
The story is so light, not a critical moment in it, and a cat lover will be get many scream just to look at the drawing of a many cats in it.. x3
Feb 9, 2013
Preliminary (24/36 chp)
A beautiful girl with a supernatural power with a company of multiple handsome guys, that is just some parts that you'll get when reading Rasetsu.
at first the story seems a little bit shallow, just a bunch of supernatural stuff that this girl and her companions have to handle, but as the story progressing there is seems more complex than what is seen.
it contain some adult moment, but it's just a minor thing,the artwork seem more progressing then the other manga Yurara Tsuki, which is more like the prequel of this manga.
Feb 8, 2013
Doraemon (Manga) add
The very first Manga that i read in my life and I will never forget my happy feeling that i've got when i read every page on the manga..

Doraemon is not just for kids, Doraemon is for everybody..
Many life lesson, friendship, hope for a better future and a family view, all of it is in Doraemon.. ^^
Feb 4, 2013
If you are into a romantic harem storyline, this book is the 1, with the element of fantasy and beautiful artwork.

This manga, although the story is not so deep, but yet have a meaningful thoughts in it, as a portrait about the some racial aspect about Human and Oni being. but as a bishounen lovers i definitely love this manga.

Light storyline, outstanding artwork, plenty bishounen, harem quality story, this manga has it all.. ^^
Feb 3, 2013
Preliminary (42/85 chp)
as 1 of the fans of Please Save My Earth manga, i'm really happy that the mangaka decide to make a sequel.. ^^

This manga begin in 15 year after the accident in Please Save My Earth took place, Rin and Alice from Please Save My Earth are now a married couple with a son name Ren, though this manga is not as dark the first 1 (Please Save My Earth) but we can enjoy the steady and normal pace that Saki Hiwatari sensei give to us, all of the characters in Please Save My Earth is also making an appearance in this manga, so ...

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