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May 25, 2020
A bit of a PSA for people.

Having played the game. I have to warn people this anime isn't for you if you haven't played the recent PS4 release. The story is a sequel story and very clearly assumes you know the characters.

So if you go into this cold turkey, don't be shocked if you don't know what is going on. This isn't like the original Sakura Wars anime where they recount the events of the original game. As such please view it with that in mind and either play the game or accept that you're going into to this without a full background.

As read more
Sep 28, 2018
Overlord seasons 1 and 2 were pretty enjoyable. They had some flaws, but overall still pretty fun.

Season 3 just has felt a little "meh". Why? It feels like they used the "I'm horribly overpowered" cliche of the series too much this season. It was present in the first few seasons, but this season has largely been Gown and crew basically mopping the floor with unfortunate humans with very little sense of suspense.

Plus what made seasons 1 and 2 more interesting was the character building which it felt was a lot more lacking this season. But even if we are read more
Jul 20, 2014
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is one anime that felt like it could be really good, but when I got through it I just both somewhat annoyed and disappointed. I'm someone who can take watching gore if the gore has a purpose, but I feel this anime existed for the purpose of gore.

**** I wrote this to try to avoid any spoilers ********


The story starts off with an interesting, but at the same time not unheard of premise. The students in this class don't seem to notice a girl in the class and from there the reason for this is explained. The problem read more