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Jan 10, 2019
a really funny and sensual anime, I had a good time with this anime, definitely worth it, kinda dark humor but still so funny, check this anime out if your are into reverse rape kinda shit!

the plot is awesome! a demon who rapes males and well that's it

she has a geass! that can Command anyone to reach an orgasm! damn if I had that geass I definitely used it to make my uncle cum faste... oh sorry I got carried away!!

ANYWAY good comedy so go ahead and watch it

just writing more so that MAL allows my review:
The most annoying game I've ever had read more
Jan 4, 2019
An Absolute Masterpiece!

So Fucking Relatable, let me summarize it for you, it's your life! it's your everyday waking up with anxiety and stress and feeling disgusted by yourself!

it had a really great message in the ending and I probably will add this one to my favorites, the comedy is original and funny

the sounds are great as well, especially in the moment when her mother revealed that she knows he is lying about everything, so emotional and RELATABLE!

if you are a depressed guy with antisocial personality mixed with anxiety, you wouldn't believe how fucking relatable this anime is.

OverAll I can say one thing about this read more
Dec 28, 2018
so after 12 episode what was the message this anime gives to audience?

it’s ok to cheat on your husband and it’s ok if he feels ok with it!
to avoid loneliness you should try lesbianism!
if you fuck 100 guys eventually you’ll find the one!
Don’t label people with gender!! (that’s actually a line in this anime!)

it’s could have been an absolute masterpiece, Such a shame!

I fucking LOVE this anime, it's beautiful, the final message is really awful and unrealistic but the journey itself was great, if you love to see how messed up a person can get this is the anime, unfortunately we don't have a lot read more
Dec 28, 2018
when I started watching this awful anime I was pretty aware this is a bad anime, I was here for ecchi content

let me summarize it for you:
my Dick never got hard after watching this anime, I'm going to sue the company and the writers for this, my Dick don't talk to me anymore because he is so angry with me, he can't believe I forced him to watch this anime with me

the animation is probably the worst I've ever seen, Jesus Christ this anime was awful, I hated every second of it, please don't watch this anime if you are looking for ecchi content, read more
Dec 21, 2018
short review:
a horrible show with undeveloped characters you’d definitely enjoy watching!

The Review:

you know!, if it was my first time watching anime i would probably like this anime a lot but this anime is filled with so much cliché anime shit that didn’t allow the audience who have seen at least three animes to enjoy it
it has the typical SUPER beta main character and other cliche characters as well, of course there should be a perverted guy with green hair who likes to watch women naked and of course there should be women who bath in river naked to give this opportunity to the green hair read more
Nov 27, 2018
this is one of those anime that is so pathetically bad that it makes you interested because it is so fucking weird, the story of a guy whose twin sisters are obsessively in love with their brother (sexually!) and that's that!

you know when they say we are friends with benefits? well this is family with benefits

it's the funniest anime I've watched, no one makes any sense, when his father finds out he is involved with his sisters he encourages him! yes that's right! his father and mother wants him to bang his sister! so much so he get annoyed!

in one of the most bizarre scene read more
Nov 19, 2018
Mousou Dairinin is one of the stupidest piece of trash i’ve ever had the displeasure to watch.

not one character is relatable not one character is enjoyable not one character is designed well.

the art is the worst thing about this show, it’s like you’ve given a design software to a 12 y/o kid to edit this out. but you might get your hope up for plot but that's no better

the kinda main character (i can’t figure out who is the main character!) Tsukiko sagi is a design artist who suddenly gets hit by a bat to the head by the Golden Bat attacker and cops try read more
Nov 16, 2018
(Full of Spoilers)

up until second half of the show, we deal with some pretty lame and retarded stuff such as:

1-Tomoya acting like he is banging Sunohara's sister so Sunohara gets angry! but he doesn't and suddenly there are some punches and he starts caring for his sister and... (you get the point)

2-a love story between Misae and reincarnated ghost in cat's body!

3-miyazawa yukine gets punch in the face and after yelling and crying, the punks who started this fight get emotional and all of that territory problem crap gets solve on it's own, and after all this, she thinks it's a good idea sleep on read more
Nov 4, 2018
best anime ever

a true dark psychological anime about cheating and romance, the only problem is that the MC is super beta and women fall all over him which was at times unrealistic

but everything else is beautiful and emotionally brutal, to give promises and broke them like it was nothing, to lie constantly to your victims

it's one of my favorites, don't listen to these uncultured people in comment section! you need to check this anime out

and I apparently have to write longer review so yeah don't read anymore because it is just pointless!
are you stupid? stop reading this, there is nothing I have read more