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Mar 24, 2020
15-sai (Manga) add (All reviews)
I'll go straight to the point coz this review will be more on characters so yeah if you're into slight NTR then go, this also is quite raepey, and lastly the synopsis is misleading, it's more like moral degeneration rather than the actual synopsis written, yeah NTR and moral degeneration, you heard that right after all the author is a hen artist

It's hilarious how people hate on Yoshino just because she's a little bitchy but if we count the crimes/wrong deeds we'll see who's the biggest and bigger evil

Top 3 biggest evil

1. Ema = The biggest evil, pedo rapist, sexually harassed an underage girl and read more
Mar 13, 2020
The joke/plot/everything got old in the first half of episode 1

I remembered thinking halfway in episode 1 oh this will just be another 1/10 in my entries sigh

One dimensional like Kaguya san and Takagi san

You already know they still won't get what love is until the last episode or for who knows how long the manga is going

They'll try to prove their feelings, they still won't get it, rinse and repeat

Ibarada is best girl and the only likeable character, the rest are detestable boring and generic

A complete snoozefest from start to finish

Having said that even with Ibarada focus would be snoozefest coz her love interest read more
Nov 17, 2019
I feel like people are unable to be critical of this show probably bcoz of nostalgia and the lack of boxing anime

Coz IMO it's very overrated, like some people already pointed out, those gear would kill people if we talk realistically, like people already dies irl boxing with just gloves, and those are metals like wth

As for the story, nobody seems to noticed the rinse and repeat patern of Joe and his coach, coach wouldn't trust Joe for the entire episode, Joe or the kid will convince the coach somehow and the coach will pull a very heartwarming speech that this is it I am read more