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Days: 69.9
Mean Score: 6.75
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  • Episodes4,311
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Romeo x Juliet
Romeo x Juliet
Sep 4, 8:33 PM
Watching 10/24 · Scored -
Honobono Log
Honobono Log
Aug 11, 12:09 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 6
Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys
Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys
Aug 5, 7:35 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
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Days: 46.7
Mean Score: 6.12
  • Total Entries1,086
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  • Chapters10,870
  • Volumes1,090
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Pinup Boy
Pinup Boy
Jul 28, 12:25 PM
On-Hold 2/? · Scored -
Otoshiana ni Hamerarete
Otoshiana ni Hamerarete
Jul 28, 12:21 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 5
Bokura no Yukue wa
Bokura no Yukue wa
Jul 21, 1:26 PM
On-Hold 1/4 · Scored -



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Umbra_curator Sep 11, 5:31 PM
How did you do?
fxiry Sep 10, 8:37 AM
thank you so much for your insight:) i think i'll try watching it soon~
Aidan Sep 10, 2:01 AM
Yeah boi B^)
lmao I've been working harder at school because now I have a goal I'm working towards (or hoping to make it my goal lmao. It depends on my parents). <3 Good luck w/ school tho. Also, I really don't know when I'll actually get to that post you made </3 I've been really busy. However, for the social stuff, I've been reading a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and I think you'd find it really helpful :3
And I just got better. It was a pain tho cause I was still going to school and receiving the homework </3
fxiry Sep 5, 9:14 AM
thank you:)
i felt the same way when i discovered yours! i also love the style of your anime list.
btw i'm curious, you've only scored a couple things a 10 and one of them is the second season of fullmetal alchemist, something i've heard so many good things about... should i start the first season? is it really worth it?
M0M0I Aug 20, 1:50 PM
aaa thanks!! <3
i know right, pink suits her so well ><
hahah sadly t.t but at least the waits won't be so long! :,)
Aidan Aug 18, 3:30 AM
I haven't forgotten </3 I've just been really busy and haven't been able to respond to any of the longer comments I've received recently </3 I do have the fact you sent me one that I need to reply to asap written down on my desk though. :'<

EDIT: I'll probably get to it this weekend when things finally settle down a bit for me :3
Umbra_curator Aug 18, 2:50 AM
I believe in you!!!
M0M0I Aug 15, 6:17 PM
your pfp is soo pretty ><
allura so beautiful ♡♡
Umbra_curator Aug 15, 5:05 PM
Its horrible, well atleast for us little noobies, I hate it but it feels so good when you finally squeeze it into that spot haha, you'll get the hang of driving eventually. They say once you pass your test then you really learn how to drive anyways so just try and take it easy :P
Azurine Aug 13, 11:43 AM
Kinda but its not him lol he is vantise from vantaise no carte the same mangaka tho

So what have you been up to ?
Azurine Aug 9, 5:42 AM
O gosh your picture is super cute *__*
Umbra_curator Aug 2, 4:28 PM
Parking is not my speciality either, don't worry about it just make sure there is always 3 spaces open and aim for the middle one, at least that's what i try to do. Parking on side streets and such is quite easy though, as long as its not in a bay i'm good.
I finished College a while ago so i'm now free from education, just get to focus on my job nowadays.
I ended up just having a party at my house then went out into town, funny thing is i found my manager up town and went back to hers where we did some coke then ended up collapsing into bed together XD Now that we're bezzies though my job should get much easier :D
My main hobby is gaming but other than that not really, I enjoy meeting new people and learning things i guess. I try pretty much everything :3
Rondalnis Jul 25, 6:13 AM
I do not know to be honest, but the manga has a higher rating in MAL than the anime does
Aidan Jul 17, 12:10 AM
I tend to write a lot lolol. I've written some really long replies :3
Don't worry about the questions lol. I ask a lot of them so I should be willing to answer a lot of them lolol. So, I spent it on posters and pins cause why not :3 Stuff there is expensive ;3; I spent roughly 3 full days there (2 of them were 1/2 a day) and I don't cosplay >~< If you went would you cosplay? :3
I mean yeah, they're a pain but you get used to them and sometimes they're fun. It's a good opportunity to strike up conversations or watch people as they pass by you :3 But you should totally come one year. I'll be down in Cali and going for another 5 or 6 years :3
lol that really sucks. My body is just absorbed into my bed so I can't get up regardless of whether I want to or not :> or that's what I say at least I used to be the first awake because I just never slept much but now depending on who it is, I'm the last one to wake up. Unlike girls tho, us boys normally have one on one sleep overs <3 It's a little more intimate :3 But your phone shouldn't be your best friend >:^( Wake your comrades up!
Are you embarrassed to like anime? :< Tbh it's that embarrassment that's killing my schools anime club :/ People don't want to be associated w/ us. I remember we had this one kid when we were advertising during orientation last year, who came by w/ his mom and his mom saw our booth and rushed over talking about how her son loved anime lmao. She took a flier and promised to come back. Her son did not look happy :^) Like, at all. The best part was she came back again w/ him and kept trying to convince him to join lololol I really pitied that kid. I have no shame tho so I can't really empathize as well with him as a lot of others (like everyone else who visited out booth) could have :'^)
God, I hate those online standardized tests. they give me a headache. Since a lot of them don't actually affect your grade I kinda just bs them to save myself :/ then I go to sleep listening to the soothing sound of other people trying. c:
Tbh if I tried I probably could get accepted into Uni's cause I've done a lot and I have decent grades but it's a waste of money because you're literally taking standardized classes that are the same at both the expensive uni's and CC's so why waste the money? A lot of people say similar things to me but I don't really care. Most of the valedictorians at my school say that if they don't get scholarships (which they probably will) they'd be going to CC as well. And nah rants are fine ^^
Man I ended up dropping HPC because it was just terrible. Our teacher was like really smart and expected everyone to be on his level so the average score for all his tests was a 50% or lower </3 I wasn't staying in that hell hole. :^) No one, and I mean no one, called that class easy. But i have some of those super smart people as friends and it just blows me away how they calculate stuff so fast or just know all of that crap. I just don't know how they do it. And I mean a B- is still pretty good. Since the GPA curve it raised cause it's an honors class, I'm still pretty sure that's a 4 for that class.
I mean I got most of what I was taught. It wasn't to hard but when it came to the AP test we were screwed. Our teacher was out for the last 2 months before the test for surgery so we had a sub (who was a cool guy) but he had to teach us. He'd ask us if we wanted the long or short version (and everyone since they're lazy) was like "short" except for me and like 4 other guys. His "short/condensed" version of stuff was like a 3 minute lecture and I was just so lost. because of this I kinda missed out on about 1/3 of the actual material on the test and failed the AP test :'^) I'm ded. Mah parents dun know.... *sweats*
Yeah I am. :3 anyone is if they can handle it B^) Eh, my parents just kinda pushed I have it all planned out and I'm someone who likes to plan ahead anyways so beginning in freshman year I began collecting info and slowly planning it all out, changing stuff and what not so it's far from my original plan lol
You should try to figure some stuff out m8 :3
Tbh I just really enjoyed science and idk where I actually heard about it but it was something that interested me because it also involved people. Environmental science is a really broad science that pretty much encompasses some part of every other science out there as it kinda measures how the natural world is doing, human effects on the natural world, how we can prevent the damage we're causing, stuff like that. My mother mentioned as we talked about my plans that a friend of hers was an Environmental Lawyer and that there were a lot of job openings (she mentioned this also because at the very beginning when my plan still was really broad, I had been planning on law) so it was really working out for me :3 It's also a developing science so there's a lot of research jobs and chances for glory in the feild :3
Nah. Ever since I entered high school my parents stopped caring. I used to get in trouble for it (and boy i'd be in trouble a lot) but my parents went from being helicopter parents to not caring at all once I entered high school B^) They would care if I was failing though lololol
Yeah. It's kinda like a tree ;3 lmao gotta ask em what made it good then B^)
lmao that sounds a lot like what girls do. :3 Pls dun do that 2 me >~< And I mean I've grown to accept reality and I'm not one to resent someone like her. It's not worth my time. Besides, I like where I've ended up because of that so it's all good.
Thanks ^^
Lmao I'm more of a face to face kind of guy x3 I wasn't actually introduced to the internet till 6th grade so I'm still pretty new to all of it compared to a lot of my colleagues. I mean,I can see the benefits of anonymity but still, that kinda makes it a lot less intimate.
Break up w/ >:^)
My school is huge. I just have a lot of friends and there's a very small honors/ap student community and we all take relatively similar classes.
Lmao my school probably has a social hierarchy too. I'm just really ignorant to that kind of thing so I'll talk to anyone and if they don't like me they just stop talking to me and I try someone else :^) I do talk to a lot of different people tho.
It's kinda a chat for gamers? Like, a lot of people just use it like a skype or KiK but it's a lot lighter (in that it runs better) so a lot of people using those other apps have moved over to Discord. If you get it lemme know :3
I know for a fact mine doesn't have one ;3;
Lmao it's all good. I've gotten some pretty long comments before ^^ I enjoyed reading and responding to it tho.
Rondalnis Jul 10, 4:51 PM
Yeah my favourite is Aoharu X Kikanjuu
You should check it out