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Aug 19, 2017
Preliminary (13/35 chp)
Story 6/10 - Hmm... it's an interesting take on what has been used many times.
Art 8/10 - Nice and a fine art style, definitely a redeeming feature. However, certain faces often look like clones of each other, so negative for that.
Character 6/10 - Again, kinda interesting, but cliche all the way.
Enjoyment - Friend lent me first volume, next day bought all 5 volumes on a whim.
Overall 7/10 - Not a bad read, but it won't be stringing you along in anything special.

First of all, I'd have to say that the story is very and I mean very reminiscent of ''Alive'', another manga which has a ...
Oct 23, 2016
Happiness (Manga) add
Preliminary (22/50 chp)
This is a review counting 21 Chapters.

Warning, minor profanity included.

I have read Aku no Hana and I remember being entranced by the story like it haunted me in a way. It had a captivating drive that I could not understand.

With Happiness, it's less, but that captivating essence is still there.

There is no central plot or story. There is no final goal, there is no happy ending. This is a story where different characters collide and shit goes to hell. There is no good or evil, there is no 'hero' and there is no 'villain'. There is no superhero.
Everyone just lives theirs lives as like anyone ...
Sep 18, 2016
[Story] 7 - Plot holes and cut sub-plots, excluded from the original script/manga.
[Art] 10 - Characters true to their manga designs, high quality animation.
[Sound] 7 - Creative use of sound/music. Nothing too special and memorable besides theme song.
[Character] 7 - Side characters had their story severely cut. Leaving some with empty character.
[Enjoyment] 10 - Tears, sadness, anger, happiness and laughs, the whole package.
[Overall] 8 - Definitely would watch again.

For those wondering how and where I watched this film, I watched in Japan. At Keisei Rosa10 in Chiba on September 17th.

Having read the manga 4 times over and crying every time, I went into the theater ...