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Servant x Service
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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Harumatsu Bokura
Dec 20, 2018 4:31 PM
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NiteLite2B Jan 15, 7:16 PM
Alrighty Enele ^^

Yah, she actually just had a panic attack at work today so oofers! I been telling her that she needs to relax and take it easy for now as she is now terrified about going to work. I do worry for her a lot, but I hate how I can't do anything to help comfort aside from exchanging kind words on discord.

Yah, its seems really stressful for her. No worries I am sure you have your own issues as well. I am also sorry about it as I know some people don't like drama throw at them as well :/

No worries. I feel like I have to encourage people now in days to help them get over their dark days :/ I am sure if money wasn't an issue, you would have done fine, but I know that feeling all too well about needing the income to sustain you and your family and it can lead to some unsatisfying personal choices. Yah, that would feel boring really quickly, but just keep it at it and set a goal for yourself and work towards it. I know somedays it can feel like a chore, but you just gotta powerthru it quickly. If you need some motivation, I can oblige you as well :P I just don't like seeing my friends struggle is all.

Oh your from the Philippines! I was getting the impression that you lived in Korea somehow!

Oh ok, don't worry about the discord thing then :P Well, can still chat here on MAL :) Is it expensive to have personal internet over in the Philippines?

I will definitely try! While I do have other things going on in my life, I do make time for things that my friends recommend to me when I can get to it so no worries ^_^ I do definitely want to have something to talk about between us and have somethings in common between us :P

I know! I have a friend that has watched so much anime. I am kinda jelly of her, but its ok since we are friends and I kinda tease her a bit about it, but its all within good nature between the both of us. I think am gonna go to her when I need a recommendation at times when am lost about looking for an anime or something, but she is really slow on responses since she is busy with the AWC currently >_<

Hope to see you soon again ^_^ ,

AimaTsuki Jan 15, 5:44 AM
Thank chu :3
Happy new year to you too!
MAYOISM Jan 14, 8:08 PM
OMG you finished it !!!
how was it for you?
who's your favorite girl? :eyes:
comfiness overload I guess uwu
thats what yuru camp does to the audience and I hope everyone can feel comfy just from watching the anime and listening to its soundtrack

ahh :(
those surely are nasty if the workload is heavy
I guess thats true, no one likes assignment and projects lol

oh thats a common job! apply abroad for college or job? I suppose its the latter right?

good luck with it then yam!

btw, I think I've misunderstood you before :S
you're not from korea right? :o
my bad ..
are you living in asia right now?

and yes, I am!
I major in animation and I was a computer science major
I ended up disliking my major and getting below average grades and I switched to art school xd

and thanks for the birthday wish :)

anything fun or weird that has happened on you recently?
SatoshiX Jan 14, 7:16 PM
Yeah, I understand. Selling online or in general can be tough. I just wanted to put that out there since it's something I believe in xD.
Maybe xD. Every country has different living expenses. It's just so expensive here in the US(CA more specifically one of the most expensive states to live in) which is why I stated that :P.

Anyway, how have you been?
NiteLite2B Jan 14, 6:48 PM
No problem ^_^ Btw, do you have a nickname that you like to go by? If not, that is fine. I usually go by Nitey or LiteNeko for people on MAL ^_^

Ah well that's good to hear. I know when I talk with my friend about her work. She usually has people looking over her work at the end and sometimes she would have to do the entire thing all over again so not fun at times for her >_< . idk about the pay tho, She tells me that they are not paying her the fair market value for her position and she has college debt that she has to pay off as well. It just puts her in a depressive mood and it really irks me. So I usually try to help her out as well since she does stream with donations as stuff. Maybe a little too much >_< Either way we are really good friends I want to say even tho she can be rather abrasive at times. She has told me that she had to fight tooth and nail to get that position in government as she was constantly looking for work once she got out of college >_< Are you not happy where your currently working? Well, maybe that maybe a dumb question, oof but I hope you do find a better positon! I'll transfer some posivtive vibes to you ^_^ *Hugs* Do you live in Korea btw?

Yah, I really don't like that other people do that and if I do try to talk to people, it usually ends up being uncomfortable and awkward and I leave it be, but that is good to hear that you don't care unless there is a topic, but yah I really love to talk to people ^_^ Do you have discord by chance? Would you mind if we add each other there as well? Oh I see you have your discord info on your profile! I'll shoot you one then ^_^

Oof okie thanks! I'll check out Thai and Korean dramas >_<. Definitely, sounds worth the watch ahhhh! >_< Where do you usually watch them from aka like netflex or the like? As for the American animations, I loved CoCo, Despicable Me 1 & 2 and Ice Age 1 & 2 ^_^ and yes I love them so much <3 I even watched Coco in spanish just for the consistancy sakes ^_^

RWBY, while not considered anime for the MAL community, its more like a akame ga kill except the gory part ^^

I agree with you there ^_^ There are just so many good animes out there and I think so many have some life lessons in them. Some animus protray it better than others but take it with a grain of salt nu? ^_^

Anyways, hope to see you soon!

strawberrycheeks Jan 14, 8:01 AM
Ohh, I've heard lots about FMA!

Okay! I hope you enjoy <3
NiteLite2B Jan 13, 8:34 AM
Oof Awwww! Thanks it means a lot to me! <3 *Hugs*

Oh nice! Mmmmm.... it sounds like your in a very similar situation like my friend as well. She was I think an accounting clerk for the government over in Canada. She told it was a pretty well known one ^^ Oof, well at least your getting some experience from it Enele ^_^ Do you have some idea where you want to go? Currently right now, for me, a nice position opened up during Christmas that I got in for an interview ^_^ Hopefully something akin to that happens to you :> Ok, I kinda want to ask this, but are you not afraid of like making a small mistake and ends up messing up the budget or something? I wanna say am good at math and stuff, but like I would be afraid of doing stuff like that then getting yelled at or worse. My same friend from Canada goes thru that, but she like handles like billions of CAD so I guess they have something in place for that >.<

Thanks! Usually the way these things go the first time is I either get ignored or they prototypical response of "Who are you?" Oof I don't really know how to response in those situations >.< I tried in the past but it always seems to go badly.

Oof well, if I need a good source on Asian dramas, I know who to come to ^_^ but yah that's rather interesting. Mmmm... so your more of a traditional roles type of person, but that's good. I typically missed those good shows with the traditional roles like in soap operas :> In regards to animation, something tells you your might be a fan of RWBY no? ^_^ I don't think I ever seen a Thailnad horror movie? Any different from American horror stories? Am interested in how other cultures perceive horror and telling thru their stories ^_^

Oh wow, so you got an really early start when you were young then ^_^ I think the closest I hit with that was with Dragon Ball Z I believe. I originally thought they were cartoons made here in America >.< But, yah it wasn't until like near the end of my Uni years that I found out about anime streaming sites and I kinda just binged watch a whole bunch of shows. I mainly started with romance for some reason, but I still ended up findings some really good gems in there ^_^ I'll never get old from watching animu. Idk maybe but time will tell :P So I understand where your coming from Enele ^_^

Oh nice! For it I feel the same when it comes with VNs although they are quite very long, but I feel like the author has more leeway to portray their perspective on the story and direction and I could see that with Grisaia. So I can see that with the manga as well ^_^

Oof yah! After watching thru so many harem, it just gets really annoying that the MC never commits to one cough School Dayswhere I just want a happy ending for the two and not just some playful banter. So yah, am in the same as you! SHIP EVERYONE! ^_^
MAYOISM Jan 11, 10:57 PM
I see
level 13 wow congrats! that's not low at all xd

its been a long time and I forgot about it :<
but I guess im around your level or perhaps lower since I'm not really active on the app

characters are supposed to be serious when situations are, and it's crucial to enhance the atmosphere and allow the viewers to symphasize with them, therefore greater immersion

to me its actually better this way when characters don't get significant plot armor or power ups that defile common sense/logic

well don't trust mal's scores I would saylol the ratings are super subjective and many of the anime up there are overrated imo
but sure, all of them are quality ones but you cannot trust the reviews and scores 100%

and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

oh yea the length discouraged many fans to try it out heh heh

btw, if you don't mind telling, what kind of work do you do?

ahh, that would be a great transition for me I guess when I graduate

how was it for you then? do you miss school?
ya know, classmates and friends

UWU you're going to watch yuru camp!!!!!!!!!
its one of the comfiest anime ever made I'm telling you
NiteLite2B Jan 11, 10:36 PM
Yah, I currently work in a laboratory as a "Chemist" loosely speaking :P but its going good there ^_^ I see, what kinda of things do you do in your job in you don't mind me asking? For starters, for me, I am tasked with analyzing wine and getting data points for the alcohol content, acidity, sugar level etc on a bunch of wines to check and verify the wines are within specs to pass :P The results are used for the tanks out in the cellar so they can be quite jumpy about wanting their results back quickly :P

I like it here too. This site and discord are usually my places for social interaction. I am currently looking for more friends to chat with I guess :P Sorry, its just I have a difficult time striking up conversions with new people. I usually run out of things to talk about ^_^; I rather focus on discussing what they want to talk about first and get to know them.

Good to hear ^_^ I like to watch animu in my spare time as well. Oh you watched some kdramas before! Nice, how do they compare to American dramas here? I am curious on how other cultures perceive drama shows ^_^ I also agree that yah an hour long drama is a bit long compared to animu, which is short and sweet. I just sometimes find myself in an impasse on really great animu shows that really need more screen time >~< Either way, that is good to hear. Do you remember when you first starting watching animu? I kinda started late with my passion hehe :P I think it was sometime around 2014 I believe when I serious dove into animu shows. As for manga, if I can, I'll try to read it, but since I use my computer a lot, its like sometimes its like hey why read when they have a show sometimes. I try to read if I can on my phone :P

No worries about the video games. I think am kinda getting to that point as well and just want to go try other things and stuff ^_^

Usually the genres for both anime and manga are the same really its most for romance (I generally don't like harem stuff as I rather see the MC fully commit to the relationship and see it play out ^_^), action, adventure, comedies, mysteries, slice of lifes, iyashikei (I looked up the word, so apparently I fall into this category as well ^_^ go figure with slice of life right?) and psychological shows.
DelPujaro Jan 11, 5:26 PM
Wow okay then it sounds good :d I watched the 1st episode and I had no idea they will start their journey this soon right in the first episode.
I had Hinamatsuri on my ptw list already, I'll absolutely check it out so dont worry ;p
DelPujaro Jan 11, 5:08 PM
To be honest I dropped Tokyo Ghoul not because of the violence but because it got boring and there wasn't a single likeable character (for me) on the other hand Erased definitely became one of my favourites it had great characters, an interesting story and it's soundtrack was also very nice :)
If you are looking for anime with a serious atmosphere maybe check out Violet Evergarden, I haven't seen it yet but some of my friends did and they liked it :D I just don't know if it's any violent
Someone else mentioned you K-on definitely check it out it's worth it also a favourite :D
I started watching Sora yori mo Tooi Basho which I saw was in your favourites. Anything you can tell me about it without spoilers? :D
DelPujaro Jan 11, 4:32 PM
Well my interest in shows is mostly based on the cast of characters because if they aren't that big of a deal I'll slowly lose interest in them but if I would have to pick I would definitely say comedy,action,adventure, supernatural is pretty cool too and a little bit of mystery,psychological and sometimes mechas :d so yeah a little bit of everything oh and also some animes with a school atmosphere
How about you? Anything else apart from fluffy and cute stuff? :D
MoonScales Jan 11, 4:02 PM
Yeah Neverland was supposed to be heartbreaking, but it didn't hit me hard enough because my friends on Facebook who read the manga (I don't) already spoiled me about the first episode. Looking forward to the next episode which I can watch unspoiled.
DelPujaro Jan 11, 6:11 AM
after checking out what Iyashikei means, I think you would really enjoy Yuru Camp :D it's such a comfy show especially during this cold season
it's pretty much just cute girls camping and doing cute girl things :d
NiteLite2B Jan 11, 4:41 AM
Yah its been a very positive experience so far. I actually joined up since my friend was teasing me the other day about his animu list and proceed to make a big deal out of me not knowing MAL :/ I know knew she meant well about it.

Ah no worries. Everyone has their own tasting in activites. What do you like doing on your spare time? I usually read a book/novel/manga and/or support my friend's stream when she is live.

That is a good selection of genres. I actually never heard of iyashkei before. Guess I'll go look it up after this hehe ^_^

Oh btw, if I am messaging during like the super early morning; It is because I work really yucky hours >_>