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Aug 7, 2017
 In short : For people wanting to stare at good looking guys exclusively.

I’m a straight woman.

There, now that this is settled, I can delve in this review without people crying at me that I’m voting it down unfairly because I’m a straight man or something.

First of all, I’d like to point out that I do wish for more equality in terms of fanservice, however, it isn’t at whatever the price. And this short Anime is a perfect example of that.

Story :

And actually I shouldn’t have this category to begin with. Because….it actually fails at delivering the most elemental point of a fiction : read more
Mar 7, 2017
In short : ‘For people into young/old people relationships. Who doesn’t mind what is considered as incest in some countries.’

PS : Yes, the law regarding adopted children varies from one country to another, some perceive it as incest, some don’t – just pointing out since I’ve seen both sides being claimed as some sort of absolute truth – in case of Japanese law, it isn’t considered as incest, so the product itself isn’t incest, but it is perfectly normal that for inhabitants of other countries it is perceived as such.

PPS : No, the rating has nothing to do with it being male on male or read more
Jan 28, 2017
In short : If you love being a fan serviced by males, this show is for you. Not recommended as a sports anime.

Now, I know many things have been stated, from one extreme to another, as well of various shades in-between. I couldn’t bring myself to read each one of them and I’m sure most of what will be stated already have been, in one way or another, stated over and over. That shall not matter, I will repeat what has been said if necessary.

This pseudo-review also contains slight spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Story :

Many things can be stated regarding the story and I’ll mainly read more
Jan 6, 2017
In short : "Only recommendable to those caring only about eye candy."

Art :

It may be odd for some that I start with the art, but since this manga only possesses one redeemable quality, I decided to start with it right off the bat.
You got it, the art is good. Not outstanding, but good enough to visually satisfy various bishie types. And that’s basically it since landscapes and backgrounds are forgettable.

So could I state something negative regarding this short section ? Well, yes, the design of those said bishies are way too reminiscent of Hakuoki. In that regard, there’s a complete lack of inspiration of read more
May 11, 2016
"For people used to "older" fictions in general."

Story :

"Laughing Target" is an adaptation of a one-shot written by Rumiko Takahashi. I have read the manga years ago, but my memories of it are rather vague, the only thing I can say is that the Anime is toned down in violence and gore, in comparision. But it has to be confirmed as it could just be my imagination.

For the story itself, I have two three things to say that appear odd and convenient to me (like the protagonist going to read a book with photographies in the middle of the night). But overall, I wasn't read more
Apr 30, 2016
"A good prequel and a fairly good promotional adaptation."

Origin :

I came across an AMV with this Anime (last episode at that) and felt fairly attracted to it. The catching phrase "Will you kill someone you love because of love?" even more. But in my case....if I can't deny qualitywise it was overall good....I felt rather bored overall. ....Or maybe not that bored....after all, it was enough to make me wanna read the manga.

Story :

First of all, we start with a chaotic double episodes which aim is to throw you in the middle of the action. Literaly. Meaning there will be close to no presentation of read more
Apr 16, 2016
In short : Higurashi fans, run away !!!

I've been a fan of this fiction for a long time : anime, manga, visual novels.... I love them all and am probably biased toward them, but I don't care. Little did I expect to one day come across something related to it that would be this horrifying. Because under this pretty design mimicking the Anime, this is very far away from the original material, in an awfully negative way.

Story :

Did you ever come across an original fiction that seemed like a fanfiction to you ? I did : The Knights of Emerald, Akame ga Kill, Zenbu read more
Apr 13, 2016
In short : For people who are unfamiliar with most keypoints of this genre and want to "study" them or for lovers of the genre.

Origin :

I was told this manga was really good and different from the usual one. I'm not exactly a fan of the genre, but I still wanted to try it out.... And....I had hoped for the first few pages....and then it crashed down....

Story :

As classical as it can get. What you have here is a sped up love story, a single chapter can contain more than one keypoint. The main issue with it is that they are way too close from read more
Mar 1, 2016
In one line : When the work on the art biases my judgment.

With such a headline, things seem to be already settled. Yes, my enjoyment mainly came from the art. While "pretty" seem to be a sort of common criteria, I consider it to be a rather limited view. If art and beauty can go together, they aren't an outmust necessity. Art can also be about distortion, abstraction and symbolism. "Life Is Money" uses those aspects pretty well and has therefore this "different" feeling to it. And sadly, it is the only strong point of the manga.

Nothing much can be said about the story, read more
Feb 9, 2016
In one line : A hommage to the old horror genre.

Initial expectation :

I always had bad experiences so far with 7 minutes long Animes. Those encountered were always rushed, senseless or ridiculous and build around fanservice, so I had the tendency to avoid them. When I came across Kagewani, I wanted to test it out not only for its unique art style, but because it was tagged as horror.

Story :

What struck me with the very first episode is the mastering of the pacing. Writing a scheme properly within mere 7 minutes isn't as simple as it may sound. On the contrary, to settle down read more