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Are You Alice?
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Jan12 Jul 1, 2017 5:54 PM
ah that "docking points off" is just me saying "feeling less excited"/"loving less" something I guess... :P I haven't exactly revisited DN either, I watched a couple of single episodes because I bumped into some DN-related videos on youtube by accident. And well, I guess I didn't exactly find more problems in the series, I think I just grow to dislike Light more and more, like his reasoning bothered me so much my interest in the show dropped? Kinda? :P
I don't remember much about HnG to be honest; I remember it was one of the more "intelligent" series I read that time (eh I was an impatient teenager just discovering manga must I confess hahah), and that I did pick up Go from it. And it was quite fun, but I sucked at it unfortunately :P

Hey Teen Titans was actually my favorite xD I still remember 10-years-old me tuned in at 6pm every night (in my region) after school to watch it. Granted a year later I watched Samurai X and "cartoon"/"animation" felt very "different" for me, but TT and other Cartoon Network shows at that point was still my everyday go-to hahaha xD

Ah and yes I meant to say romance in supposedly non-romance setting. I mean, it's an everyday "occurrence" I guess (?!) so I don't mind as long as it's done nicely or purposefully. Take for example, I watched Parasyte, which is about alien parasites taking over humans and gradually changing their psyche. The premise was okay I guess, but the whole romance .... I just don't get it. I mean ... I get it but I also don't get it at the same time... what's the point of this girl? moving the plot along? was I supposed to feel sad about this character and their love?
Eehhh well but maybe you're right, I tend to justify things so.. maybe I should just move on :P

Seirei no Moribito was on my list for a reallllyyyy long time too ^ ^. I think just one fine day I said "hmm why not?"... and it was a fineeee decision. But I totally get what you're saying; sometimes I would rewatch the entire season of another show instead of picking up something new. Coz "the mood" they say xD
So surely take your time, I just hope I get to recommend you a decent show once in awhile xP, after all I've enjoyed most of what you showed me :P

And I hope everything is progressing better for you :)
Jan12 Jun 24, 2017 6:15 PM
oh do you ever have a series that... the more you revisit, the more you feel like "docking points" off them? or raise it up for that matters?
Idk why I used to really like Death Note (one of the first anime series I watched)... then for some reasons now when I look back... my love for it isn't the same anymore.... I guess I was still bitter about L and Mello lol.
Jan12 Jun 24, 2017 6:03 PM
Oh and your point about some shows are not made for us... I think that's true.... but then there's the fact that since I dropped it, I wouldn't get to see it in its entirety and have an objective view of it. Either way, I just feel like if after half of the show and I cannot see the "beauty" of it, then the few last ones aren't going to be the saving grace.

Ah and I think I just feel connected to Anime again... xD I watched a show called "Seirei no Moribito" and really loved it. I think I just love the fact that finally there is a series with a 30-year-old female lead that isn't some ...ehmmm waifu bait? (is this what they call now lol), and a kid that acts his age but not unreasonably annoying :D oh and without a "forced" romance too... I don't know about you but I don't dig romance in seinen shows too much, unless it's really well-thought out and serves a purpose.

And I completely get what you're saying regarding HnG. There are bunch of shows that have their flaws, or seemingly nothing special, yet my enjoyment just always goes over the roof (lol).

Jan12 Jun 24, 2017 5:52 PM
Oh no I didn't take it as you were being rude or anything. I think I just jumped the gun the little and wanted to see if I had some unicorn ideas or not xD

"Or that lack of presence can reflect the writer having no idea how to make it convincing and so trying to skip it most of the time. :o"
This too is a completely valid point. Sometimes I feel the same way... but in the case of Monster... hmmm. I think like I mentioned somewhere, there are times when the author does write about Johan's "method" of manipulation, like when he talks to the chilren. They are few and far between; and for these short moments, some see it as good writing, others not so much.

"Well, if that was the case, shouldn't have Tenma tried to learn to talk instead of trying to learn to kill ?"
To be honest, I was always under the impression that had Tenma been able to catch up to Johan sooner (than all the murders), he would have "tried" to talk, despite his claim of just wanting to "end it all." I think earlier in the series when he got Johan's message ("Help me the monster is growing bigger..") and came to see the psychologist, I feel like he wanted to believe that it was two Johan, and that he could "convince" one or kill "the other." When he finally gets to confront Johan though, I think Tenma becomes... just any other human after all the murders, guilt and emotional distress. To put it simply, I see it as he wanted to "take it the easy out" by killing Johan to end everything, but even that was not possible because it's just not something in his nature.

And no I think you're absolutely right; Johan's action was always about nihilism, it was stated so in the series as well. My "additional" thought is well... more like how things lead to the ending (and Johan's action) makes sense to me.... but never mind that, I think we are okay leaving this matter behind lol.

Jan12 Jun 19, 2017 5:34 PM
Also - maybe I'm most definitely being way too generous and willing to overlook its many flaws... but because I haven't been able to find a good show lately (rather than the continuation of other series), so I've been a bit frustrated and "Monster" was the closure to all that search lol.

I feel like I'm quite an easy audience; I'm willing to try out and adjust to different things. But lately I've also become increasingly susceptible to getting irritated lol, like I just can't tolerate certain series anymore I have to drop them, despite having watched more than half of the series. And they are all extremely highly rated titles so either I must have very weird opinions, or.... or... just maybeeeee they are a bit overrated :))
Jan12 Jun 19, 2017 5:28 PM
haha what? did anyone really come up with that interpretation lol. Oh well yeah I mean, I think I understand the point you raised about inconsistency, or the seemingly "magic" method Johan has. It's reasonable I would say. For me though, I don't think I need to see in details the exact words he used, the facial expression he had when he was manipulating people to see him as a wholly terrifying being. I think the lack of his presence or excruciating details speak volume to it. With that said, I think there are finer, smaller details that talks specifically about him and his "brainwashing"; I don't remember exactly, but there was a character who talked to Lunge about Vienna and Johan, or when he talked to the kid about "not being wanted" (although this seems like Johan talking to himself to me though).
As for Tenma... I've always seen that he wanted to kill the "monster" in Johan and not Johan himself. Well, not like it could create a huge difference being that down the road, these "two" are pretty much indistinguishable. And I've never seen Tenma as being able to kill anyone anyway, so him not being able to pull the trigger in the library or the end was a bit expected. (Maybe he would have, had Nina not been there, or the "coincidence" in the final chapter).

The "interpretation" I mentioned has more to do with... I guess why Johan does what he did maybe :D I mean, for the most part, it's because... it's just happened; there are no values human lives etc... so why not death to all-ish kind-of-logic. But by the end, or after he regained the Bonarparta memory - I think his action is out hate: either hatred, despair, vengeance. Either way, I saw it as that he wanted to prove that his existence was worth it or something. Like if he "survived" the various "games" (being shot or not), then he was the chosen one, and he's worthy of existence (his final talk with Tenma about his mother).

Sorry I knew you said you prefer not to talk about it since it was a while ago... but I just didn't want to keep being vague by saying "interpretation this, interpretation that"... so yeah, that's what I meant :D maybe I'm reading too much in it... or maybe it's all in my head lol

P.s: sorry I was a bit American-centric when I wrote that (I'm not American tho lol). `Cause the English titles are licensed and published by Viz media, which is an American-based company so I thought you read the English version and wrongfully assume "Perfect edition" would make sense... sorry :P
Jan12 Jun 19, 2017 3:34 PM
^^ Hmmm I read it... that's why I said what I said :D I agree with you on a lot of points, particularly the length. I'm not sure about you but I'm also a bit bothered by the fact that some major characters (Dieter) seem to just disappear in the later half, playing little to no roles. But oh well... I guess it's forgivable to me.
Hmm consistency (Tenma) and the characterization of Johan maybe is what I would disagree with you ^ ^, but everyone has different interpretation, especially for a show like Monster so... it's all good :P Plus, I'm a little bit weird when it comes to tastes and interpretation so maybe it's all my imagination who knows :D

But yeah, I enjoyed it, I actually liked it enough to buy the whole "Perfect Edition" manga; I want to see if I can catch on anything else from the anime. Overall, I didn't rate it 10 - "masterpiece" - because of a number of plot execution and other pet peeves I have... but I think it's a solid definition of a "very good" show for me. I ended up rating it 9 because I'm biased and feeling generous though lol.
Jan12 Jun 16, 2017 7:18 PM
Hello I'm back lol. I have finally finished Monster based on your recommendation and really love it. I actually didn't think the ending was disappointing or anything... maybe I just have different interpretation. First time I watched, I did feel like the last 20 episodes were kinda dragging on. And actually at some points, I feel like it relies too much on cliff hanger to grab audience's attention. But all in all, I think the slow pace ("dragging") at the end... does add something to the character development.... maybe :P

But either way, thank you! :)
How have you been?
AllenVonStein Mar 10, 2017 11:31 PM
No i meant dark - mystery show ( involving mermaids ) and adult like mermaid forest

but thnx anyway .
AllenVonStein Mar 7, 2017 7:57 PM
Do you know any more mermaid anime related?

AllenVonStein Mar 6, 2017 5:05 PM
lol i would never read what you consider long .

btw i am in ep 6 , i was expecting something and in same time i wasn't expecting nothing but turned out to be good , i am enjoy in it so far (got scared for a bit there by dem flashback eps (eps 2 - 3) , thought all eps will be like that )

the op do match with anime and kinda put you in mod , lol those ugly mermaids

i would say it's underrated anime and not known as like inuyasha or ranma (gonna check others anime by her)
AllenVonStein Mar 3, 2017 4:14 PM
i will watch this one first

what's ur thought about this band

they should get more rules , Kikyo Death Theme was good.
AllenVonStein Mar 3, 2017 4:10 PM
What a long post xd

seems like u know much about her works , is Rumiko your senpai lol

anyway what a coincidence i was planing to watch Mermaid Saga after done with ajin
13 eps

i will tell you my thought about this show later when i am done with it .

yeah it was helpful
AllenVonStein Feb 28, 2017 5:37 PM
Just read ur review about this anime

gonna give it a shot since i am interested in Rumiko works and 80s 90s anime
Jan12 Dec 16, 2016 1:47 PM
Oh my… I actually got an email notification and got on top of my game in timing response for once now xD

Sorry I didn’t want to make you feel like I was making excuse, though in all reality, I probably was. I just didn’t feel like telling others “I was busy” …it just never seems to sit well with me when it’s used on me so…

Some Korean manhwa/webtoon I would recommend is Dohgo. It’s about these this brother whose twin got bullied and died. He then duped himself as the twin (whose classmates thought was only being hospitalized) to come to this school and tried to figure out/revenge the death of his brother. It isn’t a particularly phenomenal read, if you have been reading other works on bullies, but I like the crisp and realistic nature of the story. The main character isn’t a hero for sure, but he isn’t exactly an anti-hero either, he is more of an “accomplisher” that will *utilize* (m)any means possible for his goal. This is completed so if you want to try out, it might be a good start.

The other I would say is Wind Breaker. This series is more “sporty” – it’s about bikers. I imagine you wouldn’t be terribly excited about this, and neither was I, but I enjoyed it much more than I thought. This one is still ongoing though.

About Kuroko – that was 4 years ago when I first watched a sport series (not counting HNG a decade ago, which I should have considered as “sport” as well)…. I think I enjoyed certain matches, but at some points, even knowing that it was “miracle play”, it was still too much for me. I didn’t mind the “supernatural” aspect of it, but I honestly couldn’t like the “forced” victory that Seirin was winning. It just seems unbelievably unconvincing and it tired me out.

Hahah I sensed a bit of sarcasm in that comment regard YOI…. Well, I don’t know about others, but it’s definitely nowhere near a “masterpiece” for me… I think it does have quite a “mature” theme, considering the main character is an athlete in his later path of his career (being mid-20 in figure skating isn’t terribly young). This might surprise the majority YOI fandom, but I did not watch it for the yaoi bait. In fact, I was very skeptical that it was just another… Free!... (season 2 was better but still…). But I did enjoy the skating performance. I think the character development seems abrupt at times (with certain characters), but overall, I still consider it to be generally decently-written. I would suggest not going into this series ready to be mind-blown though. I think the fact that I have very low expectation for this series allows me to enjoy it a great more deal :-)

Actually the one fandom I was having problem with is Diamond no Ace (or Ace of Diamond), which I wouldn’t be surprised if you have not heard of it. I think it’s one of those long-running series that is actually about sport and is good. I really do like Haikyuu a lot, for the humor, characters and all, but I think overall, DnA is a better sport title. The problem with DnA is it is a bit “generational” – meaning, unlike most other series where the main team lost a few matches (the inter-high) then won the Winter/Spring cup, DnA’s main team (Seidou) loses… a lot. And so we see generation of seniors graduating and this team is still… growing. But all in all, I think it’s very realistic considering the extremely competitive nature of baseball in highschool in Japan. Now the problem that fan has is… DnA’s “protagonist” is Sawamura, who dreams of becoming a pitcher. Since he joined Seidou, a nationally competitive team, he has met and faced great competition from his rival and supposedly *genius* pitcher Furuya. Through hard work, Sawamura managed to be on the 1st string, but the starting pitcher (after roughly 100 episodes) is Furuya (it was actually a third year for the first season which spanned 60 something episodes). So the problem fans have is Sawamura – despite being the “protagonist” – is still a relieve pitched, and “not appreciated” unlike Furuya who “only has the fastball pitches and makes lots of mistakes.” I honestly don’t want to go into extreme details, but I can say one of the reasons I really enjoy this series is because it is realistic, and I enjoy the fact that the MC is pretty well-developed despite not hogging all the screen time. I don’t particularly love Furuya, but I think it’s a bit antagonizing to penalize him over his obsession to “monopolize” the mound (which is shared by any pitchers, including Sawamura tbh).
Sorry I know you’re not very into sport anime, so that wasn’t terribly exciting I supposed ^ ^”

As for Magi… I actually never watched the anime. I started reading the manga when it was out for probably 10 chapters lol. So I guess I had a bit of an attachment issue. I enjoyed certain arcs, and I liked Morgianna as a character. But at this point – it just seems really ridiculous and over ambitious – like it tries to accomplish a lot but without a more natural build-up process. I guess this doesn’t make much sense for you though ^ ^”.

For Durarara - I don’t know, I think for me this season, the new cast didn’t seem to intrigue me a lot…. maybe I just need a more non-stressful time to re-watch the season.