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Jun 16, 2014
Where do I even begin with this anime?

I think I'll start off by saying, this anime is really only for people who are fans of the game. If you don't play the game or at least read/watch a walkthrough then you will be generally clueless to the characters or the way that gather evidence go. The anime skips a lot of key points when it comes to gathering the evidence.
Sixteen characters and thirteen episodes was never a good idea, giving each character a three episode arc, and then boom, they are dead. It is hardly enough time to characterize them. This leaves read more
Oct 9, 2013
This, like the original Variable Geo is a fighting style anime comprised of three OVAs. The music was alright, but nothing spectacular and the animation was also pretty average as well. There is a lot of fanservice as well as hentai...However, the subject matter may bother some as the losers of the fights are publicly raped. If you can't stomach rape then I really don't suggest this anime at all.

The fights are also mediocre and I prefer the fight scenes of the original Variable Geo, and the condensed plot leaves a lot to be desired and left me asking questions towards the read more
Sep 16, 2010
Being an avid fan of Kuroshitsuji, and seeing the entire first season, OVA as well as being an avid manga fan, I must say that I'm disappointed in this series for several reasons. This is merely an opinion, but I found myself hating the storyline behind season 2 entirely.

Below are the good, bad and ugly of this series:

The good

The series has amazing artowrk and beautiful sound.The animation was crisp and clear and the music was amazing, especially with songs coming from Yuya Matsushima and Nightmare.

The bad, and the ugly.

As several reviewers stated before, it does not follow the manga, but I don't consider that bad read more
Jun 6, 2010
If you've read the manga, then the anime takes some getting used to. Certain things about the characters have been changed, as far as reactions to certain events to and things of that nature.

The anime in itself is very good, but for a more mature audience and is based on real life situations more than it is a whimsical fantasy. Dub to sub transition is very well and the voices stay true to the original Japanese persona.

It's a quirky, fun, original take on a love story surrounded by fame and sex. Definitely a series worth getting in to and the animation is read more