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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
4 hours ago
Watching 5/6 · Scored -
Houkago Teibou Nisshi
Houkago Teibou Nisshi
4 hours ago
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
The God of High School
The God of High School
Yesterday, 4:15 PM
Watching 8/13 · Scored -
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Aug 16, 11:06 AM
On-Hold 103/176 · Scored 10
Sweet Home
Sweet Home
Aug 2, 1:30 PM
Reading 70/? · Scored -
King Golf
King Golf
Jul 12, 1:05 PM
On-Hold 1/? · Scored -


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epraveen Jun 27, 1:13 PM
Thanks for the tip on Haruhi, I will just watch those 3eps in EE and the whole series in chronological order.

I love football too much and that is the reason why I refuse to watch the likes of Inazuma 11 and Captain Tsubasa. Defenders and Goalkeepers don't get the credit they deserve girl so it is disappointing to see a manga doing the same and sucking up to strikers. You are spot-on about them ending up like Arsenal. Van Persie won fuck all with them until he moved to a more complete team. If this manga ends with Japan winning the World-cup cause of a single sticker, it would be a disgrace to the sport. The art is great tho so I will keep reading the manga and will let you know my thoughts or rants along the way.
epraveen Jun 27, 11:59 AM
I'm glad you liked the train arc but I didn't feel it was anything special, the movie will a great tho. Zenitsu was done dirty by his VA but it is the author's fault to give him no development even after the whole grandpa plotline. Even his reincarnation was no better.

I will check out Silent Voice. Adapting 64 chapters into a movie is not a good idea.

I need to watch Haruhi. Would you recommend skipping the endless eight?

I just started Blue Lock and I'm not liking it. I understand I'm just 2 chapters in but I hate how they are glorifying strikers and downplaying the importance of team play. I hope this changes later cause right now this is an antithesis of Football. Like what's the point of having Lewy and Werner scoring goals when Luiz and Lovern are making howlers at the back?
epraveen Jun 26, 6:52 PM
Bro, the ending of Demon Slayer is one of the worst things I have read. That manga would have irrelevant if it ain't for Ufotable. I saw the ending for TPN, and it was shit as well, Emma is the epitome of Mary sue.

I totally understand your stance on HxH. If anything you can just check out a fight that starts on ch.351 and nothing else.

Kaguya-sama will deffo get an S3; it's a no brainer. I don't want a ToG adaptation for S2 from this same team, especially the bellend director. Bastard just took me 5-6 hours to read to yeah and that would deffo work in 12 episodes. I didn't know Silent Voice anime left out a lot, I know it has a better story and ending tho. Need to read it sometimes.

Lost Butterfly is my fav anime movie and probably my fav movie in any medium. It has the best character writing I have seen in a movie, and the animation is out of the world fam. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that.
epraveen Jun 26, 2:25 PM
I love RWTW so much man. I didn't except 3 sports anime to end up in my top 10 but here I am. I added Ballroom to my PTW, will deffo check it out.

I have accepted the fact that HxH will never end so I would still read Vagabond. Hopefully, both of them get an ending.

BnHA manga is at its peak right, it has been since ch 221.

Kaguya S2 is a wild ride and you will love it. I know you already have a lot on your plate but I would recommend the Kaguya manga. Despite the mythical adaptation, the manga is still the superior version.

ToG adaptation is just trash. Who on their right mind would adapt 80 chapters into 13 eps ffs? If you keep reading the webtoon, you will realize how much they messed up. They completely missed Endorsi's development and relationship with Bam along with various lore and character moments.
epraveen Jun 26, 2:35 AM
I was iffy about anime since it was made by Toei but yeah a remake by IG would be fantastic. After their work with Run with the wind, I would prefer if they did all the sports anime lol. Tbh if the storytelling and character writing is good, I wouldn't mind delinquents. It's just Ahiru no Sora was just piss poor. I have Real and Vagabond in my PTR, just worried about the fact the latter will never be finished tho.

I don't want Bones to work on any anime other than BnHA cause they have to give their 200% to make S5 as great as the manga.

It sucks that Space Brothers doesn't have a satisfying ending. Hopefully, A-1 picks it up again and give it the same treatment as Kaguya-sama.

Thoughts on ToG adaptation?
epraveen Jun 25, 8:22 PM
I'm the complete opposite cause I'm obsessed with Antagonist. I'm surprised at how much I'm liking Kuroko considering that the whole "Zone" thing put me off at first when I was spoiled about it. Ahiru no Sora was just terrible, it is very outdated with its art style and everyone being a delinquent is just terrible. Need to peek Slam Dunk sometime. Would you recommend the manga or the anime for it?

I have seen some panels on Blue Lock and I'm totally sold on it. I really want Production IG to do the adaptation cause they always deliver and it would just be nice have a proper anime for my fav sport.

Also, I noticed that Space Brothers manga is still ongoing, does the anime have a proper conclusion?
epraveen Jun 25, 6:03 PM
That's great. I really loved the Tip-off ova cause it was about the Generation of Miracles, they are the best thing about that show for me. Who is your fav in Kuroko? Ik I'm still 10 eps into it but I think Aomine is really special character and I love him the most.
epraveen Jun 25, 4:23 PM
Lol, that's happens to me while watching anime. How are you liking Kuroko so far?
epraveen Jun 25, 3:31 PM
Thanks, man. Credit to you guys for lifting the workload off us but I'm never forgiving you for getting Werner. Also man you need to catch up with SnK.
epraveen May 16, 4:03 PM
Many more happy returns of the day mate. I hope you are having a good time despite everything that is going on.

Everything changed since we last talked. Who the fuck would have thought we would have a pandemic and football & Olympics will be postponed? It’s kinda funny that one thing that didn’t change is the fact that both the UK & US governments are still shite.

At least Bundesliga is back today, I was just so much fun to see Dortmund score for fun.

“Liverpool have finally won the league, congrats! ” “cant see anyone other than City stopping you in the UCL either”

I see it was you who cursed us ffs.
Kabuto77 May 15, 2:27 PM
Happy Birthday, govna!
Kapparina Jan 4, 5:56 AM
Thanks for giving your recommendations. To be fair I have somewhat of plan to read list, but it's hidden and chikan otoko is already on it. Considering Real I'll put it on the list.
epraveen Dec 26, 2019 5:34 PM
Sorry for the late reply mate. Been busy with college stuff.

It seems like I kinda jinxed you guys by saying you can be in the title race. 5 loses in the last 7 league matches is kinda worrying and Southampton looking like Barca at times doesn't help either. The 3 at the back only worked against Spurs because they always bottle against you guys. I would be really surprised if you guys don’t go all out in the market for a left-back and a winger. Sancho is a must-buy. Also, why the hell is Pulisic ain’t starting? What has CHO done to start ahead of Pulisic? I really hope Lamps doesn’t stay too stubborn with his player selection going forward.

I’m actually from South India but been living in the US for the past 3 years. I really wanted to come to the UK for my college but then Brexit happened. Even now I really wanna move to Liverpool to be a part of the Football community but it is a pipedream at this point. I also stopped watching Cricket by like 2013 and now I only watch the World Cup. Btw New Zealand were robbed in the final.

I’m glad you like the art at the beginning of ToG because a lot of ppl make a really big fuss about it.

Space Brothers still sounds interesting af, I will deffo watch it after being done with Monogatari series & Monster. I wasn’t aware that Planetes was from Makoto Yukimura, now I’m really excited to see this.
epraveen Nov 30, 2019 10:03 AM
You guys were very unlucky for the equalizer. Playing from the back is a risk against a high pressing team like City and that was why I confused that you guys were playing that way. Who do you prefer as a CB paring to Tomori, Zouma or Christensen? Also, I’m kinda sad that emery got sacked, we now only have two banter teams left in United and Everton.

I heard that the Chihayufuru ratings have to do with people from mainland China hating on it since the author said some pro-Hong Kong stuff. Not sure how true it is. I wished the mods cared about these things tho.

I should have phrased it better, I kinda hate baseball. I think it is just a poor man’s Cricket. Is it a character-driven story like Hoshiai no Sora or Haikyuu??. If that's the case, I might give it a try.

Nice to know that you are enjoying Bastard. I will start reading it once I caught up with ToG. Just an FYI, ToG’s art is not that great at the start but it gets so much better.

How is Space Brothers?. I love movies that involve space travels except for the one with space warfare. Interstellar and Moon are some of the favorite movies of all time. So just wondering if planetes manga and space brother anime are kinda similar to those.
epraveen Nov 26, 2019 12:27 PM
Sorry for the late reply, mate.Jose antics off the pitch are so damn entertaining. Hopefully, he goes with the same on-field approach as he did with Madrid. Valverde and Bartomeu are killing the identity and the prestige of that club. They are gonna be in shambles when Messi retires.

Mate, I was convinced you guys might at least get a draw against City after seeing the first 20 minutes. What the hell happened after that? Also, why were you guys trying to play out from the back?

I will watch Houseki no Kuni by the end of this week and I will let you know what I think about it.

I will defo check out Chiharafuyu. All those spam ratings for S3 are a shame tho. I have no interest in baseball, so I might not see Diamond no Ace as of now. I heard that Kuroko no Basket is more of a power-up shounen rather than a sports anime. Is that true?

How is the Bastard manhwa so far?