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Dec 25, 2020
This is one of best anime. Because I was impressed story and character development. Especially Shinichi Izumi. He has cruel destiny and struggle many troubles. I could empathize him until end. Migi is the most reliable creature for Shinichi. Without Migi, he couldn't change his way of life in a good way. In short, whole story is for Shinichi's growth. Other characters also great. Kimishima is quite memorable girl. When you get mighty power, what should you do? Save people or kill them. The morality was depicting in this show very well. Living. This concept is everything of this show. With great power comes great read more
Dec 20, 2020
The ambition is demonic. He acts villain and kill bad people. For dominate London as a sea of flames. His name is William James Moriarty. The man is called anti Sherlock Holmes.

Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot) is about William and his brothers. They active behind the scenes everywhere for suppress the British Empire. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. This show is based on Arthur Conan Doyle's novel series. There is no contradiction in terms of plot relatively. I heard some change from manga though, I didn't care them. Because this show has very well-written characters, interesting and great read more
Dec 14, 2020
This is the greatest shounen manga I've ever read. Bloody and brutal art, profound characters, serious with chaotic plot. I got into everything of this gem by "CHAINSAW". You know, Shounen Jump manga is known for friendship theme. But Chainsaw Man is unrelated to it in a good way. Extremely dark and mature style. Because Tatsuki Fujimoto has natural amazing talent. His thought and world-view are very fresh. He loves film and reflect his works. Chainsaw Man is no exception, too. We drawn into film-like writing of this manga. Let's talk about it.

Denji is an uncultivated MAN who never die. His personalities are simple. Enjoying read more
Nov 22, 2020
World waits your decision.

I can say this. Zankyou no Terror is one of best anime series. Many thrilling scenes, perfect visuals and music, mature characters. The list goes on and on. I'm thinking this show is MAPPA's most important work. Story is very serious. Nine and Twelve. They called VON cause large terrorism in Tokyo. In addition to Lisa, they try to destroy Tokyo for their hard circumstances. Police including Shibazaki must stop their plan. On the other hand, Five got intersted in VON. Her organization mixed their war. This eternal triangle is important in terms of their destinies. So, let's decide win or lose. read more
Nov 1, 2020
I enjoyed this "beautiful something" so much. Dirty Jokes are not my type at all. But this series is exception. Because the content is very hilarious and entertaining. Not your typical SoL genre. To be honest, I can't choose my favorite character in this series. If anything, Shino or Takatoshi. Especially Shino has very unique personalities. She is delicate and nice girl. Her jokes are broadcasting accident level in a good way. Takatoshi is pretty normal guy but I like him. His every Tsukkomi is really interesting. He is a person with common sense compared to other unique characters.
Plot is quite simple. Gag everywhere. Serious read more
Sep 20, 2020
We will, we will mislead you.

There are many confidence man in this world. Some people acts for money. If they did mistake once, they loses everything. It serves them right. Because they're villains. Well, exception exists. They bring out excellent skills in some cases and keep surviving like pro. The group name is unknown but we can know their existence. "GREAT PRETENDER".

In Los Angeles, Makoto Edamura's trouble begins continuously. He is this show's MC and his nickname is Edamame. He is known for very famous confidence man in Japan. However, his luck didn't continue forever. One day, Edamura was cheated out of his money by read more
Sep 18, 2020
Sincerely KyoAni

Humans understand their feelings. Especially important people. New era is coming with the passage of time. Everyone dies someday. A person who someone met becomes precious to existence for them. The core is love. Even if people never going to see each other, they live eternally in their hearts. Violet Evergarden. She and this series title are symbolizing life strength. We are the same, too. Life is Treasure.

Violet finally could know meaning of "love" in TV series. The word is involved in this sequel deeply. Telling some emotions by a letter has mental imagination. Ulysse. He is one of new characters in this series. read more
Sep 10, 2020
Do you want to use power? If so, release FLAME!

I don't really watch Chinese animation. Because I'm Japanese who love Japan works. However, this ONA is really amazing in various ways. So I decided to review this underrated gem for get to know more. I'm glad if my review becomes big help of you.

Wu Shan Wu Xing (known for "Fog Hill of Five Elements" in English title) is based on fiction China historical fantasy. Demons, Superhuman, Spirit. Their existence have an effect on some people. One of them is protagonist (Sorry, but I don't know all characters name because I watched this show without subtitles). read more
Aug 15, 2020
This is candid review. Because I can't express this ultra masterpiece well. Please come with me if you're a patient person.

Let's go.

Everything is perfect. The trilogy was beautifully ended. Not the usual finale, but I was nonetheless moved so much. Shirou Emiya's faith never surrender until the very end. He wants to save Sakura, a point which never changed throughout the course of the movie. I understand why Sakura is delicate, much more than before. Her depiction was really well-written. What is right? The decision is up to Shirou himself. Rin and Illya also have things like them. You can expect Kotomine's position. It was read more
Jun 4, 2020
Do you want to join death game for kill White Rabbit?

This manga has well-written tribute theme of Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, quite underrated IMO. Because many handsome guys doing strange things. But please don't misunderstanding. Every characters have very strong faith. Especially Alice (main protagonist) is not a playboy. Actually he is living this crazy world so hard. His parts and futures are very sad. This manga has various Alice. It's more than eighty eight. Protagonist Alice corresponds to eighty nine. This is just setting. He wander into Alice in Wonderland due to a certain purpose, and he will know everything of himself in this read more