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Days: 66.8
Mean Score: 8.07
  • Total Entries420
  • Rewatched42
  • Episodes3,810
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Days: 21.2
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  • Volumes269
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PainzerTensei May 20, 1:56 PM
Thank you bro!
WhyZigle May 18, 9:54 AM
I mean ask if you don't mind. But I think later maybe tomorrow
Or another day when I feel like I want to ask it.
WhyZigle May 16, 9:04 PM
Nice to know that you like Pizza XD
I mean most people would love to have a bit or more for Pizza.

I am sorry for your dark past. I think bad memories couldn't be forgotten, but gladly you know that you should make a fresh start.
I will talk about it later :)
WhyZigle May 16, 10:21 AM
First of all, collecting stuffs that we like is always fun. It gives a feeling of contentment from seeing our collections displayed in front of us in my opinion. But, of course don't ever force our limit since collecting stuffs needs a lot of money. Buy it wisely :')

Also, your collections look so amazing. Those are some kind of anime that I would have liked to collect as well. Fate/Zero, Psycho Pass, and Shigatsu wa Kimi ni Uso are some of anime that I would like to have. Also I would go for FMA:B or Tsuki ga Kirei. It would add more variations to your collections IMO.

Your elder brother is exactly right and I am agreed with him. For me watching anime that we like is like knowing what is our favorite food. I like Ramen, but it's not always same with another people. Maybe they like pizza, but you don't. Or maybe you like sushi, but not everyone would like them. It's basically similar to anime. For example, I would prefer to watch SoL genre while you maybe prefer to watch Psychological genre. If you thought it is a good anime, then go for it. You could try to consider some opinions but in the end, you are the one who decided if it's good for you or not. Simple like that.

Thou, there are some people like 'elitist wannabe' would still try to be edgy and bash another people's liking if their anime were not same like them. Well, we can ignore them. Every people are bound to have different taste, and that's good. Since it would be a boring world if all people have the same taste. Taste is something that distinguish us from another people.~

Also about your personalities blog, I would like to talk about it one day. That's if you don't mind :")
WhyZigle May 11, 7:54 AM
I noticed it hahaha.
But sometimes I just open MAL for a few mins but left it to reply later.
And thanks again bro.
Gorre May 11, 1:31 AM
For me it was as good as VE's animation even if they're both different styles.
I wanna rewatch it, it was that good for me
WhyZigle May 10, 10:14 AM
Thanks, Bro!
Gorre May 10, 7:02 AM
So bluray for Heaven's Feel I was released around 2 days ago.
I've watched it online last night, the animation was ufotable's best so far I'd say.
PainzerTensei May 2, 8:43 PM
Shinya <3
I have not seen yet darker than black but i planned to watch it :3
My fav anime and manga characters are Hitagi Senjougahara,Eto Yoshimura and Kaiki deishuu :p
PainzerTensei May 2, 8:10 PM
I agree Garen Malek is fucking cool!
My Fav character from star wars? hm.
I hesitate between Grievous,Nilhius and Jango fett :3
PainzerTensei May 2, 7:54 PM
Rogue one is great! Better than the last jedi...
Star wars III is my favorite too :3
PainzerTensei May 2, 7:44 PM
Hehe :D
PainzerTensei May 2, 7:43 PM
Motoko is your waifu? Great! She's a god tier waifu <3
PainzerTensei May 2, 7:40 PM
I see you have a good taste in anime dude but have you planned to read Berserk,Shingeki no kyojin and Tokyo Ghoul:re?

Btw i'm a star wars fan too :3
PainzerTensei May 2, 6:51 PM
Before i watch Mirai nikki i hated japanime but this show made me fall in love with the anime and manga world <3

I dont like idol so i cant appreciate idolmaster or lovelive :'(

(sorry for my bad english)