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Sep 9, 2007
Asatte Dance (Manga) add
Just an all around "fun" manga to read. Right from the first chapter, you're thrown into a sort of confusing "should he really be doing this" type of experience. The main character, Suekichi is presented with a very "weird" and "random" girl who seemingly just wants him for his newly found (but can't quite get) family inheritance. So, let's roll out what I thought of it all.

Suekichi's grandfather passes away and he is left with the "future possibility" of claiming 450 billion yen if he graduates from college. But wait, Aya, a girl whom he finds lying next to him after his grandfather's funeral seems ...
Aug 9, 2007
Death Note (Manga) add
Alright, first let me say that, the manga is infinitely better than the anime. INFINITELY. But, with that being said, I believe the manga should have ended at chapter 58/59. After that, it's just a crapload of "yeah-right" and "ooookay" and "bullshit". Seriously, I hated the second half of the story. However, the first half was so ridiculously good, that I just couldn't give the manga a bad score.

With that being said, on to the details.

Brilliant. I can't think of anything else that has even come close to something like this. Entertaining, smart, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You'll want to ...
Aug 9, 2007
Lilim Kiss (Manga) add
Interested in a quick 24 chapter show that'll make you laugh and also throw some happy romance at you? Check out Lilim Kiss. The plot isn't anything crazy, or intricate, but it's just enough to keep you interested.

Basically, we have a vampire-like girl that who has the power to suck the life-force out of people by kissing them. So, said girl meets a guy, guy is pretty awesome, commence ironic situations. :D

Very sexy women. No complaints

Somewhat cliche, but eh, nothing that gets you angry. None of the people do anything so stupid that you hate them either.
Jul 27, 2007
Paradise Kiss (Anime) add
Looking for a quick 12 episode show to watch? Paradise Kiss is just for you. Sure, it\'s a little more for the "Shojo" audience, but it has plenty of stuff to keep any guy entertained. So, what\'d I think about it?

Meet Caroline, the girl who doesn\'t really know what she\'s doing with her life. She happens upon a group of college students that need her to be their fashion model. Interesting premise, and doesn\'t sound too farfetched from what might happen in real life. Good ending that actually makes some sense too.

A little funny looking at times, but the art is definitely nice. Sexy looking ...
Jul 27, 2007
Mixed Feelings
Ater taking nearly 4 months to complete, this show finally got the last episode subtitled. So, what were my thoughts?

The story started off great. Four guys need money to pay rent, so their landlord asks them to "turn this crazy girl into an actual lady". Eh, not an amazing story, but sounds funny. I'd probably have given it more than a 6 if it actually went anywhere. But, it didn't really progress, nor did we get to see much happen from the start until the end.

Prepare to be swamped by constant chibi characters. Odd models and bland scenes..the art is something to be desired.

Nothing special. ...
Apr 9, 2007
Planetes (Anime) add
First, I feel I need to mention something that I think a lot of people have overlooked with this show. Planetes has romance. Quite of bit of romance in fact. It's packed full of drama and action along with that too. So, drama, action and romance. What more could you ask for (yeah, boobs, I know)?

With that being said, on with the review.

Story: Planetes starts off rather slow. In fact, the "main" story doesn't even really pick up until about episode 10 or so. Before that, you're introduced to character personalities and dreams/motives. This is absolutely necessary though, because without this strong intro, the latter ...
Mar 20, 2007
Bokura ga Ita (Anime) add
Let me try my best to make this review short and to the point.

First, Bokura ga Ita is drama. Drama, drama, drama. If you don't want to watch a couple go over countless drama scenarios over and over and over, then don't bother with this show.

Second, and this might be a slight spoiler, but if you like one of the male leads more than the other, this will make or break the series for you. The male lead that I liked a lot didn't win out in the end, so naturally, I'm a little bitter (okay, more than a little).

Third, don't expect real ...
Mar 18, 2007
First, let me say that I saw this entire show in a period of 3 days. So, that in itself says something about how enjoyable it was. If I wasn't having a good time watching it, then I wouldn't have bothered doing 12 episodes in one day. :)

The story is pretty well done. It basically traverses through Satou's rough life as a hikikomori and his various means to combat it. There are a few episodes that I had issues with, as they were quite "okay...this is really cheesy". But, overall, the episodes went well with the life of someone who is afraid to go outside ...
Feb 12, 2007
Mixed Feelings
Welcome back Rock, Revy and the gang! In this second installment of Black Lagoon, we continue our journey through Roanapur, the city of criminals.

It's somewhat sad, but I have to begin with a dissatisfied distaste in my mouth after finishing this season. What's so sad about it? Well, for one thing, the story.

I wonder if they simply wrote down a whole bunch of plot ideas on paper, crumbled them up in a ball, put them in a hat and drew at random. Boom, just like that, they came up with two, ridiculously stupid story lines to encompass 12 episodes. Each is so far fetched that ...
Jan 29, 2007
Sunabouzu (Anime) add
First, let me point out the fact that if you don't like crude humor, don't bother watching Suna Bouzu (Desert Punk). This anime is filled with perverted, ecchi, and all around hilariously funny jokes (which may or may not offend some people). Don't let the comedy be the deciding factor though, as this show has some great action scenes. Kanta seems like an original Joe Blow, and quite the idiot at times, but when the going gets tough, he pulls through with some miraculous skills and finesse.

The story lacks a little somewhat through the middle of the series, but picks up a lot towards the ...

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