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Anime Stats
Days: 398.1
Mean Score: 8.06
  • Total Entries1,672
  • Rewatched22
  • Episodes23,201
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Kingdom 3rd Season
Kingdom 3rd Season
Oct 19, 12:37 AM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 9
Bubblegum Crash
Bubblegum Crash
Oct 19, 12:36 AM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 8
Bubblegum Crisis
Bubblegum Crisis
Oct 19, 12:36 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 8
Manga Stats
Days: 78.9
Mean Score: 8.66
  • Total Entries126
  • Reread0
  • Chapters13,093
  • Volumes1,426
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Oct 13, 1:12 AM
Completed 213/213 · Scored 9
Bloody Monday: Last Season
Bloody Monday: Last Season
Sep 26, 8:07 PM
Completed 37/37 · Scored 9
Bloody Monday Season 2: Pandora no Hako
Bloody Monday Season 2: Pandora no Hako
Sep 26, 8:07 PM
Completed 68/68 · Scored 9


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_KaSa Oct 25, 8:14 PM
no i haven't played kingdom hearts. yeah from everyone i've talked so far, they all love persona 4. so looking forward to playing it.

th-that wasn't ADOL?! is it something related to what they tell in the staring few seconds of the trailer.. "have you ever had a dream, where you weren't you? you were someone else" or is it something related to ending to lacrimosa of dana?! cuz i haven't completed that game yet. ooh i'm confused o.o

yeah i a planning to get the first 2 games of trails in the sky to give the series a shot and see if it's something that i'd like which i'm positive that i totally will have you completed the legend of heroes? the final game was 4th one of trails of cold steel if i remember correctly? though i've read somewhere that falcom is planning to release english translation of trails of azure in 2022
Ayato-Hiragi Oct 25, 10:54 AM
Thank you so much!!!!!!!
spiritdudegamer Oct 24, 8:57 AM
spiritdudegamer Oct 24, 5:44 AM
am doing good , just watching seasonals and , My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFUa
spiritdudegamer Oct 24, 5:05 AM
Hi , how are you doing today ?
Ahmed6867 Oct 17, 1:32 AM
No problem

I was looking for some friends to make
_KaSa Oct 8, 10:16 AM
who is roxas?? i've got persona 4 golden but never played it. maybe i should stop starting random games and finish the long ones first o.o"

have you played the new ys yet? monstrum nox? i wanna play it so badly cuz it looks soo beautiful + adol looks so cool in it, but haven't completed previous games yet :( what other jrpgs or any other games u like besided ys?? o.o i'm interested in trying out other franchise of falcom... legend of heroes. i've heard that it's pretty big and the world building is insane. looking forward to trying it out 0.0/

wao u know a lot of stuff!! i am totally unaware about the new game plus system. but yeah that does seem somewhat stupid to not to include a system that was already introduced years ago. this reminds me of ys 5 (was it?) that introduced some new mechanics but the reception wasn't great, many didn't like it, ultimately resulting it to not receive any official english version? have u played it?
i liked the combat of ys origin and u get to play as 3 different characters where the final story(main game) is unlocked after beating the game once, kinda like nier.

it was very very dangerous at some point, but now everything's slowly going back to normal, online classes are gone now, uni has started, i'm back to staying at dorms again. so yeah.. everything's going back to what it was before covid. i'm done with my exams now, so will go back to home to stay there with my parents for a week or two.
spiritdudegamer Oct 6, 12:57 AM
Just watching some seasonals and Fire Force
spiritdudegamer Oct 6, 12:12 AM
I am also doing good , you watching anything lately
spiritdudegamer Oct 4, 4:42 AM
Np , How are you doing
_KaSa Oct 3, 6:40 AM
adol is also my top 5 fav characters in jrpg. always gets sent to somewhere (except ys origin) without his memories but still manages to save the whole world xD

yeah totally!! the soundtrack is absolutely dope (sunshine coastline o.o) + i like how you can keep on changing between your party members and use their attacks as combos in the 8th game (don't know about others, cuz haven't played them yet @.@). it was the first ys game that i played but i stopped it and thought that i should start from the very beginning, so.. started from ys 1. but after reaching ys origin, i didn't start anything from ys. other games distracted me. nier automata and ni no kuni being the main reasons.

yeh i'm in my final year in uni. wbu?
_KaSa Oct 2, 8:40 AM
o.o yesh! very big fan even though i haven't completed all of the games and i don't like how i am being this much ungrateful to something i love
i've completed ys 1,2,origin, played bits of lacrimosa of dana... and rest are just sitting in my backlog. will get back to them once i'm done with my exams

you said "also" hmm.. d-does that mean you're a fan of Ys too?? o.o
_KaSa Oct 2, 1:34 AM
np o.o
cirakureiji Sep 17, 2:52 AM
AVSD Jul 2, 11:41 PM
oh, thanks ;)