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magilou Oct 7, 8:22 AM
thanks m8
riho88riho Jun 23, 6:33 AM
Thanks for the friend request~ ^-^
Nornary Jun 16, 12:48 PM
Sorry, i must've misinterpreted your friend request.
Nornary Jun 15, 2:38 PM
sup you love live faggot.
Frostbytes Jun 5, 11:25 AM
Who is that girl of your dp?
Calal-Chan May 21, 12:48 PM
Because most of it still functions :D
Calal-Chan May 20, 1:26 PM
If only you knew how long it has actually been lol. I am way to lazy to fix the layout thing.
hpulley May 20, 11:17 AM
Off attribute center? Not sure what you mean by that. The card you see in score match is probably not the one that is played; you know that, right? It is simply the center of their default team. It isn't the center they are using for score match unless both coincidence they are playing their default team in that match. Only you see the center of the team you played, everyone else sees your default team's center.

Yes I mostly have score uppers other than my best girls.
AI-Anon May 16, 3:29 PM
Sorry to hear that. :( Good luck with your future endeavours. Hope each day something fun happens that makes you smile. Take care and Scottish bosies for ye. :)
xenesquatro May 12, 3:20 PM
Hey! Thanks for accepting :)
AI-Anon May 12, 4:25 AM
It was Battle Royale at 2am on the door step last night. between 'Caboose the Cat' and 'Hedgie the Hedgehog'. The winner the Hedgehog. Caboose the instigator of the whole affair ended up cowering behind the door, mewing at me and trying to look like the victim (she has a 'It wasn't me, i don't know how this happened look', While the Hedgehog was on the top step plundering the spoils of war, namely cat tasties. I'm very impressed with the hedgehog, it chased Caboose up three stairs to confront her. Luckily Caboose only got some spikes to the nose, hopefully she now knows not to take on a Hedgehog. Guess i have a hedgehog to feed and water as well now.
Hope you are well and having fun. Take care.:)
hpulley May 10, 10:18 AM
Yes, that's me! Good game! Actually I messed up big time but my team saved me as usual.
AI-Anon May 3, 8:20 AM
Your job may well be well paid, but is it a job that excites you or the job that you always dreamed of having? Is it because you feel unfulfilled. If you feel i am asking things that are too personal, just say Kaz behave. Unfortunately the world we live in very few get the job they love or want. Most take what they can get to pay the bills, necessity rather than the freedom to choose a job that excites and pays enough to take care of your daily needs and extra for fun stuff can breed contempt. Is it hard to jump start your life because you live in a rural area? It's good that you have the attitude of refusing to give up, nothing drains a person quicker than a defeatist attitude. Folk say i'm to easily pleased, nothing wrong in that. The simple things in life should excite and make you happy. Give me a flower that was picked because you thought i'd like it and i'm as excited and happy as a rabbit in clover. Music that makes my heart beat faster and my .......... We'll leave that part out. :P A new book or anime that makes me want to finish it there and then. A painting that makes me want to reach out and touch it, because it looks so alive. Lol, i feel like i should add 'And a child's laughter.' God i sound like a weirdo. No wonder my friends and family have a certain smile that only i seem to receive, it's either pity or fear. Ah damn, sorry if i've overloaded you with my musings or insanity whichever definition you prefer to use. I should have learned by now not to write etc when i am listening to my favourite tracks. I tend to get carried away. Sorry *offers homemade shortbread and a bosie as compensation for subjecting Xethora to this reply* Bet you regret replying to me now. :p
Have some mind numbing FUN each and every day. And Take Care. :)
Yuni May 3, 6:35 AM
Thanks for clearing some of my misunderstandings about your review as well, my reply won't nearly be as long unfortunately but I gotta at least put something

I personally don't think HPT is much of an improvement song wise, but I do say it's an improvement visually and directorially. As for how it looks like I'm "flexing," sure I might have gone a little too much into detail about why I think so, but the thought still stands pretty clearly: HPT's melody and phrase resolutions, especially the chorus, were unique and not in a good way.

As for everything else, what you say makes a lot of sense. I guess we just both value different things and that just led to natural disagreements. I've never been a fan of comparing against something inferior to explain why something is superior, by like you stated, it does show improvement, and it's not like I don't do it subconsciously, like how I find Love Live's CG to be good because it's much better than the usual shitty CG. People like to compare Aqours and Muse like they are completely separate entities so it's easy to forget that they really aren't. As for the look forward to the future vs stuck in the past thing, I'm not straight up denying that Love Live has stopped improving. In fact, I personally am a bigger fan of Aqours songs because funnily enough, I think the vocal composition is better xD Even so, HPT was a hiccup in the road for me. Sure there's less mood singing, but still 🤷‍♀️ Also, anyone who does get into the fandom will more likely than not be delving into the older stuff too, which from the perspective of future fans is the future, even if it's the past for the franchise as a whole.

I'll give credit where it's due though. Besides some misunderstandings and some unneeded sass here and there, I overall agree with your response and your review as a whole, much more thought out than mine, which simply just sticks to the video and the franchise, you also take into account consumerism, etc. I've got no knowledge in that field so I'm not even gonna attempt to debate with you there. I just personally don't know why you would revise your troll review into a dedicated attack on mine other than "you get too upset when you feel like people are handling things the wrong way" :/ You could have easily and successfully countered all my points without the condescending snark
Yuni May 2, 10:59 AM
Yo what up David, just noticed that you revised your HPT review and noticed the oh so subtle jabs you put in towards me, so I just wanna clear some things up. Also, no hard feelings dude, and I don't even think you're wrong for the most part.

First of all, you misinterpreted my statement of being a music student as an act of suggesting intellectual authority, when I simply stated it to lay down a sense of perspective. Even the statement right after about idol music being a hit or miss as a result makes that pretty obvious. I view idol music differently, and yes, the fact that I'm a STUDENT and not a full fledged professional makes a difference. As someone who is actively trying to apply what I learn in school to anything, I will have different opinions and different outlooks on things than a professional who 100% knows what they are talking about. Perspective matters.

Also, and this is just my personal opinion by the way, your review doesn't really sell the Love Live franchise to me. It felt like some of your justifications for why HPT is good boils down to "it's better than the other love live songs." Your reason for why Kanan has a good voice is that Nozomi's is shriller. Your reasoning for why HPT has a good vocal composition is that Ruby and You don't sound as retarded. Sure you make HPT sound RELATIVELY good, but if someone were to dislike this song and were to read your review, why would they give the rest of the franchise a chance? To hear "overbearing layers of electronic madness" as you so eloquently put it?

But you were right in most parts of your review. Sure, maybe I over exaggerated how much Kanan's voice gets filtered. Sure, maybe there really is a good reason behind the name Happy Party Train. I agree that the Umi solo is one of the best songs in the franchise, you got my seal of approval there. Sure, the beat map isn't the worst (I actually full combo'd it on my 2nd time playing.) And maybe it's wrong for me to try to even bring up the rest of the franchise when the subject at hand is HPT. But I've always viewed these music videos as gateways to the rest of the franchise, and I acknowledge that HPT is a possible hook for possible fans and I even state that there are even better Love Live songs out there to hear. But yeah, those are just my thoughts.