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Oct 3, 2013
Here we have the sequel of K-On! with a 4-koma format written by Kakifly it brings a new atmosphere for After School Tea-Time. Waiting for them is a brand-new collage life, new people, and the continuation of their fun journey together.

Taking place in an all-girls school collage the group of friends hopes to join the pop music club, bringing the experience from their senior year with them. I’m pretty sure you have a sense of what K-On! is all about. You shouldn't expect a complex plot that’s difficult to understand let alone a big development in the story being the slice-of-life manga it is. read more
Jun 10, 2013
Aiura (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you don't know already the episodes are 4 minutes long.

Story - It's pretty simple, set around 3 girls in high school doing and talking about random things, don't expect much development in the story line.
Art - I love the art! The character designs are very good. What I like the most is the background art, it has that sketch/painting feel to it.
Sound - The music goes along well. The opening is fun to watch and catchy but nothing great. The ending has a nice and relaxing melody.
Character - The characters are cute and randomly funny, love the personality of everyone, goes great read more