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Oct 5, 2018
The third installment of the ple-ple-pleiades mini-series to accomplany Overlord. This time, due to observing Pandora's actor in the form of Ains "overacting", an overacting-craze spreads among the floor guardians and other minions of Ains. Ains himself is not too pleased and, unsuccessfully, tries to stop the overacting.

Sound and animation are similar to the previous installments, but the story is lacking. The overacting is silly, but not very funny. Whereas the first and second season of ple-ple-pleiades poked fun at the Overlord storyline, this one stays one-dimensional.

If you want to absolutely see everything Overlord related, pick it up, otherwise this one can be safely skipped.
Mar 17, 2018
Three years have passed since Keiichi met Belldandy. He is still going to university, still a member of the motor club and still living with Belldandy’s sisters. When a fairy releases a mysterious man from Belldandy’s past from his moon-prison, trouble is incoming.

Unfortunately for this movie, the trouble is heading straight for its plot. The movie attempts a weird merger of rebellion against god, an 80’s hacker film, and a love triangle. Boy, does that not work out for me. The motivation of bad guy Celestin is never made clear, even though he spends a good bit of time talking about it. He wants to read more
Mar 12, 2018
One year after the political intrigue and descent into war of Mai-Otome, the world is trying to heal its wounds. Otome from different countries work together to deflect an asteroid in danger of hitting the planet, and political leaders engage in the aptly named SOLT talks (a reference to the SALT talks between the US and the USSR). Over four episodes we revisit the main players of Mai-Otome and get to see how they fared after the big final battle.

Overall, Mai-Otome Zwei has a very slow, reflective mood. While there is an enemy to be defeated, and a world to be saved, even the protagonists read more
Mar 10, 2018
Humanity lives on a broken desert planet. Past warfare, conducted with vastly powerful weapons, has rendered most of it a lifeless desert. Advanced technology is still around, but no longer being produced. Science is regressing, rather than advancing. The power is in the hands of a mostly aristocratic elite, who rules over their countries with the help of “Otome”, users of one of the most powerful technologies remaining. The ability to create Otome rests with Garderobe, which also guards and restricts access to this old technology. This school is the lynchpin of international relations and at the center of a mutual defense treaty. In it, read more