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Sep 30, 2017
I'm sure that at some point in their lives, every adolescent has fantasized about being a superhero. They concoct their own unique super powers and envision themselves saving the world. While such abilities are practically an impossibility in our society, in the world of Boku no Hero Academia, possessing super human traits is the norm. Many heroes exist within this universe, and dreams about becoming a superhero can actually come true. In this second season of Hero Academia, we immediately pick up directly after the conclusion of the first season and continue to follow our protagonist Midoriya as he strives to become the greatest superhero read more
Sep 27, 2017
I'm not claiming to be a veteran when it comes to watching anime, but I've seen enough where viewing shows with a typical high school setting just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Of course a lot of the shows in this genre come with a twist or two, and Classroom of the Elite is no exception. However just because an anime uses the classic school life formula doesn't mean that it will be successful. While it's true that some shows are able to effectively pull off the school life setting, lesser anime, like Classroom of the Elite, fail right from the get go. read more
Sep 23, 2017
Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, a gambling paradise where success is rewarded with wealth and prestige and those who fail are punished with massive debt and dehumanization. In this twisted establishment, taking big risks and cheating profusely are a commonality amongst the school's student body. While many may be turned off by these extreme conditions, protagonist Jabami Yumeko, a major gambling addict, finds herself right at home when she transfers to the academy. She doesn't have any elaborate plans or aspirations and only desires one thing; the ecstatic feeling she derives from gambling.

WARNING: The plethora of psychotic lesbians in this anime may be too much read more
Sep 16, 2017
I’m certain that at some point, you’ve envisioned getting transported into one of your favorite works of fiction so that you could interact with and fight alongside your favorite characters. However, in all honestly, we would most likely fail spectacularly in many of these vivid yet grueling worlds due to our lack of special abilities and general mediocrity when compared to fictional characters. But now I want you to picture the better and more convenient alternative; the characters that you’ve dreamed of meeting get teleported to OUR world. This sums up the general premise of Re:Creators, thus instigating a tale of the interactions between creators read more
Jun 17, 2017
There are anime that truly leave a monumental impact. Not just on the industry, but for each individual viewer. Shows that are so addicting that you just can’t seem to stop watching them. Shows that combine many pivotal elements of storytelling together to create something that is genuinely incredibly well produced. Anime that make you wholeheartedly pleased to have become a part of the anime community.

For me, Attack on Titan is one of these anime. Which essentially means that the four year gap between seasons felt like an EXCRUCIATINGLY long time…

However in all seriousness, I perfectly understand why it took so long to produce the read more
Apr 5, 2017
In the beginning, we see a dragon; how frightening!
It flies across the sky as fast as lightning
Finally, it arrives at the apartment of a woman
Does it plan on eating this helpless human?

When the woman goes over and opens the door
She beholds the dragon, and stands rooted to the floor
But then to the woman’s great surprise
The dragon transforms into a girl right before her eyes!

The dragon girl calls herself Tohru, and gives her thanks
To the woman who had recently pulled a sword out of her flanks
And so that her debt to the woman can be repaid
Tohru asks to work for her as her maid!

The woman, Kobayashi, read more
Mar 31, 2017
“Men, what is our mission?
Extermination! Not a single creature spared!
There's only one thing to do:
Create a living Hell!” - Tanya Degurechaff

Youjo Senki’s protagonist Tanya quickly rose to become my personal favorite character of the winter 2017 season. I guess psychotic loli nazis make for exquisite characters.


Plot: 6/10

Set in an alternate universe that is similar to the era of the first World War, Youjo Senki follows Tanya Degurechaff as she fights in the Empire’s army. This empire is essentially the world’s version of Germany. In fact, every territory mentioned in the anime shares a geographic resemblance to actual European countries in our world. The major difference read more
Sep 19, 2016
I hate to simply reiterate what others have been saying, but no other phrase fits this anime more perfectly than "cute girls doing cute things." Anime like New Game are usually classified as moe, a genre that is one of the most common out there, with multiple titles airing every anime season. While enjoyed by some, others have become exasperated over seeing what is essentially the same basic thing continuous done over and over again in these shows without much difference between them. So what did New Game's author do to add a little flair of originality to his work? He changed the setting.

That's read more
Sep 18, 2016
*This review contains light spoilers*

From my perspective, we are living in a time where well crafted anime with a myriad of originality and detail are unfortunately being released at a frequently declining rate. Because of this, many in the anime community are constantly on the lookout for something new and creative. So naturally, when an anime like Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu airs, a show that boasts morbidly unique twists on the popular but overused fantasy/game world genre, it gains a lot of popularity and is generally well received in the anime community. However just because something is innovative doesn't mean that it is a read more
Jul 27, 2016
Although an incredibly rare occurrence, anime that transcend the term "masterpiece" actually do exist. You may doubt it, but you simply need to turn your attention to Onara Gorou, and I guarantee that you will believe me when I tell you that this show is beyond perfection.

This magical journey takes viewers through many real life experiences where expertly animated individuals are descending into sin, falling into despair, and other tragic happenings that unfortunately exist in reality. This anime shows us the corruption of society through these all too real events, opening the eyes of viewers to the nightmarish world in which they reside. While other read more