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Jan 25, 2020
I enjoyed the choregraphy in the fights. I had mixed opinions about the voice acting, but hearing Speedwagon's voice was a plus. Seeing the flashbacks in 2D still frames was an interesting choice, and I liked that.

I'd heavily suggest reading the manga, it has more developement and gives the characters more depth than the anime did. The anime only has so much time, but they cut off parts that I felt were essential to what made the manga such a masterpiece.

Those cut pieces like Yamashita's other son that gets a wake up call from Ohma, the lovely redhead-Rin, lots of flashbacks that added read more
Jan 20, 2020
Story: It follows the journey of a girl named Riko who wants to enter the deepest of the Abyss to see her mother. Throughout her journey, she has a relic-boy named Reg accompany her. Seeing the various obstacles become increasingly more challenging as they progress deeper is very exciting and makes you want to see them succeed. Maybe it's due to the motivations they have; Riko wants to be reunited with her mom, whom she hears about from others plenty of times given how she's a White Whistle and done various exciting things.

Reg is about staying by Riko's side and discovering how he ended read more
Jan 17, 2020
Story: A peaceful anime and it's just the main cast just living their life, nothing wrong with that.

Art: I like the background with the nature and the opening is quite charming.

Sound: It's good, nothing else to say about that.

Characters: I don't really care for any of them, but will give credit to the back story between Kaede and Renge, that one is pretty adorable. I hoped there would have been more scenes of Natsumi getting embarrassed like that one clip in episode 9. Komari was kinda of annoying with how guillible she is when a misunderstanding happens.

Enjoyment: It was a peaceful read more
Jan 14, 2020
This review will contain spoilers.

I watched Brotherhood first and seeing this version was very interesting.

This version has fillers and takes time to show that alchemy can be used for selfless and selfish reasons with high costs. With this version it's more serious along with the themes of death being permanent and the characters are more fleshed out and the scenes leave a sense of awe afterwards. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing.

With Brotherhood there's more characters that you enjoy seeing in action and there's always something to gain watching it. The homunculus are always a treat.

I like seeing the differences between Brotherhood read more
Jan 11, 2020
It gave thorough and easy to understand explanations about different kinds of exercises you can perform at home along with which body parts it builds up. I think that's the strongest selling point.

I enjoyed the moments where the art style changed for a brief moment for a gag. The soundtrack is upbeat and doesn't get in the way of what's going on. It's a slice of life so nothing to serious happens life a life or death fight. The characters have nice designs.

This is the kind of anime that you wish there was a second season. Luckily the manga's still going.
Jan 1, 2020
*This review contains spoilers*

The story is about a silver-ranked adventurer whose primary goal is to kill goblins, and his mindset is heavily focused on that shown with his versatile strategies to combat them, especially in the last episode. I liked how he came up with the plan to beat them given how he was knowledgeable of goblin behavior in hordes and the terrain.

Addressing the rape scene in Episode 1; it was a cruel fate for the 1st party but it demonstrated why goblins are so problematic and cruel. Some people may say it was unneeded, edgy, and for shock factor alone; however its in read more
Dec 25, 2019
This anime is highly praised by many and rightly so; the action, drama and climax goes hard. The characters are motivated and passionate about their desires. When more hardships arrive they step up to the plate in order to get closer to achieving their goal. Both protagonists and antagonists are likeable where you wish they had more screen time and a way to shine more often.

The characters each have their own charm that make them both unique and enjoyable, like Alex Armstrong's caring and passionate personality and Ling's banter with Greed.

Alphonse and Edward's bond and morality is one of the driving force where read more
Dec 21, 2019
A good anime that's peaceful and has it's moments of hilarious scenes. The episodes follow a group of girls living life and just experiencing everyday life. Not much action given how the show focuses on the cast of girls chatting and slowly getting past high school.

This anime doesn't rely on heavy dramatic scenes or well detailed scenes (except for comedic scenes with the workers from a local game store) and with the cutesy art style everything flows rather nicely.

My favorite characters in the show would be Konata with her lifestyle of anime and manga and Kagami with her dealing with Konata's lifestyle. read more
Dec 20, 2019
One of the themes of this anime is don't stress to much and enjoy the moment, odds that it'll never happen again. That, and make do with that you have, more odds that it can slip past you at any moment.

I like how the songs they sing deal with the moral at the end, and the bonds the girls share with one another strengthen after each new hardship. When things go south, they pull through and it's nice to see their efforts go somewhere.

This show knows how to handle the atmosphere between light conversations like Tatsumi's yelling and bickering with the girls and read more
Dec 17, 2019
Interesting to note, this OVA takes after the first season where the cast has been established and the interactions feels as if you haven't missed a thing.

If you saw the 1st season, the OVA helps ease the pain that a second season is nowhere to be seen.

I thought it was insightful and intriguing about how it delves into the backstory of two certain characters and how one of the dragons, I won't give names or color, gain a deeper understanding of the other and lets us learn about how one of them feels given how their ancestors died without assisting their master.

Getting to read more